How to downgrade from macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra

This is an option available to those users who have the macOS Sierra version installed right now or directly have the installer on a USB already created. As of today, as we write this article, the new version of macOS High Sierra has just been released and it is possible that many users do not have the Mac updated, in this case it is important to create this installable disk on a USB or external disk.

If you already have macOS High Sierra installed, the option that we show you today is to obtain the previous version of the operating system, macOS Sierra. To perform the downgrade there are more options but the most recommended and reliable is create this bootable USB from a Mac that has macOS Sierra installedas it will be a reliable and authentic version. It doesn't matter if it's from an iMac, Mac mini or MacBook, they all work the same.

On the internet we can also find this version of Apple's operating system or we can even downgrade from an old Time Machine copy, but it is best to access directly from a Mac and create the installer. It is actually something that many users have if we perform a zero installation in each version presented at WWDC since it is necessary to create this USB, this one works for us perfectly.

Steps to follow to return to macOS Sierra

The initial step is the usual one: backup to Time Machine or similar to avoid problems in case of failure. This is the first step in all cases and it is that without this copy then come the problems of data loss, etc.

Now we have to create the macOS Sierra installer That can easily be done using a minimum 8GB USB. To do this we can follow these steps that are almost the same as to create the macOS High Sierra installer and perform a zero installation:

  • When we have macOS Sierra in the Mac we insert the USB of 8GB or more
  • We format and rename the USB to "Untitled"
  • We open Terminal and paste the following code: sudo / Applications / Install \ macOS \ –volume / Volumes / Untitled –applicationpath / Applications / Install \ macOS \ –nointeraction
  • We enter the user password and wait for it to finish

When this process is finished (it will take a bit depending on the Mac and USB speed) all we have to do is format the disk on which we have the macOS High Sierra operating system installed from Disk Utility and that's it. Now it's our turn install from USB and for this what we have to do is turn off the Mac and with the USB connected to the computer when it turns on press Alt, We choose the USB to install macOS Sierra and when it finishes we will have Sierra again on the Mac.

It is advisable to use macOS High Sierra since the differences between both systems are few and we will not notice improvement when downloading the version, but we leave this in your hands.

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  1.   Kernel panic said

    How can I create the MacOs SIerra usb if it no longer appears in the AppStore?

    1.    Juan B. Salas said
  2.   Cristian said

    there is another way ... a little longer but effective if you want to make the USB with OS Sierra (since I don't trust the versions that exist through torrents). It is to downgrade to El Capitan ... in this version if you can see in the purchased section the OS Sierra download it and create the USB.

  3.   carlos leon said

    I have using the high saw, but since I have it my MacBook Pro is slower than usual, it closes apps, it takes time and it bothers me ... I am very unhappy.

  4.   Paqui To said

    I am with Carlos Leon, since I put high saw into the macbook pro it is a potato with keys. I was super happy with Sierra, everything was smooth and worked. with high sierra everything is crashing, it takes a thousand years to start compared to the previous one and everything closes, hangs or simply the programs are not compatible with the new format. Come on, they could have said that even if it is an official version, it behaves like a beta in its second phase at most. I imagine that it will be the price that must be paid for being a free system, but come on ... next time I will wait a little bit before updating

  5.   Irene said

    The same thing happened to me as the last 2. We have all upgraded in the (design) office and the older computers (mid 2009) are suffering tremendously… and they are all much slower. Apart from the fact that we have run out of font manager plugins (FontAgent) because it gives a lot of problems and I'm sure it's the damn MacOs.
    It took a long time to update the equipment and now it is a long time to downgrade ... I do not recommend it to anyone. At least for now!

  6.   Mauricio Penagos said

    Today I went to High Sierra and Office 2010 stopped working with the Sierra, it was fine. What can I do now? I have to buy a new Office ?.
    The bad thing was that with a cleaning software (Dr. Cleaner) I cleaned the entire computer, system junk files, etc.

  7.   Juan David said

    You just have to enter this link from the same apple, it takes you to the app store showing you the MacOS Sierra version so you can download to the previous version, download and he takes care of everything.

    1.    María said

      Hello! It won't let me install it, it says it's too old a version, do you know what I can do to install it?

  8.   Mar said

    Hello! It doesn't let me install it either, it also says it's too old a version, does anyone know what to do to install it?
    Thank you

    1.    Juan B. Salas said

      In theory, what it indicates is that there is an updated version installed on the computer and you just have to press continue and that's it.

  9.   Didier said

    Hello, can you go from the High Sierra version to Sierra with High being the base operating system?
    If so, is the warranty lost?

  10.   Roger Arrambide said

    How are you, who can help me ??, I had a long time the previous of Sierra, (I think El Capitan?) And I changed the disk to solid and WOOOWW my MacBook Pro worked wonderfully late 2011….

    Everything was fine and I don't like to be updating the OS when they are new because they ALWAYS bring bugs, so until just 2-3 weeks ago I decided to update to Sierra, all fine apparently and I think my mistake was that I saw that the newest era High Sierra and a few days later, I upgraded to HIG Sierra and from there my headaches started !!!!!

    Firstly, 32bit applications would no longer work, which in this case I have worked perfectly with Office 2011 or 2010, I don't know so now with this I would have to buy a new one, so I first decided to look for it on YouTube and downloaded the 2016, to my surprise it was 32bit too !!!!! ... Anyway, the fact is that the machine being slow, when scrolling in some parts it seemed like a 486 from 2000 and in general in other parts it was significantly slower than it was. before….

    Now, I CAN'T PRINT !!!, if I get to print with this version and everything, but since yesterday, the printer is on pause, you send something to print, it reaches the print list and on the «button play »says resume printing, you press it, it starts as if it were about to start, it runs the document bar and after 3-4 seconds, it goes back to the same mode, the issue is that if I can print on that same printer multifunctional HP, from another computer, from the iphone, etc. I even open the HP Utility, I print the test time and print it, I give it a scanner and it works…. ALL THE PROBLEM IS THE PRINT from my MacBook ...

    I already did everything, reestablish printing pref, go to the library and copy the, etc etc, remove and put the printer again, EVERYTHING !!!.

    My doubt is how complicated it is to return to Sierra, in one of those until Capitan, because the last security copy I have was when I was Sierra, with High Sierra I do not set the time machine to make a Copy, but I am afraid that if I make a backup with High Sierra, I can no longer use it in Sierra, however, the copy is already about 2 weeks old and I have surely modified some documents, especially Dropbox !!!

    HELP !!
    1.- Can I make a backup copy so that this is the most current of my documents and from there I can do the whole process to reinstall Sierra and I can paste the copy without asking me to update to High Sierra?
    2.- Will I have any other problem for which the MacBook was encouraged?
    3.- Can I at some point think that the performance I had with Capitan, could I have with High Sierra?
    4.- What are the risks of simply copying the Dropbox folder to use Sierra's backup copy and then just replacing Dropbox?
    5.- Is the printer problem related?

    Who can help me?

    Many Thanks