vGuru Video Player, a paid alternative to VLC

When choosing a video player, depending on the preferences we have when installing applications (from the Mac App Store or from If you are looking for an alternative to VLC, vGuru may be the application you are looking for, if only you install apps from the Mac App Store

The popular Reeder 3 RSS reader becomes free

News or publication readers were very successful years ago. It is a way to be informed of your news services, or preferences of The popular Reeder 3 RSS reader becomes free with today's update. It seems that the application is discontinued.

Curiota, an interesting alternative to save notes, files ...

When it comes to creating notes, many are the users who make use of the native application of the same name, an application that allows us to synchronize in If you are looking for an application to create notes and synchronize files together, the Curiota application is an excellent alternative to the greats like Evernote.

Convert any document to e-book with The Ebook Converter

Although some users are reluctant to use the iBook application on both the Mac and the iPhone or iPad, it must be recognized that it is the best way to Convert files or images to an electronic book format, it is a very simple operation with The Ebook Converter

Drafts Notes App Finally Comes to macOS

Much anticipation is creating the arrival of Drafts to Mac. One of the first applications to hit the market for taking notes from iOS, will give the Drafts notes application finally arrives on macOS. Although not all features are expected to arrive in the initial release, they will arrive soon

Unleash your imagination with these sci-fi fonts

When creating any type of document, depending on its purpose, advertising brochure, presentation, business card ... Thanks to macFonts Sci-Fi we have at our disposal a package of fonts with more than 4.000 types of different letters for just over 5 euros.

Get more than 300 templates for Excel for only 1 euro

When creating documents from scratch, if we are not very clear about what we want to do, we will most likely look at the document in Templates for MS Excel offers us for a limited time more than 300 templates for just 1,09 euros.

Parallels Desktop is updated and now allows us to install macOS Mojave

When it comes to installing Windows on our Mac, in the market we have several options at our disposal, in addition to the native one that it offers us The latest Parallels Desktop update finally allows us to install the macOS Mojave beta, in addition to offering us important performance improvements.

The Spark mail client is updated with important news

While it is true that for many users, the native Mail application is more than enough to manage day-to-day emails, for other users The Spark mail client has just received an important update in which a large number of options have been added , some of which are highly anticipated by users.

Apps for macOS with more than 50% discount at BundleHunt

The subscription method for computer applications is increasingly consolidated. With Pros and Cons, it enables you to obtain a steady stream of Apps for macOS at over 50% off with the BundleHunt Summer Sale. With the offer, accessing your catalog costs us $ 5

Quickly create GIFs with iGIF Builder

A few days ago we talked about an application, which was available for only 1,09 euros, an application with which we could do any kind of thing.If you have been thinking about the idea of ​​making a GIF from a video for a while, with iGIF Builder you can do it in a quick and easy way.

Elmedia, a player of any different video and audio format

When it comes to using a video player to enjoy our favorite videos or movies, the best option we have in the daily market for Elmedia Player is an excellent video player for Mac, available in the application store, and that we offers a large number of functions

Easily convert videos to GIFs with Video GIF Creator

For some time now, many users have started to use GIF files as a regular way to express their videos. Converting videos or a series of images to GIF format is a very simple process that we can do with Video GIF Creator.

Create spectacular icons with Icon Plus

When it comes to making icons, either for applications or simply to include in some graphic design, both developers and creating icons for both iOS and macOS has never been as simple as it is with the Icon Plus application.

Free up space on your Mac with Disk Care for just 1 euro

Many are the users that today are on vacation or are about to enjoy them. During the holidays, many will be the users Freeing space on the hard disk of our Mac is a very simple process thanks to applications such as Disk Care, an application that does it automatically.

Dashlane 6 is updated with VPN among other news

Today we received an update to the popular DashLane 6 password manager, with important news, focused on user security. Dashlane 6 is updated with important new features, among which we find private VPN, stealth mode and 1 GB of encrypted storage.

Edit files in PDF format with PDF Office, available for just 1 euro

If we usually work with files in PDF format, we probably already have an application that meets all our needs. If not, today Thanks to the PDF Office application, we can not only open documents in PDF format, but we can also edit them, fill in forms, recognize text from images ...

Enpass will have important new features in version 6

The password manager is updated to version 6 with important new features. Now we can manage several chests at the same time and Enpass will have important new features in version 6, with the inclusion of different independent chests for passwords


Manage files in macOS in a very simple way with Filepane

Although it is true that the Finder offers us a large number of functions, many of which are not exclusive to macOS, surely some of you Thanks to the Filepane application, the options we have at our disposal when managing files in macOS multiply considerably

Quickly convert between different image formats with Creative Convert

When it comes to sharing images with our friends and family, it is likely that some of them, or even us, do not have the application that we have Thanks to the Creative Convert application, we can convert quickly and without using the original PSD, EPS applications and Ai to JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG

Create spectacular documents with Infographics Maker

If we are usually forced to create documents from scratch, whether they are presentations, written to share with other people, work from the Infographics Maker, it puts at our disposal a large number of images of all kinds with which we can customize any document to infinity , and beyond...

Fantastical for macOS is updated to version 2.5 with important news

When we thought that the news in software had finished until September, the guys at Flexibits have left their homework done before the Fantastical for macOS is updated to version 2.5 with important news, such as proposing changes in an event or subscribing to meetup. com

Sketchbook Autodesk Macbook

Sketchbook is now free for all platforms

Sketchbook Autodesk becomes free and forever. Also, remember that with this digital illustration application you will be able to synchronize your work through iCloud

DroidID unlock Mac Android

How to unlock your Mac with an Android mobile

Do you want to unlock your Mac using your Android mobile? The answer is called Droid ID, a free app that will allow you to use your Mac just by placing your finger on the mobile fingerprint reader

DMG files

.Dmg files

Do you want to know what DMG files are? Enter and discover how to open this type of macOS files and the applications you need to run it on other operating systems such as Windows. If you want to know the equivalent to the ISO extension in Windows and in this article we show you how we can work with them.

Veeer free Mac window manager

Veeer, a free window manager for macOS

Veeer is a window manager for macOS that will help you be much more productive in front of your computer if you are one of those who work with a multitude of open windows

Bitdefender, the best antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender, the best tool for our Mac to be protected

If we want to keep our Mac protected at all times, the best tool that we can currently find on the market is Bitdefender, an application that protects us from ransomware, malware and that also protects us in online purchases.