How to create a new library in the Photos app

create photo mac library

After the success of the new Mac OS X Yosemite App 'Photos', I want to show you a small tutorial to create libraries (photo libraries) quickly. All this as a benefit of having all your photographs cataloged, by albums, where you have your personal life on one side, and your work on the other.

Step 1:  Closing the Photos app.

Step 2: Hold the key Option (⌥)  pressed (on windows keyboard hold down ALT key) and click on the app Gallery on your dock.

mac photo library

Step 3: Click on 'Create new ...'

Step 4: En 'Save as' we can put the name we want to our photo library. You can also change the location of this library by adjusting the 'Location', in addition to putting the labels we want.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with your library name and location, click 'To accept'.

Step 6: To switch between photo libraries, open the 'Pictures' folder and double click on the library you want to use. You can also keep the (⌥) key Mac keyboard key (on Windows keyboard hold down the ALT key), and click the Photos app in the dock, then click 'Select Photo Library' after selecting a library from the list. You can use the 'Another photo library'to locate a library located elsewhere that does not appear.

You can only have one library open at any given time. If you try to open another library while another library has another one open, the first one will be closed before the second one opens.

Do you use multiple libraries in your Photos app? I think it is very easy and it can help you a lot, to have all your photographs organized. Greetings.

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  1.   Danny G. said

    I still don't like the Photos app. When I take photos with the iPhone they appear in My Photos in Streaming and I don't know if they are added or not and when I connect the iPhone to the iMac and import them many times they appear repeated. And the option to show in the finder does not appear when you import the photos.
    I also don't like that it doesn't let you select the folder where to save the photo file when importing and that it is "referenced".

  2.   mariano martin said

    I cannot enter the place where the photo is taken unless it is taken with a camera that has GPS. What is the solution ?

  3.   Adikor said

    Because they change a program that works extraordinarily. What are these absurd changes due to?

  4.   Kike said

    Nor can you hide the photos, all my hidden photos are shown, there is no way to create new events, put the photos in the different events and there is no way to sort the photos by name.

    1.    mariano martin said

      It's crazy, I'm sorting the faces in alphabetical order dragging one by one and I have more than 600 faces identified. On the other hand, the ones that you are placing in the first places appear in an absurdly larger and disproportionate size than the rest. In iPhoto these things were done automatically. At the moment, not only do I not find any improvement, but the new little program seems to me a total disaster.

  5.   Fran said

    At the moment and after losing several hours since I installed it, it seems like a real crap.

  6.   xavi said

    what to put or classify through events has disappeared, damn where are the imports, vufffffff I'm still with the iphoto

  7.   Juan Lanas said

    Anyway, right now I open iphoto, export everything I had to a hard drive and start again as I did with windows, with little letters.

    With "Photos" exporting is chaos. I have tried to do as usual in iphoto to export the photos and save them in separate folders with the name of events and it is impossible.

    It doesn't even notify you with a progress bar how the export is going.

    I save my library well organized into folders with iPhoto while I can and go back to the folders of a lifetime.

  8.   Joaquin said

    Greetings. I have a question. I have synced videos and photos from the iphone, ipad and macbook in the macbook library. It is 110gb and I would like to move it to a hard drive to free up hard drive space. I would like to know if the library will ask me to locate it when moving the location and it will work exactly the same as before but from the external hard drive? Thank you very much and I hope I have explained myself well.

  9.   Marta said

    anyone know if two libraries can be merged in photos? I have a library of iphoto from an old mac, saved on an external disk, and I would like to merge it with the current one from photos (if it is importing well from iphoto, because I'm working on it ... with my fingers crossed) ...

      1.    Marta said

        Thanks, Jordi, but that's not it ... I have TWO IPHOTO libraries, and now that I move on to PHOTOS, I would like to merge them into one, and not like until now, I had to select which one I wanted ...

  10.   Andres Perez said

    In iphoto there is a tab: display / sort / by date, by title,….
    When I import the photos into PHOTO I can't get the title to show

  11.   Mariano said

    When iPhone and Mac sync with iTunes, photos and videos go to the "Photos" application.
    Could you remove this application and use Dropbox exclusively?
    Thank you.