24-inch iMac week

This week users who bought an image on the launch date will start receiving it at home

New rumor hints that Apple may release a gaming-only MacBook or iMac

IMac redesign for WWDC too?

More rumors about the possible new iMac with a renewed design for the next Apple keynote, in this case the one that precedes the week of WWDC

iMac 27 disassembled

This is the 27-inch iMac inside

The 27-inch iMac presented on October 23 begins to reach the first customers before the end of 2012 and they delight us with photos of it.

iMac 2012

This is the new iMac inside

The first images of the disassembled 2012 iMac appear so that we can see the components used by Apple and the cooling system used.

The problems with the new 27-inch iMac Las cosas en el nuevo-y-gigantesco todo en uno de Apple no están yendo bien del todo, si bien el…

New Apple Wireless Keyboard for iMac

Last month the ultra-thin keyboard for the iMac made of aluminum was introduced, and in turn a wireless version of the same proportions and with quite interesting features was also introduced.

More well-concealed power?

The new iMac is out! They have taken a day early to throw off the «rumorolofera» !!! Well, the € 999 ...