The best 5 applications to see the stars at any time

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Space and everything it has to show us is fascinating.. All the celestial bodies, constellations, and stories that are related to this topic are extremely attractive to the most curious. For this reason, today we bring you the best applications to see the stars. It doesn't matter if you are new to this field, or if you are, on the contrary, experienced in the subject, you can always learn with these tools.

Today You don't need a high-resolution telescope to see the stars., from your mobile device and anywhere wherever you are, you can do it very easily. These alternatives make learning about the immensity of the universe is accessible to everyone, and you have the opportunity at your fingertips. Additionally, you can know unpublished data about all these celestial bodies, with these apps that work like true encyclopedias.

OSR Star Finder


This is a free application that allows you to search for stars, and learn more about the constellations of our galaxy in a simple and intuitive way. It helps you find the stars by taking a photo with your smartphone camera, or using GPS coordinates. It is also possible select a star from the list and register it to view later.

In addition, the application prompts you to select and use AR mode or night mode, to enhance your experience. You can also see a list of all the stars, and get information about a specific star, such as the constellation it belongs to, its coordinates, or the current Moon phase.

How does OSR Star Finder work?

Application Locate the star using a unique OSR code. Share a photo of your star or visit the page, a website completely personalized for your star. Explore its cosmic environment, and visit other stars and constellations in the area. You can find your star during the day by turning off night mode.

Also, you can activate or deactivate the AR mode. Customize the filters if you wish to show planets, Moon and space. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a star because the night sky is constantly changing.

When you use the app's Choose the Best feature, you can find out what time of year is best to see your star. Enter your exact location to find it in the sky according to its position. Indicate which constellations are best seen from your current location

Star walk

star walk

This app is a sky atlas where we can find stars, planets and constellations easily and in real time. As soon as you start looking at the starry sky, you will feel like you are visiting a planetarium. With this application, you will be able learn the names of specific stars, or the constellations in front of you.

It is designed specifically for learning, so it's as easy to use as if you were looking at the sky and pointing your phone at the sky, and you will get all the information you need in real time. It also contains data on planets, constellations and satellites, acting as an encyclopedia of what we see in the sky.

What other features make this app so attractive?

  • Detailed information about each star.
  • Possibility of zooming the screen.
  • Has visual effects, x-ray filter, satellite tracker, night odo and time machine to delay or advance the time as much as you want.
  • Sunset information, in addition to being able predict eclipses, showers, meteors or supermoons.
  • Precise location of the International Space Station.

Sky Guide – View Night Map

sky map

When you use the app for the first time, the constellations will be shown to you automatically. However, you can Turn it into a viewfinder to watch the sky by swiping the screen or tapping the compass icon. Move your device in the air and see what you find. By tapping the camera in compass mode, AR function is activated of the application.

Using your device's location information, The application compares the celestial bodies in your immediate surroundings. To change the brightness at which the stars appear on the screen, swipe up to activate the Sky Blend function. Also enable notifications to receive reports and know when the International Space Station passes by. or a meteor shower occurs.

What does this application offer us positively?

The app contains much more information than is visible to the naked eye. The closer we get, the more stars and celestial bodies appear. Additionally, simply tapping on any of them will display their name and after tapping i for information, all details will be displayed, including visibility, observation details as well as other technical details such as distance, luminosity, and classification.

Within the information, The app also has a notification system that can inform us about satellite overflights and important astronomical events such as meteor showers.. After activating the compass in the viewfinder, we can do so by touching the camera button and incorporating our surroundings into the experience in a much more precise way.

Night Sky

night sky

This app allows users identify stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and even satellites in the sky. Simply Raise your mobile device to the sky and the app will display the names of stars, planets and other objects. It currently has 7 versions, showing a high level of improvement and innovation each year. In the latest update, 60 million stars were added to the catalog, which can be seen day and night.

Even if clouds or sunlight darken your sky, Night Sky will know which stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and satellites are hidden from view using the built-in compass. The way to use this application is very practical and simple, simply take your mobile device and point to the sky. This is a magical experience. Whether you're looking for constellations or the International Space Station, Night Sky helps you explore objects in AR.

sky tonight

sky tonight

Es an astronomy app that offers an easy way to explore the night sky. It meets the needs of both the casual person who just wants an easily accessible guide to the night sky, and the seasoned astronomy enthusiast looking for a more in-depth experience.

To enjoy it, simply Access the app and point your device towards the sky to see the names of stars, constellations or any other object that is above you. Then select an item and tap its name to get complete information about it.

What are the features of this tool?

  • You have flexible search, including asterisms, more stars and deep sky objects.
  • Has advanced configurations constellation display.
  • Allows you to configure reminders for any date and time, also includes three route options.
  • It represents a stargazing index and weather forecast.
  • incluye una updated night section.

If the depth of the cosmos has sparked interest in you, you can, from your mobile device, obtain the perfect guide that shows you everything that happens beyond our planet. We hope that in this article you have found the best applications to see the stars. If you think we should mention something else, let us know in the comments. We will be reading you.

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