4 million users are part of Apple's beta program

For a couple of years, Apple created the public beta program, a public beta program that has allowed, and continues to allow Tim Cook, stated during the last results conference that the number of users of the public beta program is 4 million.

MacOS Mojave background

Apple releases fourth macOS Mojave public beta

In the last hours, all users who are subscribed to the macOS public beta program have received the update to the fourth Apple releases the fourth public beta of macOS Mojave two weeks after its last launch. We teach you to enroll in the beta program.

MacOS Mojave background

The fourth macOS Mojave developer beta now available

Despite the fact that many of you are on vacation, many are Apple engineers who are left without a vacation in July every year and The guys from Cupertino have launched the fourth beta for macOS Mojave developers, offering compatibility with MacBook Pro 2018

How to resize sidebar icons on macOS

If you've always wanted to change the size of the icons in the sidebar, in this article we will show you how we can do it quickly and in a very simple way.


How to disable autocorrect in macOS

On more than one occasion, disabling the macOS autocorrect may be the best option when the corrector does not stop modifying everything we write.

How to install Java on macOS High Sierra

In the latest versions of macOS, Apple removed Java support natively, so we have to go to the Oracle website to download Java software to play content created in this language.

How to find all the 32-bit applications installed on our Mac

Knowing if the applications that we have installed on our Mac are compatible with 64 bits will allow us to plan if we have to change the application in the next version of macOS, a version that will not be compatible with 32-bit applications.


How to open Terminal on Mac

We show you how to open a Terminal window on Mac from Finder, Spotlight, Launchpad or Automator. Start configuring Mac OS from the command line and get the most out of your Apple computer. Do you know what Terminal is for? We will tell you everything about this useful tool.

Keyboard shortcuts in macOS

As we have already told you on other occasions, the operating system of Mac computers is loaded with procedures that ...

Best browsers for Mac

Browser for Mac

What is the best browser for Mac? Discover the 13 best browsers for Mac. Safari, Firefox or Chrome you already know them, what more alternatives are there?

OS X Activity Monitor

Where is the task manager?

Discover how to use the activity monitor in OS X and the secrets that this application hides on Macs that acts as a task manager.