New MacBook Pros in sight

MacBook Pro renewal four years later. New equipment with Oled function panel and Touch ID button to unlock and purchases

Wallpapers wwdc 2016

The Retro Wallpapers of WWDC 2016

Every time an Apple event arrives, the invitations and the changes in the colors of the Apple logo, are fantastic to make one Wallpapers for your Mac or iPhone

DoBox, the mouse for iOS

Hello everyone, today I bring you news about a gadget that is at least curious and that can simplify (or not) ...

Apple Ecosystem

Why you will love owning a Mac

Are you going to buy a Mac? Don't miss the reasons why you will love having an Apple computer to enjoy OS X and its ecosystem with iOS

Summer comes to Applelizados loaded with raffles and gifts

Apple gift guide for all budgets

At Applelizados we always like to look for offers and promotions with which you can save a few euros. In this case, and taking advantage of ...