DoBox, the mouse for iOS

Hello everyone, today I bring you news about a gadget that is at least curious and that can simplify (or not) ...

Summer comes to Applelizados loaded with raffles and gifts

Apple gift guide for all budgets

At Applelizados we always like to look for offers and promotions with which you can save a few euros. In this case, and taking advantage of ...

Pebble faces the Apple Watch

Pebble updates its smartwatch with the new Pebble Time, a complete internal and external redesign with which to face the Apple Watch

Flashback Creator Earnings

Best iPad Accessories

Covers for your iPad, stylus and even remote control car. Today we show you some of the best accessories for iPad


Appcesorios - Accessories for the camera

Photography with iPhone does not stop exclusively with the application that you can put on your mobile, there are an immense number of accessories that you can use to enhance your photos.

SimpleDock, the definitive dock

Kanex presents SimpleDock, the definitive dock. A dock with 3 USB 3.0 ports, two charging ports for iDevices, and an ethernet input.

Gestures on the Magic Trackpad

Gestures that can be performed when operating the Magic Trackpad within the OSX for a multitude of actions that cannot be done without it.

Speaker selection for our Mac

The loudspeakers that come standard Mac do not usually stand out for their quality (especially those of a MacBook), so ...