50 reasons why the iPhone 5 is better than the Galaxy SIII

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A few days ago a friend who is quite an Android fan sent me this video. It shows 50 supposed reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5. Although I have to say that I agree with many of these reasons that are exposed in the video, it is also true that I can find another 50 or more for which the iPhone 5 is superior to the Galaxy S3.

During this summer I have had a Galaxy S3 and therefore I have been able to test it thoroughly. Being what time I have the iPhone 5, I can compare both knowing what I am talking about, and being an editor of TodoiPhone, I see myself in the moral obligation to give an answer to this video with 50 other reasons why in my opinion the iPhone 5 is superior to the Galaxy S3. First of all, let it be clear that they are "my 50 reasons" and my personal opinion, which may not coincide with yours or it may.

50 reasons why the iPhone 5 is better than the Galaxy S3:

1-Quality of finish. The iPhone 5 is a work of art, it looks like a piece of jewelry made with the best materials, the design is sublime. On the other hand, the S3 overuses plastic.

2-Lightness and thickness. The iPhone 5 is lighter despite not abusing plastic and using glass and aluminum in its construction.

3-One-handed operation. Although the slightly larger screen of the S3 is appreciated when we watch videos or browse a web page, it is also more uncomfortable to operate with one hand and especially to type with the keyboard.

4-Notifications by flash. One of the supposed reasons why the Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5 is to have an LED on the front that tells us when we have new notifications. Personally, the option that includes iOS6 in the accessibility options is more practical, with which it turns on the Flash when we receive a new notification. This comes in handy in certain circumstances in which we do not hear it but we will see the flash of the Flash.

5-Headphone connector at the bottom. It is certainly not a groundbreaking feature but it is an interesting detail. In my opinion, it is much more comfortable this way, as it prevents us from getting tangled in the cable when we look at the iPhone screen while listening to music with headphones.

6-Mute button. Just above the volume buttons on all iPhones we have a button that allows us to silence it. It is much more comfortable than in the S3 where we must press and hold the power button and select this option in the menu that appears on the screen. In the case of the iPhone we can do it without even taking the iPhone out of your pocket.

7-EarPods. The new Apple headphones are absolutely fantastic, the sound is very good without being comparable to headphones over € 100. I highly doubt that you will find another Smartphone with better standard headphones. In contrast to the S3 I did not like them at all, they do not stand out for their sound quality and above all the integrated control that allows us to adjust the volume and pause the playback could not be more ugly and voluminous. In this regard, the iPhone 5 wins the street.

8-Accessories. There is no doubt that in this regard the Apple iPhone is king. You will find many more accessories for the iPhone 5 than for the S3. I'm not just talking about covers, but speaker docks and many other gadgets, including for example the Nike + Fuelband that has an application for iPhone but not for Android, at least for now.

9-Camera. The S3's camera is not bad, that's clear, but the iPhone 5's camera is better in any situation and it is something that does not support discussion.

10-Photos in low light conditions. The results obtained with the iPhone 5 are better than those obtained with the S3 even if we activate the night mode manually. In the case of the iPhone 5 we also do not have to access any additional configuration.

11-Sound of the videos. This is for me one of the biggest blemishes of the Galaxy S3. When we record a video the sound is really bad, more typical of a € 70 mobile than a € 600 mobile. On the iPhone 5 by cons it is very good.

12-Panoramic photos. Although the S3 also has this option, the results are somewhat better with the iPhone 5 and the interface is much more successful. In the iPhone 5 an arrow appears that we must try to keep stable while moving the iPhone, the appearance is as if we were recording a video instead of taking a photograph. On the contrary, the S3 takes the photos as we move the device, it is somewhat rougher.

13-Photo Sharing. The new iOS 6 feature is absolutely great for sharing photos with friends on any iOS 6 device.

14-Higher density of pixels per inch. The Retina display of the iPhone 5 has a higher density of pixels per inch, it is absolutely impossible to find saw teeth by observing any image in detail. In the case of the S3 this is possible, we just have to look at the animation that appears when the device is turned on, it can be clearly seen there.

15-iCloud. The iPhone 5 saves a backup automatically in the Apple cloud, it is a real wonder to restore your iPhone with the backup saved there and in a few minutes have everything as it was before. With the S3 you can lose an entire afternoon for this same task.

16-iMessage. Yes, I know that in terms of messaging applications WhatsApp is king. But the security problems that exist with this application are also a reality. Whenever possible it is preferable to use iMessage, available on all devices with iOS 5 or higher and also in OS X Mountain Lion. Samsung's alternative is ChatOn, but is there anyone who uses it?

17-iMovie. When you record any video with the iPhone and want to share it, it is always better if you edit it and fix some things. For this, nothing better than iMovie available only for iPhone.

18-iPhoto. The best application to organize your photos and edit them, also only for iPhone.

19-The App Store. The most complete app store on the planet, it goes without saying anything else.

20-Games. If you are a gamer and you like to play the best games, the option is the iPhone 5. It is true that there are many games for Android, but there are more and better for iPhone in the App Store.

21-iTunes. Perhaps it is that you are already used to using it, but it is extremely convenient for me to organize all the music with iTunes and transfer it via WiFi to the iPhone. With the S3 we have to use an application called Kies, which at least for me has never worked well on the iMac. I suppose that for PC it will be something better but I definitely prefer iTunes. There is no possible comparison.

22-Podcast applications. Perhaps it is because of my ignorance of the Android world but I couldn't find any decent app to manage podcasts with the S3. With iPhone however we have several options, including DownCast, which is the one I use.

23-Twitter. The same as in the previous case, I tried several Twitter clients but did not like any of them. In the end I chose to use the official application. However, this does not allow you some options such as "MUTE" that does allow Tweetbot, the quintessential Twitter client for iPhone.

24-Passbook. The new Apple application that aims to become our virtual wallet. It seems that there are quite a lot of companies that are beginning to be interested in its use and it will not be long until we take advantage of it. On the other hand, the NFC of the S3 yes, it may be more technologically advanced, but what good is it if nobody uses it for these tasks?

25-Dual band WiFi. With the iPhone 5 we can also use WiFi in the 5Ghz band if our access point allows it. This will allow us a higher connection speed and coverage.

26-External speaker. If you like to listen to some music or a podcast using the external speaker of your Smartphone, the iPhone 5 is much better. Its quality has been improved compared to the iPhone 4S, on the contrary the one on the S3 is quite poor. Being located at the back next to the camera there is no space other than to place a tiny speaker and consequently of poor quality. In addition, leaving the device on the table is covered, losing even more quality. The iPhone 5 speaker is located at the bottom so we will never have this problem.

27-Access to the player controls on the lock screen. With the iPhone 5 if we want to see what song is playing, regardless of the application we are using, or access the playback controls, we can do it from the locked screen by simply pressing the Home button twice. On the other hand, with the S3 we must unlock the device and access the application itself, or the controls by displaying the notification bar. Certainly much more comfortable on the iPhone.

28-Siri. When we talk about a voice-controlled virtual assistant we are talking about Siri. Although it still has a lot of room for improvement, its operation in Spanish is very good and it is quite practical on a day-to-day basis. In contrast, S-Voice, Samsung's alternative, in Spanish is used for little more than asking you about the weather.

29-Apple Stores. If you are lucky enough to have an Apple Store in your city, if at any time you have any problem with your iPhone, you just have to go there and tell a Genius about it. The customer service is great and they will solve your problem right away. If the same thing happens to you with the S3 you may have to send it to Korea.

30-Vector maps. Voucher! Apple's mapping app isn't perfect and needs improvement, but I don't think it will take long to do so. Also in many cases it all depends on the country you live in, it is said for example that in China Apple maps are better than Google maps. On the other hand, Apple uses vector maps which allows a greater speed when moving through the maps and zooming, as well as a lower cost in your data rate.

31-FlyOver. Although there are still few cities that make it up at the moment, moving around New York for example as if you were flying like Superman is a joy.

32-FaceTime. It allows you to make video calls to any of the millions of iOS devices and Macs with OS X, and now also on 3G. The alternative in the Galaxy S3 would be the Hangouts of Google+, which although it is not bad, you only have to count how many people you know who use it compared to those who have an iOS device, where FaceTime already comes standard without the need to install any.

33-Photos in Streaming. Without having to do anything and completely automatically, your photos are always accessible on all your iOS devices, Macs and PCs. The S3 on the other hand uses Dropbox which, although it has the advantage that they are saved forever, is not as comfortable at the time to access your photos and find just the one you are looking for.

34-Reminders. This application available on iOS is fantastic so you don't forget anything. The best thing is that you can not only set reminders at a certain time but also when you arrive at a certain place, such as your home or work.

35-Game Center. It allows you to access your statistics and scores in all your games and those of your friends. It is a different way of playing, more social. With the S3 against you, you play alone with no scores to compare with your friends in the style of 1990.

36-Find my iPhone. Find my iPhone allows you to find your iPhone if you unfortunately lose it, or even lock it, send a message or erase all your data. Its operation is simple and it works great. Samsung has something similar called SamsungDive, and I say similar because the idea is the same, but the difference is that it never worked well for me. Even though the device was registered every time I entered through the computer's browser, it asked me to register again. In short, a disaster.

37-Quality of applications. In this aspect, iOS is quite a few steps ahead of Android. In iOS, the vast majority of applications take care of the design and try to be as intuitive as possible. On Android, on the other hand, there are many applications of very low quality with a painful interface and nothing worked, and others that are at most the same as those of iOS but never better (except for Google's own apps that are somewhat better).

38-LTE in all versions. Although it is true that in many countries LTE networks cannot yet be used, the iPhone 5 has LTE connectivity in all its versions, unlike the S3, which only integrates it in some markets such as the United States, the international Galaxy S3, which is the one sold in Spain is not LTE. Although we cannot use LTE in our country, we can do so when we travel to another country with LTE networks if our iPhone is free and we use a card from a local operator that supports it.

39-Updates from the first day of its launch. When any iOS update comes out, you know that on your iPhone 5 you can enjoy it from day one. With Android this does not happen unless you have a Nexus. Android Jelly Bean came out months ago and the update for the S3 has not yet arrived in Spain, although they say it is imminent. But a few months of waiting with each update nobody takes them away.

40-Reversible Lightning connector. There is nothing more uncomfortable than when you go to bed half asleep, which comes just so that your eyes do not close, you have to be watching if you insert the cable correctly or not to charge your Smartphone. The Lightning connector on the iPhone 5 is reversible, no problem! you can connect it without looking, from the right or the other way around is the same.

41-HSDPA Dual Carrier. If you are not lucky enough to be able to use LTE networks, you should at least know that the iPhone 5 supports HSDPA Dual Carrier with which you can reach up to the theoretical 42Mbs. In contrast, the Galaxy S3 only supports HSDPA + with a maximum speed of 21Mbs.

42-Fortunately it does not support Adobe Flash. Yes, I say fortunately because I hate it, and more on a mobile device where it only serves to suck the battery and does not contribute anything interesting. The proof is that Android Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8 won't support it either, and Adobe no longer develops it for mobile devices.

43-Organization of the application icons. In the iPhone 5 it could not be simpler, when you move the icon of an application on the screen the others move to make room for it. This does not happen in the Galaxy S3 where you have to move all of them independently to rearrange them on the screen, as long as there is space that allows it, of course.

44-Applications already purchased. If you have been an iPhone user for a long time, or you already have an iPad or iPod Touch, you will already have a lot of purchased applications that you can also use on your iPhone 5. If you change to the Galaxy S3 you have to buy all the same applications again or some that replace them in Google Play.

45-Do not disturb. One of the most useful features of iOS 6. It allows you to schedule a few hours when you don't want to be disturbed, such as when you go to sleep, being able to set exceptions. In this way, you can not worry about turning off the iPhone or putting it in airplane mode so as not to receive notifications that wake you up. Samsung seems to have copied the idea and has something similar with the update to Jelly Bean, when it becomes clear ... On the iPhone 5 you already have it.

46-Integration of Twitter and Facebook in the notification center. This allows you to post a Tweet or update your status on Facebook without having to open any application from the notification center itself. Very comfortable.

47-Spotlight. It allows you to search for any document, email, note ... anything saved on your iPhone quickly and directly.

48-Battery life. Although the battery of the S3 is of much more capacity, its quad-core processor and its screen seem to consume much more than those of the iPhone 5. Although the difference is not much, in tasks that involve keeping the screen on, it may take a little longer the battery in the iPhone 5. Although this still cannot be assured.

49-Performance. The iPhone 5 is somewhat superior to the S3 even though the iPhone 5 has a dual-core processor while in the case of the S3 it is quad-core. For those who do not believe it, there are abundant comparisons on YouTube that show that the iPhone 5 opens the same game and applications before on both devices.

50-It is an Apple product.

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  1.   TheresaSc said

    I am a fan of APPLE products, but on many occasions, its excessive precociousness is only justified by the design (which I am not saying is not important, but it is not the most essential).

    Here we compare the iPhone 5 that has just come out, with the SIII, which has been on the market for a long time and, even so, in many things the difference is not so much. We will have to wait for the new Samsung product to see if the difference is really that much.

    Good post. A greeting.

  2.   farry said

    The one who has written that comparison certainly makes the most acolytes of the SECTA look like fools

  3.   Nicolasin said

    I have seen some comparisons, that if I compare anyone with a Nokia 3310, I can get more than 100 in favor of our old brick, for hardness, for battery time, for size, for the melody editor….

  4.   fermin said

    Make it look professionally that neither the iphone 5 is good nor the S3 so bad. In any case, compare the iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. That the ipermega processor of the iPhone 5 remains a toy by its side.

  5.   Alberto Mateos said

    I have also tried the 2 systems, and I agree with the design and some more, but I do not agree with some of the advantages you mention. The one that cries out the most to heaven is the integration of Twitter and Facebook in IOS6. That is a potato compared to the possibility of Android "Share" that allows you from any application that has Share, send it to any application you have installed: Pocket, Facebook, Twitter and all their equivalents, Google +, etc. Anyone, not just the 2 of IOS or those that integrate each application: ALL.
    And let's not talk about the notification center that allows you to remove a notification simply by dragging it outside ...

  6.   Andrés said

    What a good article. Congratulations

  7.   Beto said

    You say pure absurd or small details. (50- It is an Apple product.) And in some minds. (9-Camera.) The SGS3's camera is the same or even better. The 50 reasons why the SGS3 is better are more convincing. And as for the exclusive programs for the iphone, there are different ones for the SGS3 that are the same in terms of operation. 
    If you are an Apple fanboy, you better not do this type of article.

  8.   Assumption fanboy said

    Always the same, if you choose the apple product you are already a fanboy, the differences between the samgsun galaxy s3 and the iphone 5 are only small details since both are high-end products that are capable of doing almost the same, and the truth In my opinion Apple takes good care of small details.

  9.   David said

    Penca your 50 reasons the app store is a poop next to the play store most games are free apart you can download the aptoide application and you do not pay anything on iphone you must jailbreack it and you must get money out of your pocket

  10.   fandroid said

    51. I bust your iphone 5 in your nostrils, it shatters against you. Galaxy s3 intact and 100% functional to cool, no one has to be hypocritical to make these absurd comparisons. You can get 3 better things from the galaxy s1000 than from your i-shit 5. And not 50.

    1.    dnatz said

      Search the internet for crash tests and the galaxy the first time the screen breaks, you are simply a poor and sad Apple Hater ...

      Hatters gonna hate

      1.    giorat23 said

        Why don't you make a comparison with, for example, the new HTC ONE? The first time that an android device makes an iphone look ridiculous, in this case the 5, in terms of design quality, materials, screen quality, audio quality, camera, software, fluidity, etc, etc .;)

  11.   carlosss said

    Precisely if we are talking about high-end, two very powerful and similar mobiles with similar characteristics, obviously, IT IS THE SMALL DETAILS THAT COUNT, and this exhibition shows that a single detail may not be relevant, the set of many ... They are. Anyway, it is worth mentioning that Ios is the best so on mobile phones, that Apple's multitouch has no competition, the same as the way you navigate, the app store and so many other things, great details to take into account, I'll say it all life, IT IS NOT ONLY THE WHAT, IT IS ALSO THE HOW.

  12.   flipelunic said

    hahaha what bad reasons !! 0 technical knowledge of the equipment.

  13.   noname said

    The 27 is not true.

  14.   Jack S. said

    Once they have an iPhone, they will see that everyone else was just toys.

  15.   Alex said

    The thing to buy all the apps when changing android mobile is very false, man, if you come from iOS it is normal ^^ but I, on the one hand I have an iPad 128GB Wifi + 3G and on the other the S3, in the case From android I have been able to restore all the apps that I already used in the Galaxy S simply by clicking "restore account" in the first login when I turned on the S3 when I bought it (June 2012, when I left, free) and in 20 minutes it installed 160 apps and I already had it up and running only infinitely faster than if it had been on an S or S2.

    Also, not having the latest version of android from day one… .. officially it is set up like this. But that's only if you want, because there are always parallel Android development groups that release an installable version on almost all Android terminals starting from the official version of Google's Android (example the one I use now on the S3: Omega Rom v5.0 .4.2.2 = Android XNUMX).

    That "unofficial" rom that I use violates the warranty, yes, but the phone runs 4 times faster than it originally was (now that all the bloatware pre-installed by Samsung is gone).

    What happens is that Samsung always does the same, takes out a mobile and at most 1 or 2 official updates. A year (or 10 months ...) you get a new mobile but with the latest version of android only available for the latter. There I recognize that it is an abusive practice on their part for you to "buy the latest one" but not only Samsung does it ... all manufacturers of Android smartphones do it (except for Google with its Nexus range, as you point out).

    As for the 4th gen iPad Retina. Wifi + 3G 128GB, I have it with the official version of iOS 6.1.3 and I do not think of jailbraking it at all. What's more, I have a lot of purchased apps (in the appstore, it is the first iOS device I have) and for some things like sound editing or music mixing, there are many apps in the appstore that are not directly in GooglePlay. For other things I have been able to find the same apps as in Google Play and in cases where not, substitutes as good or more than in Google Play.

    The twitter client ... well, on Android I use Falcon Pro and on iOS (iPad) Echofon; I really like them both and they are practically as powerful. Tweetbot I do not know so I will not comment.

    Well, I hope it doesn't get too heavy to read, but I had to write it down after reading this post.

  16.   Chris said

    This is pure shit the galaxy s3 is much better not only I say it I say it all youtube

  17.   AdrianOseguera said

    Stop reading from the supposed reason »19»

    More fanboy could not be, saying nonsense without reliable sources, as for the camera, and other things ...
    Already in itself, with the nonsense of headphones ... I think that with headphones, it is not a key point, of "who has it bigger"

    I just went up the page to see the last points made, and with the »50» I saw it all ... »It is an Apple product»

    I don't know how the hell Google got me here ...

  18.   Anne Karen H Murphy said

    It is obvious that Apple is better, it is a brand that has dedicated itself to technology and making innovative products. Many copies of it are born, such as the ipad tablets, the android system that the ios tried to achieve, the cali. And obviously it is better than a brand that is dedicated to making stoves, irons, refrigerators, etc. The quality and elegance of apple will never reach it. And I'm not a fan of apple worse if I am guided by the good.

    1.    Gustavo González said

      Ana Karen, the first tablet was not Apple's, already in 1968 the Dynabook had been presented, and closer to our days, in 2001 Windows presented hers but due to the little progress and possibilities that existed in wireless connections, it did not work in the market.

      Most of the Apple ideas that you think are innovative are not really innovative, but they are very good at registering their patents even if the idea was not theirs and that gives them an advantage. To give you an idea, even the pinching gesture has been patented by Apple, but I assure you that for many years my aunt from the town gave me a few when she saw me.

      I am grateful that Android is not like iOS, which has so many limitations that it is very difficult to try to do something other than take a photo, play games and little else. For advanced users the Apple operating system is very basic.

      On the other hand, exclusivity when manufacturing a product is not synonymous with quality or success. I remind you that when you go to the doctor you are probably putting your hands on products manufactured by Philips (manufacturer of light bulbs and radio receivers), or Siemens (telephones or washing machines). And you should not forget that the evolution of Apple was given by its enormous success in the manufacture of mp3's.

      In terms of design I agree with you, their products are very careful and elegant.

  19.   Anne Karen H Murphy said

    The camera of the galaxy is a vile garbage and I have one, it does not compare to the natural and realistic photos of the iPhone, that is more than proven.

  20.   fernando said

    Great job, most of them are true, I miss one that android is infested with viruses, the truth is, I think that Samsung would have great mobiles if they did not have android that takes away value and maximum use as in the s4 that the iphone 5 opens the games faster you do not need fill you with cores simply a good operating system without so many deficiencies

  21.   Cesar Horta said

    What made me laugh the most were the maps. How the heck do you dare to say that today there is a more powerful, accurate and functional mapping service than Google Maps? What a moron. Yes well in some aspects Iphone is better than the S3. You are biased and biased, if you want to make serious reviews, learn to be impartial, making comparison and not fiery tantrums of fire. Anyway.

  22.   Peter Ernest Moreira said

    crazy and you think that those are 50 reasons please put something nonsensical the s3 is better than the iphone in many things and if it does not happen it stays at a good level

  23.   Nacho said

    Stop fucking, those who say that the Galaxy S3 is better never had an Apple product in their hands.

    But hey, if you prefer to keep a piece of plastic in your hands, there you guys.

    1.    Gustavo González said

      I have an iPad, I have MBP, I have a mac mini, and I have a mac pro. I also have a Galaxy S3, and the only downside is the plastic finish, the iPhone makes a thousand turns in that, but at the software level the iOS is the worst.
      You dare to assure that whoever says that Samsung is better is because they have not had anything from Apple, I then dare to say that whoever thinks that Apple just for being Apple is better is that they have only had low-end products of other brands and the comparison is not reliable.
      We know that Samsung has dozens of models, but it is not worth comparing them all with a top-of-the-range phone like the iPhone, but when you see that a mobile like the Galaxy S3, running Android does everything you want it to do and an iPhone has so many software limitations It's very clear to me.
      For my grandmother I would probably recommend an iPhone because being more limited it will be much easier (she will only use it to call, send messages and take a photo) but I am not my grandmother, and what I ask from a smartphone is a lot, but much more than what an iPhone with that OS full of limitations gives.

  24.   Brayan Galvez said

    I better stick with my Blackberry 8520.

  25.   Roger said

    Gentlemen, it is proven that a company that makes software and hardware offers its product with extraordinary performance and exceptional harmony in operation ... I am an Iphone 5 user in particular, and I have a perfect mobile 100% integrated with my ipad, my MBP, and my apple TV… I am a professional apple user and I use my tools to work…. I affirm the Iphone is much superior to the Galaxy, but I also affirm that this article is made with the legs, at most there are ten points in favor of Apple, and the others are ridiculous ... and one question in the air ... what would the iPhone be without the huge app store? R = Nothing ... there are factors that trigger the success of a product ... and the mobile itself (its design or its glass screen, they are not) ... it would be great if a Galaxy user launched their article, 10 reasons why the galaxy is superior to the iphone ... in my opinion the new galaxy, its design is more beautiful than the iphone ... but left in question whether or not it is better ... Greetings!