How to remove an iCloud account from an Apple device

How to remove an iCloud account from an Apple device 2

If you have ever inherited from your older brother or any other relative a apple device, like an iPad, Mac or iPhone, you've probably found that it already has a iCloud account, something that is necessary to eliminate by putting our own, not only for the privacy of the other person, but also to be able to use it to save our own photos, app settings and content, so it is necessary to know how to delete an iCloud account from an Apple device.

At the time we already saw how to empty iCloud with a few simple steps, but now we are going to discover the most fast, comfortable and safe how to delete an iCloud account from an Apple device, with all the guarantees, to be able to add our own account, or if, for example, we want to give or sell our iPhone or iPad to another person.

When is it recommended to delete an iCloud account?

How to remove an iCloud account from an Apple device 2

This free storage service in the cloud of iCloud offered by Apple to its users, allows them to safely store and up to certain capacity limits, a large amount of information, such as their data, photos, contacts, calendars, notes, documents and device settings, being possible to access them from any of your Apple devices. Something very useful, but which obviously presents obvious risks if that device is used by someone other than the owner.

There are several reasons why someone might want to delete your iCloud account, being the most obvious due to issues of Privacy & Security, since by performing this action of deleting the iCloud account, you will no longer have access to a large amount of your personal data, such as contacts, photos, messages and documents.

Therefore, this may be important for people who value their privacy and do not want others to be able to access them, or for their data to be stored in the cloud against possible data breaches, since although iCloud is a generally secure service, there is always the possibility of leaks or even data theft, sending phishing emails. Deleting the account eliminates this risk, as the data will no longer be stored in the apple servers nor therefore accessible to outsiders. Let's see how to delete the account on different Apple devices!

Delete an iCloud account on Mac

If you have a Mac, in order to delete iCloud account, you will only have to open the "Apple" menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Next select “System Preferences” and in it, you must click on "Apple ID". Select the “iCloud” tab and scroll down and click "Sign off".

Next, enter the password for your Apple ID and tap “Sign out of all devices.” Keep in mind that below you will be able to choose the data you want to keep on the Mac, such as "Contacts", "Calendars" and "Notes", and some if it comes from a family member or a co-worker, it may be interesting, so check them calmly. Finally, click "Sign off".

Delete an iCloud account on iPhone and iPad

Also valid for an iPod touch, you will only have to access "Settings". In it, play your name and surname at the top and scroll down and select “Sign Out.”

As in the previous case, enter the password for your Apple ID and tap “deactivate”. Next, choose the data you want to keep on the device, like what we saw in the previous case of a Mac, and finally, tap "Sign out."

Delete an iCloud account on Apple Watch

Another increasingly popular Apple device where you can quickly close your iCloud account is an Apple Watch. To do this, just open the "Settings" application and tap "General." Scroll down and select "Restore". Choose “Erase content and settings” and enter your Apple Watch passcode and tap “Erase.” Without a doubt, one of the simplest among the different Apple gadgets and devices.

Of course, remember that this process is irreversible, since once deleted, your iCloud account will be permanently deleted along with all the data associated with it, so as tips, perhaps do a Backup and saving the configuration, before clicking delete, can save you possible headaches.

In short, the power anddelete an iCloud account on any Apple device It is really simple and fast, but before taking this step it is advisable to review the type of content that is stored, to make sure that you have a copy, especially when we refer to photos or documents, since if we delete an account permanently , we will not be able to recover it.

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