DMG files

.Dmg files

Do you want to know what DMG files are? Enter and discover how to open this type of macOS files and the applications you need to run it on other operating systems such as Windows. If you want to know the equivalent to the ISO extension in Windows and in this article we show you how we can work with them.

Kodi installation on Mac

How to install Kodi on a Mac

Do you want to use Kodi on your Mac to play videos, music or pictures? We leave you with a guide to install it on your Apple computer

Apple Music for Artist

Apple Music reaches 38 million subscribers

According to the latest official data from Apple, Apple's streaming music service has 38 million paying subscribers, while another 8 million are testing it in the free period.

How to find all the 32-bit applications installed on our Mac

Knowing if the applications that we have installed on our Mac are compatible with 64 bits will allow us to plan if we have to change the application in the next version of macOS, a version that will not be compatible with 32-bit applications.

How to reset the clipboard on your Mac

Mac clipboard not working well for you? Here we leave you several ways so that you can restart it without having to resort to a complete restart of the Mac

Apple podcast

Podcast 9 × 21: HomePod yes, HomePod no

In program number 21 of the ninth season of the iPhone and I'm from Mac Actulity podcast, we talked at length about the HomePod, its advantages, disadvantages, and problems ...

Google launches Chrome 65 with built-in ad blocker

Google has just launched Chrome 65, the first browser on the market with an integrated ad blocker that will help and improve the browsing experience for users by eliminating intrusive and difficult ads.

New HomePod

Learn more about HomePod with Apple video tutorials

Apple has uploaded videos to its YouTube channel on How to use Siri to interact with the Play Music function, The use of the HomePod's touch controls, to take advantage of all its functions and, The different settings that we find on the HomePod. 

How to install fonts on Mac

Installing fonts on the Mac is a very simple process and it will only take a few seconds if we follow all the steps that we indicate in this tutorial.

How to rebuild the Spotlight index on macOS

The Spotlight search engine is the best tool we have at our disposal in macOS, a tool that for any reason may stop working or do it erratically, forcing us to rebuild its index


HomePod status changes and prepares to ship

The first users who have reserved the HomePod in the United Kingdom, have seen how the status of their order has changed to "In Preparation", approaching the delivery time of the device.

J.J. Abrams

HBO gets the new JJ Abrams series

Finally, everything seems to indicate that HBO's experience in the audiovisual world has allowed it to take over the rights to the next series from director and producer JJ Abrams.