New rumor hints that Apple may release a gaming-only MacBook or iMac

IMac redesign for WWDC too?

More rumors about the possible new iMac with a renewed design for the next Apple keynote, in this case the one that precedes the week of WWDC

Face ID for Mac

Apple patents Face ID for Mac

Apple patents Face ID for Mac. Good morning, green sleeves. A system that works well since the iPhone X and has not yet been incorporated into Macs.

MacBook Air keyboard

A new MacBook Air for next week?

Apple would launch a MacBook Air with a scissor keyboard this week according to rumors. The company will update the web as on previous occasions

The Mac Pro rack model is already on sale from Apple

Mac Pro now on sale in its rack model

After a month of the presentation of the Mac Pro tower model, the rack model is already on sale. A little more expensive and with only exterior differences

Sonos speaker

Latest deals on Sonos speakers

Sonos offers for a limited time a discount on its entire line of speakers compatible with AirPlay 2 and the assistant Alexa