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One of the things to keep in mind when we are going to buy a Mac is directly related to the use that we are going to give our new machine and the time it takes to renew the equipment. Formerly in Apple the user had some options available to upgrade your Mac hardware And today we are going to see some details that show rather the opposite, despite the fact that it is possible to add hardware in some Macs. The case of the new iMac is a clear example of this and that is that until 2012 it was simpler than now the add more RAM (except in current 27 ″ model) or change the hard drive, but today we will talk in more detail about the Mac mini.

One of the entry-level Macs is undoubtedly the Mac mini. This compact and cheaper computer makes any user who comes from a PC and is considering buying a Mac look at it to buy. The different Mac mini models with different configurations make it a computer to take into account, that is, choose the model well because on this Mac expansion options are rather few today.

Expand RAM on older Mac Mini

Old Mac Mini

When I talk about old Mac minis I mean to all those that Apple no longer sells. I will not go into differentiating the Mac mini that the guys from Cupertino have discontinued since it is a series of Macs that began to be marketed in 2005 and today they are still one of the best Mac for those users who come from PC and have their own monitor, keyboard, mouse.

At the beginning I told you about being clear about what we are going to use the Mac for and this is directly related to the expansion options that Apple basically no longer allows us to perform on these computers. In this case, if you want to have more information about these possible improvements or even know some more details about the small but not less powerful Mac mini, I refer you to the guide or compilation on the history since its launch now ago about 11 years that we wrote a few days ago on the web. In it you will see that since the launch of the aluminum Mac mini things have changed in terms of the possibility of expanding the machines and it is that Apple became tougher on this issue and did not want the user to modify the internal hardware of their Macs and the mini was no exception since it brought parts soldered to the board directly.

Changing the RAM on a current Mac Mini: impossible

Unboxing Mac Mini.

Today, any Apple computer can be classified as not expandable by the user, except the 27-inch iMac that even adds a small cover on the back of it to add more RAM, the rest almost always remain as they come from. the Apple store. The user can do little or nothing in these new Mac mini and that is basically everything is glued or soldered on the motherboard.

If you are one of the users who has in your hands one of the older Mac mini with the possibility of increasing or improving its internal hardware through new components, do not sell it and enjoy this possibility. it is also true that today it's harder to cope with a "veteran" Mac mini since they do not allow software updates and it is difficult or impossible to use some applications, even worse, we recommend that you keep it as a small treasure.

Aluminum Mac Mini

At present we find a Mac mini entry that costs 549 euros put at home and adds: 5 GHz Intel Core i1,4 processor, 500 GB Storage, 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB hard drive, an Intel HD Graphics 5000 graphics and OS X El Capitan. This machine has been listed by the kings of disassembly, iFixit, with a score of 6 on 1st For repairs and although it is true that they are experts in assembling and disassembling these Apple computers, it is best to go for a slightly more powerful purchase and put aside this Mac mini model. Note that RAM or disk expansion is almost impossible (you can but we don't recommend it) on these Mac mini, so it's best to choose a higher setting from the start and forget about opening these Macs.

Many of you may be thinking that if you buy the Mac mini from the start then you can add more powerful hardware just like you could do with a desktop PC, but nothing is further from the truth. If you want to expand one of these Mac mini, the safest thing is that you have to go to the technical service of Apple or a trusted computer technician to be able to carry out the expansion or improvement of components, so the best advice is to save a little more and go straight for the top model and avoid problems of falling short in the future.

Apple increasingly puts more problems to expand the Mac mini and the next generation that should arrive in 2016 (it's his turn) will not be different

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  1.   Internet Marketing Blog said

    I have already expanded my mac mini to 2 Gb and 250 Hd !!!! it goes perfect !!!

  2.   SOCRAM. said

    I have a mac mini G4 1.4ghz with 1gb of ram .. can you put a 2gb module or does it only accept 1gb?

  3.   jaca101 said

    You can't, you only have one bank and the maximum is 1Gb, see: http://tinyurl.com/8lzv4e

  4.   Orlando Paez said

    Hello greetings. How do I install or update my mini power from 1.4 to leopard, I already have the dvd and I follow all the instructions and nothing I could get an error and I have to go back to tiger. Who helps me please… Thank you.

  5.   orlando paez g said

    My mac powerpc has a gigabyte you can place a 2 gigabytes on it. ?

  6.   jaca101 said

    The same as the other G4 I tell you http://tinyurl.com/8lzv4e

  7.   Alex said

    Hello people. I want to expand the memory to my PowerPC G4 - 1.42 Ghz and by the way put another hard disk, which with 80 GB has fallen short.
    I see that from the web there is exactly the memory that I need for my Mac, but could you tell me what would be the hard disk, or from where could I find it?
    Thank you all very much and my congratulations to the people of SoydeMac.com

    a greeting


  8.   jaca101 said

    something must have happened on the server and the pictures have been deleted, I will upload them shortly

  9.   jaca101 said

    As brief as I have already uploaded them again (the one who saves finds)

    Digital Diogenes has its advantages

  10.   Mack Lopez. said

    I have a mac mini with four usb ports, well, checking, I designed that it is to put a maximum of 1 gb now it only has 512, do you recommend putting two ram of 1 gb each one to have 2 gb? I would like to see the answer that I am interested and very good page this I put a 100 greetings

  11.   jaca101 said

    if you have checked that it is valid for max 1 GB soo you can put two modules of 512 ...
    does not recognize more ...
    Check it in http://www.crucial.com

  12.   Mack Lopez. said

    Thank you very much for answering my comment, I installed the scan rme, I checked my mini cam and said that I can put two 1 gb ram in each module so I will put two ram as well, watch several videos on you tube and put 2 gb in a mini like mine and it works without problem s thank you very much ?! It is a great help this page scan my computer from and it is super easy this Monday I will ask for the ram thanks !!!!!!!!! I recommend this page if someone reads this comment scan your pc it is easy and very fast as well as reliable

  13.   jaca101 said

    Ok, so then you only have a mini intel core at least…. Put the 2 gigs then ...

  14.   chiqui said

    I want to expand the RAM of my Mac Mini, what memory should I buy?
    a greeting

  15.   Mack Lopez. said

    Friend on this same page is the scanner to give you a test of your mac mini, I see it and it shows you the options of what you can buy as well as the different prices, they are very good, I order and I go in three days now my mac works perfectlyeeeee crucial scan so called the little program look for it here above !!!!

  16.   Mack Lopez. said

    macnifico hits me a scare when I disconnect the audio to put the ram dear!

  17.   Fernando said

    Wonderful, my MacMini now (before 520) has 2Gb !!!

  18.   may said

    Thank you! excellent guide

  19.   mauser said

    Hello everyone, I have a problem, I changed my Ram memory from or mini mac but now it does not work, it turns on but it does not give a monitor signal, nor does it emit the power-on sound, previously I had 1 Gb put in two cards, what I did was replace one of the cards for a 2 Gb one and it didn't work, then I tried returning the original cards and it doesn't work either, can someone help me?

  20.   damian said

    With what I have read I have plenty to solve my problemillaaa.
    Excellent cum lauden page on the subject of memoirs.

  21.   Carlos said

    Good, when increasing the memory ram, to the mac mini, would have to use the cd? Or does the memory work directly? I have version 10.4.11, it could be updated, once the ram is changed? I thank you for the answer in advance, very good page

  22.   Marcos Suarez said

    I bought it a year ago, and chose to put 16 GB of RAM from the beginning, it will be more expensive, but you avoid these headaches. I am a fashion photographer, so imagine the cane I put into it.

  23.   Carlos said

    Let's be clear that why are the components welded? so that we buy the most expensive configurations ... I said to make money to our account of course.

  24.   Robert Benavides said

    Hi, I have a 2011 MacMini, with two RAM slots, I upgraded it to 2 8Gb cards and it worked fine for almost a year; the screen has just turned off and it beeps twice every 3 sec. They told me about RAM problems, I made changes to both cards and I noticed that one slot does not accept a card (it gives the error), while the other has no problem and either card works. I am limited to 8 Gb and it is slow !!! Is there a way to repair the slot that is not working? Or is there something to improve performance with just one card?
    Any help is welcome

  25.   Felix Boza Chaparro. said

    Hello, in my case I bought a Mac mini from the end of 2014 for photo editing and the truth is that it is fatal for me because it is impossible to edit the photos in Lightroom, it is slow with every step I take, the beach ball comes out spinning and It is to lose patience, I am already convinced that I made a mistake in the purchase. The model is as follows.
    2,8 Ghz intel Core I5 ​​processor
    8Gb 1600MHz DDR3 Memory
    Macintosh HD boot disk
    Intel Iris Graphics 1536 MB
    My question is, Can I send it to the Technical Service to have its Ram memory expanded? What if that would solve the problem?
    Can someone guide me.
    a greeting

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