Solution to the problem in the installation of macOS Sierra: “the verification of the signature of the installer payload could not be performed”


You'll install Sierra from scratch and this is the phrase that is launching the installation of the new macOS Sierra to various users after performing a clean installation. This error that it throws is more common than we think and many of you are commenting that the message appears:  "Failed to verify the signature of the installer payload" after installation. Today we are going to offer a solution to the problem that strangely does not directly affect all users who install from scratch the new operating system launched on September 20 by Apple and that affected the fatigue partner Luis, and gave us a solution to the problem.

It seems the reason why the signature check is failing it is because the date is wrong. In this case the solution to the problem is to perform these steps in Terminal and it is much simpler than it may seem. In this case if we have internet connection We open Terminal and type this command:

ntpdate -u



Photo Macworld

Once done We will see that the current time and date appear in Terminal allowing to continue with the installation process of mac OS Sierra no problem.

Set manual date and time

In the case of users who do not have a network connection, the previous command gives them an error or simply wants to set the current date and time manually, you just have to follow the following steps. We type "Date" in terminal to see what is really wrong and then we write it like this: (month) (day) (hour) (minutes) (year)

Ex. 0926101516



It is strange that not all users have had the problem, but it is true that a good number of users are affected and it seems that it has to do with the machine itself. The truth is that this installation bug also appeared in previous versions of OS X and the solution goes through this time and date change in Terminal.

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  1.   Aroyom said

    Hello, well I have tried and it gives me an error, apparently the system does not allow the time to change

  2.   sponsor a computer scientist said

    Hello, thanks for your contribution. Actually this solution is valid for old versions of OS X, in my case the problem persists and I think the problem is the destination disk. I have done a clean install from USB to HDD and no problems. Instead, when I do the same to an SSD it gives me the error. In my case it is a MacBook Pro from 2010. I keep investigating. I'm doing tests now with Superduper cloning the HDD disk to the SSD, I'll tell you.

    1.    daniel feb said

      How did the tests go? I have a mac mini with that problem and with a single SSD. The time change thing does not solve the error. Is it possible to damage the disc? I have already formatted it with Disk Utility

    2.    daniel said

      sudo su in terminal

      and your user pass and that's it

  3.   Jose Miguel said

    I also get the error and no matter how much the date changes, I keep getting the error, I reformat the disk and I'm still the same …….

    1.    Matias said

      It happens to me the same as this boy….
      I also get the error and no matter how much the date changes, I keep getting the error, I reformat the disk and I'm still the same …….

  4.   Miguel de la Fuente (@miguelfcaba) said

    Jordi, you have lost all credibility. I will never trust your advice again, you have complicated life for many people, including myself.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Miguel, I don't really understand what you mean by your comment but I don't complicate anyone's life because I don't force anyone to do anything. We are here to help and share experience and knowledge, nothing more.

      I don't usually reply to comments like this so I won't get into an argument about it. In any case, I apologize.

      a greeting

  5.   Aimar said

    I did not skip the error but I did on my cousin's mac and with this I managed to solve it so thank you very much for that

  6.   Roberto Chagoya said

    Thanks Jordi Giménez, personally he solved the problem for me, I was able to install MacOS Sierra without such a problem, just for the manual date change I prepended "date" without the quotes to the numbers because without the command it does not change it.

  7.   Support Center said

    1. I have to mention that this command actually works for previous versions of os on Mac and that only by typing in terminal (when installing) date followed by a space 1006013616 (taking as a reference month, day, hour, minutes, and last two digits of the year; in this case October 6 at 1:36 of the year 2016) followed by an enter, the date is updated without so much trouble, thus leaving "date 1006013616" (without quotes).
    2. And that for those who do not stop getting the message even updating the date, it seems that MacOS Sierra is more sensitive than it seems since the error (as far as I have verified) is the change of the flexor bus of the hdd in The MacBook and MacBook Pro that have them from 2009 to 2013 (all metal, not white, not thirsty retina) if they change it holy remedy the error does not come out anymore and they can install normally and as I mentioned it detects some damage in the flexor and ready, you change you install and continue enjoying the Mac, I hope the help.
    3. Who has the solution to pull the x-force crack on Mac since it doesn't open it and I need to install adobe, autocad, among others who use this crack. I hope answers and greetings!

    1.    the-monkey-who-laughs said

      Thanks for this post! You saved my ass! And it is true that you have to put "date" right in front of the date.

  8.   Sergio said

    Well, I get this: date: bind: Permission denied
    date: settimeofday (timeval): Operation not permitteddate
    and does not let me change the date any comment from someone who knows something about it

  9.   Raul said

    What an excellent contribution, I have 2 discs in the computer and with this I managed to solve the problem! many thanks!

  10.   Armindo Quintas said

    I am having a problem installing Mac the saw, the payload.

    I would like to have your help to resolve please

    1.    Corelio said

      It happened to me with the Mountain Lion and now with the sierra, I think the issue lies in setting a date close to the launch of the Os in my case I put 070820162016 and with that it worked after several attempts putting today's date

  11.   Leric said

    Thank you very much for the information! It has been very useful to me and I have been able to do the perfect installation!
    Congratulations on the article !!!

  12.   Jenny said

    Corelio, you are right, thank you very much for your information ... I also got an error and it did not allow me to enter the date so I did your thing to put the close date and not the current one, only that in the Terminal it did not allow me to do it and I opened directly System Preferences of my Macbook Pro and I looked for the Date and Time icon (the little drawing of the Clock, for those who still do not handle the Mac well) and I entered there changing it manually ... First I went to the bottom left and double clicked on the Padlock To open it and allow me to modify and I put my password and it opened, then I removed the check or the popcorn as they usually call each one in their country ... I looked for your date on July 8, 2016 and the time I put at 17 : 15 and READY! I started installing without any error !. Today I can use the Sierra Operating System without problems (^ _ ^) v… .. I hope it can help you in something like that I was also desperate looking for the solution and almost ended up giving up installing this operating system.

  13.   Oliver said

    Hello to me, the same error keeps happening to me, I have already manually changed the date and applied the date of 2016 as mentioned by Corelio, but it still happens to me. My computer is an iMac and I did the formatting from scratch with my Bootable USB and the sierra downloaded from AppStore, does anyone have another solution to solve the problem? 🙁 Help! : '(

    1.    Oliver said

      A day later I was able to repair the error, for all those who continue to experience the problem of "it could not be done ..." even changing dates. My solution was to make a new bootable USB from terminal code and not with DiskMaker… it is a code something like. sudo / Applications / Install \ macOS \ –volume / Volumes / Untitled –applicationpath / Applications / Install \ macOS \, it is a manual way to create the bootable. There is video on youtube to follow step by step and it is not difficult, the diskmaker caused me a lot of trouble. But I did one last pull this way, reinstalled and everything worked great. 🙂

  14.   Hector Ayala said

    The comment and solution is perfect. It is worth mentioning that before the numbers, it has the legend: date and then the numbers. Example: date ########## (10 numbers)

  15.   alifunk said

    None of the methods have worked for me: I have tried several pendrives, created images with intsall disk creator, diskmanager, terminal, I have changed the time in the terminal (I had good time but American time zone) and nothing at all, always the error. 🙁

  16.   Jim said

    Hello Ali, I am the same as you, did you find any solution? I have a MacBook Pro my 2012, greetings.

  17.   Aldair Morales Saldarriaga said

    Hi how are you, I have this error when I want to install Mac OS sierra on a MacBook Pro from 2011 with an ssd disk, I already tried all the dates after and before the OS version, tmb I tried placing the data manually, the error me it comes out just when it is about to finish installing everything, let's say that 99.9% of the payload error occurs, any other way to solve the error?

    1.    Carmen said

      Did you manage to solve the problem? The exact same thing is happening to me with a MacBookPro Mid 2010 7.1 when trying to install the Sierra: I tried the date, different usb, both with Disk creator and diskmaker, to make the usb manual by typing the command sudo in terminal. With all of them, the payload error returns when there is less than a minute of installation.
      Does anyone know how I can do it?

  18.   Fran said

    Thank you very much it has worked perfectly with my new SSD. My macbook is from 2011 and everything is ok with the solution

  19.   brayangtr said

    After trying everything, Al fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinn !!! I was able to install Mac Sierra. I did it this way
    1. Since I had formatted the disk and did not have any operating system, I reinstalled the operating system that comes from the factory on my MacBook (in my case Yosemite) using the Internet Recovery option (Cmd + R)
    2. Once installed download Sierra again but now with Cable and not using Wi fi (also let the app store update the security options or what it recommended.)
    3. Check if the download was done correctly and without failures using the code Sha1 in this way.
    - Run in the terminal: shasum /Applications/Install*OS*.app/Contents/SharedSupport/InstallESD.dmg
    - Wait a few minutes for the result to appear
    - The result should be this (if you have downloaded sierra 10.12.5): 51df126965433187403987c9d74d95c26cba9266
    But on this website there is a table with the results that should appear according to the version that is used
    4. Now I created my USB boot using the terminal (in the browser you can find tutorials). Once the process was finished, I also did a check if I correctly transferred the file to the USB using the Diff code in the terminal. (that can also be found in the search engine easily) is OPTIONAL.
    5. How I wanted to get rid of the doubt that if updating could be installed correctly or also have an error before finishing the installation. I tried to UPDATE my Osx Yosemite to Sierra using the downloaded installer (no usb) and to my surprise it installed correctly, no error appeared.
    That indicated to me that I could install Osx Sierra from scratch. (It was what I really wanted).
    So I tried installing from scratch (without correcting the date or anything). And as I said, it was INSTALLED correctly and that horrible message no longer came out. 😀 Now I'm enjoying SIerra 🙂

    Hope it helps 😀

  20.   Robert Castillo said

    The problem is here they put the day of the month in place and it should not start like that, and then the picture in the image is all right, that was the only error.
    Another thing before you start writing must start with the word date followed by the numbers, you only have to see 10 digits no more for it to work.
    I hope it is very helpful, God bless you

  21.   Pedro Gonzalez said

    I changed the battery of my mac and when trying to install sierra it gave me the error.

    With a "date 0901123017" fixed.

    Thank you very much !!!

    1.    Z3X said

      Winds works

  22.   Claudia said

    Hi, I have a 2014 Mac Book Air and last night it took 23 minutes to finish the installation of OS Sierra. The truth is that I had to lower the lid because I had to go to the airport. Now it does not start. I gave it cmd + alt + turn off and when I turn it on a file icon with a question mark appears flashing inside. Anyone have any idea what I can do? Thank you!

  23.   Roger said

    It worked for me reinstalling High Sierra, very good contribution thanks