What devices will be compatible with Apple AI

What devices will be compatible with Apple AI

La Artificial Intelligence It is a reality that, little by little and inevitably, will be implemented in the new technological devices that come out, and at Apple it was not going to be different. However, not all of their products will be able to offer the same compatibility and the possibility of adding it natively and locally, so it is convenient to know What devices will be compatible with Apple AI.

An AI that will not only be compatible with the different iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices, but even today it is already possible to see it perfectly implemented, working in many artificial intelligence applications that currently exists, and that will surely be extended to the rest of the programs and apps that we can have installed on our Apple devices. Do you want to know which of them will be compatible?

An AI that will not be in all Apple devices  What devices will be compatible with Apple AI

Not long ago there were news about the Artificial Intelligence on devices from the Californian brand, such as the fact that Gemini (the AI ​​developed by Google to compete with ChatGPT) is the one chosen by Apple to integrate AI on your devices, natively. Hopeful news for many Apple users.

However, Mark Gurman (famous for publishing exclusive news regarding Apple) has leaked the list of Apple devices that will be compatible with all AI functions . Some devices will be able to enjoy Apple's new AI capabilities, but they will have quite demanding requirements, so many iPhones, iPads and Macs will be left out.

In essence, Gurman comments that Apple is betting that the new features of Artificial Intelligence , especially the most demanding ones, will require at least having a iPhone 15 Pro or later to function correctly. While Macs and iPads will need at least one M1 chip. Something that leaves many devices out of the game, which will not become obsolete, but will not be able to make AI work correctly.

What devices will Apple AI work on?

As we mentioned, not all Apple devices They will be able to enjoy all AI functions 100%. Compatibility will depend not only on the processor and model, but also on the RAM of the device, of 16 GB of RAM or more.

On the one hand, we have already seen how in the case of mobile phones, it will be necessary to have an iPhone 15 Pro onwards, and in the case of iPads, more of the same, because it will be necessary to have a Pro or Air model with minimum M1 chip. Something that is also necessary with Macs, which must have at least a processor.

However, certain AI functionalities (the least demanding ones) can be used on certain devices that have less RAM, and that have at least iOS 11 or higher: These devices will be able to run Siri and some basic AI functions in the apps, but the execution is slower or some functions may not be available. A function that, unlike the most modern Apple devices, will run in the cloud and therefore will not have the same advantages as local processing, which for example can be done by the iPhone 15 Pro.

The best iPhone to make the most of AI

If you are thinking of buying a new iPhone soon and want to make the most of what AI can offer you, it is expected that the iPhone 15 Pro be the only mobile phone that can execute all AI functions natively, locally, including image processing, text editing, audio transcription, etc. This is due to its powerful A17 Pro chip already his eldest RAM, so keep that in mind during these next few months.

What functions will Apple's AI have?

An AI that at Apple will focus mainly on improve Siri, since it will not be a simple assistant like until now, but rather it will be more intelligent and capable of performing actions within the applications themselves, such as summarizing Safari articles or writing automatic emails, come on, as if it were a virtual secretariat but much more versatile and specialized.

Additionally, with the implementation of artificial intelligence in native Apple apps, such as Photos and Voice Memos, will use AI to perform tasks such as editing photos, removing objects from images or transcribing audio, without having to resort to external applications or any editing program, since AI will help us.

Ultimately, the Apple AI Little by little, it is becoming a great innovation that promises to revolutionize the way we perform certain actions locally and natively on our Apple devices, but we must take into account the limitations current, in terms of processing and memory that many iPhones, iPads and Macs have, which despite not becoming obsolete, will not be able to keep up with this AI technological revolution, which will soon be part of our lives, if not already.

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