Apple comes to the Simpsons

Apple parody on The Simpsons

The Simpson, the funny American cartoon series, famous for being the first to joke around with its guests, in its latest chapter it has included a parody on Steve Jobs and Apple. The chapter is titled "MyPods and Boomsticks" y parody in a rather funny way to the apple company.

In short the family Simpson goes to the mall, where is meet a "Mapple store " in which everything is beautiful, attractive, incredible and very expensive. Lisa wishes a mypod, but you don't have enough money, so you want to buy something to carry a bag and pretend you bought in the prestigious shop, the problem is that even the smallest nonsense is too expensive. Meanwhile Homer sees an incredible MyCube, which apparently is a Mac Mini that glows when it's off. Homer seeing the brilliance and beauty of the MyCube instinctively he prostrates himself before her, believing her to be some kind of divinity.

It's really fun to see the attitude of the people who work in the shop, what do you see in Mapple something that makes them exclusive and superior to the rest. There are also the loyal fans who flood the establishment, and who are stunned to witness a message of Steve Mobs, the man who changed the way of seeing the world of everyone who was there and when announcing something new that would change the way we see things again, people took their money to give it to them.

These and other jokes make this apple parody the best so far. I leave you the YouTube link (in English with Spanish subtitles) for you to see and comment then.

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