Siri CEO leaves Apple

Bill Stasior, head of Siri for the last 7 years, has announced that he is leaving Apple, and his responsibility falls to John Giannandrea

Carpool Karaoke Wins First Emmy for Apple

The first Emmy that Apple has won, for creating original content, has come from the hand of Carpool Karaoke, the program that has been broadcast only through Apple Music

Tim Cook - India

Apple Pay launch in India delayed yet again

In my previous article, I have informed you about the new American banks that have joined the list of entities compatible with Apple Pay in that Once again, the launch of Apple Pay in India, is delayed, although this time it is It is due to a new regulation of the Reserve Bank of the country.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay expansion continues in the United States

Apple Pay has become the most used platform to pay for day-to-day purchases by many millions of users, users who according to the The Cupertino-based company has once again expanded the number of banks compatible with Apple Pay, although in this occasion only in the United States.

YouTube for tvOS is updated with improvements in navigation and performance

The YouTube application has been, is and will be, at least for now, an application that cannot be missing on any device with an Internet connection, since the YouTube application for tvOS has finally been updated to show the interface adapted to this device , a much more intuitive and simple interface.

Health features on Apple Watch

The first heart study with Apple Watch ends in the coming months

The approach that Apple is taking with the Apple Watch is focused on health and healthy habits. One of the many actions that the first heart study with Apple Watch is taking will end in the coming months and will serve to improve the data collection of the Apple Watch.

walkie talkie watchos5

Apple releases watchOS beta 9 5 days after beta 8

A few hours ago Apple released the beta 9 of watchOS 5 just 4 days after the last beta. Users have not left relevant incidents Apple releases watchOS beta 9 5 days after beta 8 only four days after beta 8. Apple wants to optimize watchOS 5 as much as possible

Shopping Mall Interiors - Apple Maps

Apple Maps adds blueprints for 18 new shopping malls in Canada

A little over a month ago, the guys from Cupertino stated that they were working in their maps department, not only to improve the information that we have. Apple's map service has just added the interior maps of 18 shopping centers in Canada, so that we can find the store we are looking for quickly.

MacBook Apple Pay

Apple Pay reaches 252 Million users worldwide

Mobile payments are an imminent future. And I'm not talking for the majority of tech blog readers, but the general user. Apple Pay is found in 252 Million users worldwide and only 15% of users are in the US.

Apple Music to release exclusive documentary about singer Kesha

Practically since its arrival on the market in 2015, the guys from Cupertino have wanted to turn Apple Music into something more than a simple platform. The next content that will arrive in the form of a documentary on Apple's streaming music platform shows us the creative process of the Kesha's new album

Nike Training Club will be available for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is today more independent of the iPhone compared to previous versions. This coupled with faster processors, makes Nike Training Club available for the Apple Watch with more than 180 workouts. At the moment it will only act as a viewer on the watch.