How to install OS X Yosemite 10.10 from scratch


When OS X Mavericks was released we conducted a tutorial to perform the installation of the operating system from scratch and for OS X Yosemite it will not be less. While it is true that updates can be done without formatting the Mac and absolutely nothing happens, some users prefer to carry out a clean installation of the new OS X and this is what we are going to see in this small tutorial.

Apple makes it easy with the installer to carry out the installation of OS X, but if we want to perform a clean installation of OS X we have to be clear that everything we have on the Mac is going to be eliminated and therefore it is very important to carry out a backup of all our important documents and data, so as not to lose anything (it is best to follow a protocol before, watch this tutorial). The backup is always positive to do it in updates or clean installations.

Well, once the steps prior to the installation have been carried out, the next thing to do is to start downloading DiskMaker and once we have it on the Mac we leave it in the downloads folder and continue with OS X Yosemite 10.10. While it is true that there are different ways to carry out this task we are going to use DiskMaker to perform the clean install of the new OS X Yosemite.



Once we have DiskMaker saved on the Mac and the download of OS X Yosemite 10.10 we can start the process. The current DiskMaker version is the one used for the Yosemite betas but it works the same for this final version. Now we can create our installer in a very simple way by following the following steps.

Now we connect to the Mac the USB or SD card of 8 GB or more to continue with the installation. This USB / SD will be permanently erased so it better be empty to avoid problems later. We start DiskMaker and click on the option install OS X Yosemite that we have previously downloaded to our Mac (in the applications folder) then it will ask us for the administrator password, we enter it and click on continue.

Now we have to wait for the process to finish and if it takes a little quiet, it is normal. In no case close the program, disconnect the USB / SD or turn off the computer before it finishes. Once finished we can start the installation process on our machine.


Install OS X Yosemite on your Mac

Now comes the simple. What we have to do is turn off our Mac with USB / SD connected to Mac and when we restart the machine we press the Alt key To bring up the start menu, we select the USB memory or SD card where we have the OS X Yosemite installer and press.

EYE! To install from scratch, touch erase current OS X first that we have installed and for this We select the Disk Utility option and delete our partition from the current OS X or partitions that we want. Now we just have to exit Disk Utility and begin the installation of OS X Yosemite with the steps that they are indicating.

And that's it!


The question here is the usual one Is it worth doing a clean install on my Mac? Well, that depends on each user, for example I am always testing Apps and others on the Mac, so I follow the tutorial in each new OS X, but if your Mac is relatively new and you have no operating problems or major failures in it, It is not necessary to carry out the 'format' update directly with the installer and that's it.

We are always on time to carry out a clean installation of OS X so if in the future you have problems with the Mac or want to sell your machine you can always carry out this possibility.

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  1.   rossella said

    Hello, could you explain to me how to remove the initial password? today i updated my macbook pro and it won't let me remove it ...

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Rosella, System Preferences> Users and Groups


      1.    Carlos Alberto Martinez Gonzalez placeholder image said

        hello, upgrade to OS X Yosemite, and now every time I turn on the computer a screen appears so that I can log in with my username, I give the password and then the screen appears again where it asks me again for the password, I type it and it leaves me enter the system, but I wonder why it asked me twice

  2.   Sergio said

    I have done it through the terminal and it has worked very well for me. The crowned one to put is this sudo / Applications / Install \ OS \ X \ –volume / Volumes / Untitled –applicationpath / Applications / Install \ OS \ X \ –nointeraction

  3.   marath said


    1.    Sergio said

      At the moment I am going luxury and my iMac is from 2007, but something will come out as usual

  4.   Oscar said

    Hi, when I try to mount the Yosemite installation file on DiskMaker X, it tells me »This file cannot be used to create a Lion installation disc»… what can I do? Thank you.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Try downloading the DiskMaker again from here to see: If not, it could be the Yosemite installer itself that is wrongly downloaded. Did the OS X download throw you an error?

  5.   Jesus Delgado said

    Good evening, I wanted to know what format I should select in disk utility when formatting the hard drive, it is the first time that I format it. Thanks in advance.

    1.    pedro said

      mac os plus / with registration

      1.    Jesus Delgado said

        Thank you Pedro.

  6.   Antonio said

    Good morning, I have downloaded the OS Yosemite installer and when I restart my computer I get an error and I can't start anything ... Help !! The computer appears with an error.

    1.    Sat said

      Antonio, that was my same problem with the App Store installer, the error is something like File system verify or repair failed, I had to reinstall Maverciks to try again and it turned out the same, the same error, now reinstall Mavericks to do a usb boot and still the same error. I hope someone can help us.

      1.    Jordi Giménez said

        Good Sam,

        in Apple support there are several posts with the problem. I recommend repairing permissions and disk formatting, then installing and restoring the backup.

        There are several users with the problem there.

  7.   josemamu said

    I have a macbook pro retina, and Yosemite still comes with many errors, when I open in finder I do not see the folders or files and they are few, I must change to list mode to view them,

  8.   Enric said

    I intend to upgrade my 2008 Macbook Pro to yosemite cleanly as I have never cleaned my computer. I have a couple of questions that I would appreciate if you answered:
    Can someone with an old mac who has already updated to yosemite give me their opinion? I update it because to turn on the Mac it is very slow with maverichs and I wanted to know if this improves
    On the other hand, can someone explain to me how I save my imovie 13 projects on a hard disk so as not to lose them in the clean installation? (not the videos, but the projects and the library) I have looked for it but only find a way to do it in older versions of the program.

    Thank you very much

  9.   Luis said

    I have done the installation as explained and apparently everything is fine, but when I start it as administrator I put the password and everything turns gray and a cursor starts to load the system until it is activated and the keyboard is turned on is that normal

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Luis, I also get the progress bar from the first beta, it is normal and we will have to get used to it.

  10.   uri1978 said

    When I boot with the USB in and alt pressed, I get a home screen with a padlock and I have to put a password. What password do you have to enter?
    Thank you!

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good morning uri1978,

      your user's for when you wake up the Mac normally.


      1.    Antonio Santiago said


        1.    Jordi Giménez said

          Hello Antonio,

          can't boot by pressing Alt? Hung how? Does it throw you an error or does it just not do anything?

          1.    Antonio Santiago said

            When I start I get the apple and the bar and then the ball starts to spin and the mouse pointer stays in the upper left corner and hangs

  11.   say11 said


    I just installed YOSEMITE and when I start I get a gray screen and in the account I get a legend that says that update is necessary and apart it says it seems that the user's graphic resources are not valid, someone has the same error? and if or how did they solve it?


  12.   Gabriel Lagunas said

    Hello! Well, everything is going very, very wrong with this Yosemit ... to load this page it took 16 min, I advance a song and it takes 3 min to do it ... in the activity monitor you can see that there is something wrong, I only see red letters saying Mail does not respond, safari does not respond and a thousand more that do not respond, I installed it on mavericks and now I don't know what to do ... I can't even try to do a clean installation because everything is so slow and it hangs ... this is a macbook late 2009 that went like silk in mavericks.

    1.    juvenalejandrocamachoelizondo said

      Hello, it looks the same to me, when I turn it on it tells me that an update is necessary, I put my password, only that when I start everything goes well, but the update is somewhat annoying, it takes longer to turn on, did you manage to solve it?

  13.   josemamu said

    last night more calmly install yosemite clean install on a 13 inch macbook pro retina, and ALL WRONG, shadows, the finder appears blank and does not show the files unless the finder relapses or switches to ready mode, it takes excessively long to load web pages, I have 10 megabytes of navigation and it took almost a minute to load pages that with mavericks, it loaded in seconds, apart from youtube, a disgusting thing, I think they still have a lot to polish, and the worst thing is that the mail hangs ... I think it is wiser to wait for 10.10.1 because this is still very green.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good josemanu, the truth is that it is strange that you have so many errors since we are testing from the first beta and it works great. We hope the solutions soon.


  14.   anatomy said

    Can I directly upgrade the iMac from mountain lion to Yosemite, or do I have to install Mavericks first?

  15.   Core said

    I think it can be updated directly.

  16.   Mario said

    Ayudaaa, I tried to update but now my macbook pro stayed on a black screen only with the mouse arrow, I tried to restart several times but I always get the same thing after the apple logo appears, HELP !!

  17.   Nano said

    Hi. Well, the same thing happens to me as Mario. My Mac is 3 months old and yesterday afternoon I started with the update and it has remained on a screen with the apple and a line of progress that does not advance. A disaster as they have released a version of osx without testing. The computer does not respond to anything. Does anyone know what happens ???

  18.   Jordi Giménez said

    Hello Mario and Nano, did you install from scratch or did you update? Have you tried pressing the 'alt' key before starting and carrying out a disk formation and reinstalling OS X? and resetting the pram?

    Give more information so that we can help


    1.    Mauricio said

      Hello Jordi, I have a serious problem, I am going to comment, I have a mac from 27 2010 out there, the hey is Yosemite, everything is very good, an internal hard disk of 1000 gigs and an external one with a time machine of 3000 gigs, so far so good It turns out that I work with autocad and I have a lot of movies and for a stupid reason I kept the movies on both discs and the worst thing I knew was that I had to remove them from the internal disc, so good until there, it turns out that autocad gave me many errors one after another delete and install several times it worked and we were more or less well, ok I turned off my mac as usual and the next day when booting it does not start normal and the apple comes out and many letters appear in the upper corner marking error and a message that could not be boot you touch a key and do the same several times and it shuts down. Ok imagine that what happened was that the hard disk was full and does not let iOS run, now I did it through time machine and it lasted almost 13 hours and when starting the same and the same.

      And the disk comes out my bad internal disk that cannot be repaired, so I erase it and it is still bad,

      I just put another old external disk that I have and tried to install Yosemite again, I deleted it and I did not partition, and with only 5:30 minutes left a message appears saying that error that Yosemite cannot be installed, and it happened to me 2 times, Now I have created a partition of 50 gigabytes and this time I only had to sign my username once which gives me a good feeling, and I have to wait another 12 hours, the thing and my idea is to install the Yosemite on an external disk and run my machine from there and then I will try to repair the internal disk, but if it does not work, it will be; open my machine and remove the internal hard disk and put the external one as a new internal disk, how dangerous I do not want to do it like that, if you can help me please

      To another thing, in my house the light or electrical current always goes out suddenly and comes back and my computer has a surge protector ups with battery, but when that happens my external disks turn off and start again, I suppose that for there the problem begins, but I occupy my mac working they are an autocad draftsman and that is how I earn a living please help thanks

      Costa Rica

  19.   Nano said

    In my case I have updated. I don't even want to think that I have to format. I have not clarified that I have an imac ... What could be happening? Thank you….

  20.   Nano said

    Well, I just did what Jordi recommends and at least now raise the osx. I will continue testing and reporting .. Thank you…. 😀

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Great Nano, if you see that it starts, it performs a disk verification and repairs disk permissions. Then save backup and follow the tutorial in the article.


      1.    Nano said

        Hi. What I have done is hold the shift key and the computer has started. That if the itunes audio does not work and nothing of what is google: chrome, youtube, drive, etc. Comp can I verify the disk? Thank you…

        1.    Jordi Giménez said
  21.   Jose Daniel said

    hey mac mates I have a problem and it is k I deleted my mac disk and I don't have anything to install there is DiskMaker X for windows and thus create the bootable yosemite or where can I download it? why don't I want to download the lion or the maverick and then download the yosemite and the only pc that remains is my brother's and it's windows

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Jose Daniel,

      DisKmaker that I know only exists for OS X. Can't access the recovery on your Mac?


  22.   Alice P. said

    Hello, I have updated the operating system, but when I enter it does not recognize my old password, what can I do?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Alicia P, are you sure you write it well? It is impossible for that password to change itself.

      You already tell us, greetings

  23.   christiank1979 said

    Good! A help please! I have done the Yosemite installation on my hard drive. Then I made a boot disk on a pendrive using Create install in terminal. Then I swapped my hard drive for a brand new 1Tb EVO SSD formatted to Apple Os X plus with registry. Time machine and boot from the pendrive, so far so good. The problem is that even though my new SSD appears as the boot disk in the system preferences, the system does not boot unless the pendrive is installed. Any ideas??

    CK (macbook aluminum late 2008)

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Cristiank, did you have Trim Ebabler 3.3 installed so that Apple wouldn't detect the disk change?


      1.    christiank1979 said

        Thanks for your answer Jordi. I do not have and have never owned any version of Trim Ebabler… I guess I will have to create a boot partition on my current SSD, right?

        1.    Jordi Giménez said

          A question Cristiank1979, did you install Yosemite from the Pendrive to the new hard drive? Did you try installing OS X Yosemite via WiFi directly to the new SSD to see if it works?


  24.   Pedro said

    I have a MacBook pro at the end of 2011, I installed the new yosimite and it has been a nightmare, to start it lasts a world and after that it makes me remember my times with Windows where the machine was frozen, the system is extremely slow, someone knows what happens ?

  25.   CarlosR said

    After installing the new operating system last night I get the message "it seems that the user's graphic resources are not valid". What should I do?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good CarlosR,

      what Mac do you have?


      1.    CarlosR said

        Early 13 2011 'MacBookPro

      2.    CarlosR said

        MacBook Pro from 2011-13. NO retina

  26.   elis said

    Upgrading from Maverick to Yosemite my mackbook has frozen on installation; missing 9 minutes to finish the installation; it takes more than an hour; What I can do?
    Please your help as soon as possible; first of all, Thanks!

  27.   Fernando said

    I am not very satisfied with the update to Yosemite and therefore I want to return to Maverick, but the problem is that I did not do the backup before updating, is it possible to do this?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Fernando,

      you can go back to Mavericks without problem. If you did not save a backup of your data on Time Machine or hard disk you can do it now and install Mavericks again without problem.

      If by backup you mean the saved Mavericks operating system, don't worry, in the next few days we will do a tutorial on how to install Mavericks from OS X Yosemite.


      1.    Fernando said

        Thank you very much, Jordi

  28.   Angelgis said

    It is very slow for me both at startup and in general, as I remove the password every time to restart ...

  29.   David said

    SOMEONE HELP ME! I updated the yosemite version from mavericks but the truth is that my MacBook Pro gets very stuck and I want to format it, when I press the ALT key I only get the macintosh HD disk and not the recovery disk HOW DO I FORMAT IT?

  30.   Jordi Giménez said

    Good David,

    click on the HD and repair disk permissions before taking another step, then backup and reinstall OS X Yosemite.

    You already tell us

  31.   Patricio echeverria said


  32.   Jordi Giménez said

    Good morning, Patricio Echeverría, greetings to you too,

    If you have purchased Final Cut Pro, I recommend you delete it completely and reinstall it from the Mac App Store. This many times solves the problem and personally I tell you that FCP works in Yosemite.

    If possible go back to Mavericks with the installer, backup and format the HD by installing Mavericks.


  33.   Edgar said

    They made me give a tremendous scare !!!… I decided to install the new operating system from scratch and follow Jordi's entry step by step… everything went perfect… then while I was waiting for the process to conclude I began to read the comments that go from bad to worse and I felt that I had made the worst mistake ... tremendous scare
    However, I've been testing the new installation for a few hours (on a Mac mini late 2012), and everything is going great ... I must say that the system is even lighter than when I updated on Mavericks ...

  34.   Celina said

    Hello, I am trying to download OS X Yosemite on my Aluminum MacBook and it remains in the function waiting ... is this normal? Thanks for your help!!

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Celina,

      no it is not normal to wait. Cancel the download and try again.


  35.   Borja Bermejo said

    Good to see if you can give me a hand, I would appreciate it, I have tried to update to Yosemite through the App store, and I have received the following error "File Syntek verify or repair failed" what would be the solution? I do not have important information on the mac, so if I had to format the disk I would not care, I only have a ssd disk and I do not know if it will be the same as a normal hard disk or cone.
    Greetings I hope you can give me a hand, thank you.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good morning Borja Bermejo,

      This probably means that the image from which Yosemite was installed is corrupted. What they advise is to restore the Mac from the backup. Start from the recovery menu cmd + R if it does not start.

      Greetings and tell us

  36.   Isabel said

    Hi there! A few days ago I installed Yosemite on my mac and, since then, every time I turn it on, the apple icon appears and the bar below shows when something is loading. Until the bar is complete, the computer does not start. It's like it always has to load at the start.
    Could you help me solve this?
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Isabel lozano

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Isabel, here is the answer to your question 😉


      1.    Isabel said

        Many thanks. I have read the link and I am satisfied that it is normal and there is no problem.

  37.   Samuel Channels said

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of problems with Yosemite too. In any Internet browser my OS X simply does not load some images, with any browser and any network. Another detail that I have noticed is that in iTunes the button to repeat a song no longer appears. Does anyone know what fart? same and I have to return to Mavericks.

  38.   Agilga Antonio Gil said

    Hello, I have problems with the configuration of my hotmail account: and I cannot find a solution
    An error has occurred in the system preferences panel, internet accounts

    1.    Carmen said

      Hello, the same thing happens to me, did you solve it?

  39.   daniel said

    Good afternoon, I have a problem. I put updates on my mac book pro and it hangs with the bar indicating that there are two minutes left, what can I do?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Daniel, don't pay attention to the time it marks as it always takes a little longer to install.

  40.   Denisse said

    Good evening we installed this ion update on the Mac Pro and it became slow and now it turns off out of nowhere to do thanks

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Denisse,

      strange that a mac pro gets slow with Yosemite. My advice is to repair disk permissions, reset the PRAM. If this does not solve it, the best thing is to do an installation from scratch.

      1.    Denisse said

        Thank you very much for answering, my husband says that when he turns it on the apple comes out and starts up and then turns off and everything started as a result of the installation of Yosemite ... What can we do since we need the urg information? Thank you

      2.    enriquestarkcifuentes said

        hello friend look at me I no longer initiate ice error in the nodes

  41.   Diego said

    I did a clean installation, the problem I have is that we are two administrator users who use the Mac but only one is shown on the home screen. Then once this user (me) is authenticated, from the desktop I have the option to change user as usual, but the problem is at the beginning. It doesn't make much sense for the second user to wait for me to login and then switch to their username from my desktop. In Mavericks it already showed me on the home screen the two created users plus the guest (which by the way, is shown). Should I activate something that happened to me? Thank you very much! a greeting

  42.   Diego said

    Fixed, Filevault was enabled and second user had no access. Both already appear. a greeting

  43.   robertousieto said

    Hi, I just installed the Yosemite, and I have seen that the Yomvi Canal Plus app cannot be downloaded. How can you go back to the previous system or on the contrary, how can you download the Yomvi in ​​the Yosemite system? Thank you

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello robertousieto, it is supposed to be the Yomvi application that is not updated. To return to Mavericks soon we will have a tutorial on the web, regards.

  44.   PACO VERDU said

    I have installed the Yosemite, and now the screen flickers and the dock is not visible.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Paco, what Mac do you have? did you upgrade or install from scratch? Give us more information to help you. regards

  45.   Rodrigo flaco said

    Hi. I just can't download Yosemite. The download ever started and the message 'An error has occurred' appeared. I go to the App Store, I click on «Purchased», then «Download». "Waiting" appears, and then - no download or anything yet - "An error occurred", and so on. And so it is. Any advice?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Rodigo Flaco, my advice is that if you use WiFi on your Mac, try to connect it by cable. If this is not the case, go to the Mac App Store and click on download from Yosemite. Forget about the purchased tab and download again. You already tell us 😉


  46.   sergio plechot said

    Jordi, I already have it working, but I always see the front cover translucent, not clear. I do not know if it is so or I have to see the photo of the clear mountain, I see it totally cloudy and it is let to know that it is the mountain. Can you tell me what is the reason?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Sergio, if you mean when you put your username just when the Mac starts up, yes, it is normal for it to appear blurred.


  47.   Jorge Forton said

    i installed yosemite on my macbook pro but i am not convinced. can i go back to maveric ??? and how ??

  48.   Eduardo said

    Hi, I just installed Yosemite on my Macbook pro and the screen went black halfway, nothing works. The tecado lights up, if I touch it. And I don't know how to turn it off

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Eduardo, won't the Mac turn off? do you have the possibility to remove the battery? If you can turn it off, it may restart the installation process.


  49.   Christian Yusty said

    Hello Jordi,

    I wish you could help me with my mac book pro 13 ″ early 2011. Last week I was working from an application called Parallels, when I connect my mac to a projector (via VGA port with its respective adapter) it freezes and reboots and keeps starting for more than 5 hours without fully charging. For this reason, I decided to turn it off and on again and when I started it started from scratch asking me to install the OS again.

    Today I tried to install the Yosemite OS X via wifi and it has already downloaded three times completely but does not restart the MAC.

    I really don't know what to do since this is due.

    Thanks and cordial greetings.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Cristhian, I don't think using Parallels with Windows is responsible for the failure. I advise you to turn off the computer and keep alt pressed when it starts. Then click on the recovery disk to see if you solve it and if all this fails, try to install the new OS X from scratch but save a backup first.

      Downloading via Wifi tends to fail more than if you create a USB or install directly from the Mac App Store. Those reboots don't look good either, if you can't find the best solution, try to approach an authorized dealer with the machine.

      Greetings and tell us

  50.   Christian Yusty said

    when I try to install yosemite from scratch, it downloads it completely but nothing happens ... 4 times I have downloaded it from scratch and it does not restart to continue the installation process

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      I know it sounds bad but I don't know what else to tell you because if you download it and start the installation process you have to install it. regards

  51.   Julio Zuniga said

    Hi, I'm new to the mac system, I currently bought a macbook pro mid 2012, once I started with my apple account, it told me that there is an update of the Os system to Yosemite, which is installed and working correctly. Now I'm about to switch to a samsung pro SSD disk, the friend who sold me the SSD will help me install it but with Maverick; Prior to this, I did a backup with time machine, and my question is the following, Can I recover my applications as Officce? If my backup with time machine was in Yosemite and my SSD will be installed Maverick? I hope you can guide me. a greeting

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good July, the applications purchased in the Mac App Store are linked to your Apple ID account, so do not worry that you do not lose everything you buy.


  52.   sergio plechot said

    The truth is that the performance of my MacBook Pro has deteriorated significantly, with imperfections never seen before. Example: every time I execute action it takes time and the color circle comes out, another time, every time I put the screen to rest, I get the photo half complete and half in formation. IT IS UNFORTUNATE ABOUT THIS VERSION. Also, on my daughter's MacBook, the architecture software «auto cat type» does not work, any recommendations!

  53.   judith said

    I installed Yosemite 10 days ago, and microsoft office has not worked for two days. When opening word it says that it closed unexpectedly and it does not work. Try reinstalling it but the same thing happens. I don't know if it can be related to the new Yosemite

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Judith, if at the beginning of installing Yosemite it worked for you, it is strange that it suddenly stopped doing it. Personally I have no problem with its operation.


  54.   sergio plechot said

    I still await your comments, possibly among all the users of this forum, the defects that I point out are recognized and give me an idea of ​​how to solve them.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Sergio, how much RAM does your MacBook have? The 'beach ball' thing is usually directly related to the RAM of the team, but there are many factors that influence the slowness of a team.

      I don't know what you mean about rest because it doesn't happen to me and it may be related to the above, think what is it, you leave processes or safari with many tabs open, the MacBook has to open everything again once it starts up and it may 'saturate if you are low on RAM. The only thing about autocad is that it was updated recently:

      Cheers and hope I helped

      1.    sergio plechot said

        Thanks Jordi, my Mac has 4GB, do you see anything on that side?

      2.    sergio plechot said

        Jordi, I'm reading and it's chaos! I don't understand how Apple is exposed to this! You know if they are about to release an improvement version. It is not normal for this to happen, it is generally a very safe and simple path. Not that.

  55.   Miriam esteve said

    Hello, I installed Yosemite on my Mac Pro (early 2009), and when I turn off the computer, it never shuts down, it stays on the black screen with the wait wheel… forever… does anyone know why ?? greetings and thanks

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Miriam,

      Do you use an office or an office automation program? sometimes these programs prevent machines from shutting down if they have not finished their task. Can you give us more info to help you?


  56.   Isaac said

    Hello !
    I just bought an iMac and I am updating to Yosemite (I hope I do not regret it), after hours it started flashing and 1hr 30 after finishing the screen turned off and only the keyboard could be heard as I pressed the keys, until later I pressed the button. turned on was how the screen came back, my question is, is it normal?
    In the Macbook Pro I already installed Yosemite but the truth is VERY slow, help me?


  57.   kskls said

    Yesterday I updated my mac, I already had it with Yosemite but the Store notified me that there was an update. It is downloaded and when you restart the mac, it starts with the logo and the bar and then the screen goes completely blank. I have the Mac for a couple of months and hadn't done a backup yet.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Try to start it by pressing alt and click on the disk where you have OS X Yosemite installed.


  58.   Alberto said

    Hi, I have updated to Yosemite and every time I connect the external hard drive in disk utility it recognizes it but does not let me mount it, it does not appear on the desktop and there is no way to access it. What I can do?

  59.   Diego said

    Hello, recently I had to completely format my macbook white with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, when I try to install it and later update to the nine version it tells me that it is no longer available (For obvious reasons) but it does not give me any other option ( Neither download the new OS X or anything) I tried to download it from the same mac by entering the help option from the web but it is also impossible because the safari does not work very well and it crashes when I try to enter the app store, my mac now stays in the os x utilities window and does not go from there, I don't have how to install the mountain nor how to download the Yosemite, please help !!!

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Diego,
      you don't have the USB with the installer? would be the best way to do it. What you can do is download the OS X via WiFi for this do this:

      Restart the Mac and press the Alt key, select the Wi-Fi network (or ethernet) and format the disk with disk utility, the installation begins. It will ask for your Apple ID information and will start installing from the Internet.

      Greetings and tell us

  60.   José Manuel said


    A few weeks ago I bought a 500GB Samsung EVO SSD to replace the old slow HDD in my late 2011 MacBook Pro. The computer scientist was not able to install it from a flash drive so he cloned my old HDD. When we turn it on, we get quite scared because the screen goes blank for 30 seconds until the apple appears and asks me for the user password. Once inside, the SSD works perfectly and everything goes like a shot, but since it takes so long to turn on, I wanted to install the Yosemite again. When starting the installer, I get the following error "Cannot install OSX on Macintosh HD" or "This disk cannot be used to start the computer". What can happen? I am not very knowledgeable about computers or computer terms but I would like to know what it could be and how to install it.

    For what it's worth, in "Disk Utility, when I select the new disk, Macintosh HD, the" Repair Disk "option does not appear and the wizard tells me that if that option does not appear, click" Check Disk " , and that if it is necessary to repair the disk, I will receive instructions to do it with the repair hard disk. I'm afraid to give it a check in case it won't let me turn it on or install the OS later. I don't have backups made even though I keep the HDD.


  61.   Roberto Zuniga said

    It is possible to see the backups of my external disk that I used with the time machine, I just installed the Yosemite, before I had the maverick, and of course before installing it I made a backup copy in time machine to migrate all the information, after installing the Yosemite, when I want to migrate the information, gives me an error, I check the folders on the external backup hard drive, but I cannot open them because I get a legend that I do not have permissions to see the content of those folders, anyone have any ideas. ?

  62.   Paul Moncayo said

    Jordi, On Friday my macbook pro 13 ′ mid 2010 got slow, I forced the applications to quit and restart, then I got a panic kernel error, I decided to enter with R and used the option to reinstall Yosemite, from the server apparently it was downloaded "in record time" and when sending to restart the progress bar stays in the middle and does not advance for hours, when trying to re-enter, there is no keyboard function activated (neither alt, R, C, P + R, nothing .) .. I am devastated !!!!

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Pablo, I answered you in the other article about the progress bar but if you tried all that and it still does not work, the best thing is to take it to the SAT.


  63.   Valeska said

    hello, and installed yoesmite on my macbook white (2007) without any problem, the only thing is that when entering the panel of (System Preferences / Security and Privacy) when entering my password the padlock at the bottom opens, but during only 1 second and it closes again, so I can't make any changes, nor can I access "help" for this problem ... what can I do ????

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Valeska, that's how first it occurs to me that you repair disk permissions and if it continues to happen that you reset the PRAM to see if the unexpected shutdown is solved. If all this fails, you will have to go through the SAT. Greetings, you already tell us

  64.   alberto said

    hello it won't let me install completely it hangs installing on macintosh sh ,, help?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Alberto, where does the installation stop?

  65.   Nadia said

    Since I installed Yosemite, my computer is too slow, it hangs and I can't turn it off, I have to press the power button. Is there anything I can do? I don't know if it can be uninstalled or what, I need an urgent solution please!

  66.   Javier said

    Hello I wanted to reset my air and then reinstall Maverick and it tells me that the application is not available… .what am I doing… ..

  67.   Igorpe said

    Every morning when I open the MAC that most days is in SLEEP Mode, I find that I cannot have a quick start as before.
    DAILY it asks me for a necessary update (previous password), then it takes a while to install the update. Once it is installed, I cannot perform a "normal" boot:
    1) The password form remains on the screen, but the keyboard and mouse do not work.
    2) The screen turns off completely and I have to press the keyboard or mouse to make it "turn on" again
    3) Once I load the password form again, I can now exit SLEEP Mode.

    Can I prevent this from happening EVERY DAY, delaying the start so much?

    * EQUIPMENT: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)
    OS X Yosemite (10.10.1)

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Igorpe, I do not know anyone that happens to him but I recommend you to verify and repair disk permissions. What update do you ask for? what exactly does it tell you?

  68.   Carlos said

    Hi Jordi, I have been using Yosemite for several weeks and I would like to bring Mavericks back. Did you already do the tutorial to recover and return to the previous OS?

      1.    Carlos said

        Thank you Jordi

  69.   @nig said

    Good morning, my Mac is an 11-inch MacBook Air from the end of 2010 but when I want to install yosemite the installation freezes with two minutes remaining and I have already restarted the installation process but it stays the same and it takes like 30 min. What can I do? maddening

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi @nig, did you install the new OS X from scratch or did you upgrade directly on top of the old OS X (Mavericks)?

      1.    Arthur said

        Hello, I installed Yosemite on my white macbook and it ran fine, I was doing it on another and the installation did not finish, an error occurred, now it does not enter the system, I tried to do it from the disk utility and it does not start the system, I tried to format it from the same utility and tells me that it could not be disassembled, do you know of anything that can be done? Greetings.

        1.    Jordi Giménez said

          Hi Arthur, what you can't do is format the disk from disk utility? Try downloading the initial OS from WiFi and then go through the update process again If you can't, the disc may have a problem.

          You already tell us

  70.   Aharon said

    It helps, what happens is that when I update the osx yosemite the battery of my keyboard was gone and I put new batteries and it does not recognize it I can not even enter the home screen because it asks me for the password I can not enter it because my keyboard does not My mac recognizes it, please help 🙁

  71.   jonathan said

    My problem is the following, after updating my mac 17,2007. it turns on and after a few seconds the keyboard and trackpad stop working and finally the computer restarts. reset pram, repair permission. I do not know what to do

  72.   Site of Father Luis Felipe Egaña Baraona said

    Hello, I have a Mac Air 11 with Yosemite updated; When doing Time Machine, after a short while, I get a Kenel Panic error, and the warning appears with this content:
    Kernel version:
    Darwin Kernel Version 14.0.0: Fri Sep 19 00:26:44 PDT 2014; root: xnu-2782.1.97 ~ 2 / RELEASE_X86_64
    Kernel UUID: 89E10306-BC78-3A3B-955C-7C4922577E61
    Kernel slide: 0x000000000ce00000
    Kernel text base: 0xffffff800d000000
    __HIB text base: 0xffffff800cf00000
    System model name: MacBookAir4,1 (Mac-C08A6BB70A942AC2)
    I cannot know what happens, if it is the computer or the external disk where I recorded the backup.
    Thank you very much.

  73.   pacassogl said

    I have a problem that comes from previous operating systems and now with 10.10 Yosemite it is worse, my computer takes a long time to find files although it works for me, most of the time it cannot find them, and even worse if I search the connected servers, I work for an advertising company and it's networked. Does anyone know if there is a solution?

  74.   lintav said

    Hello! When I download Microsoft Office and it asks me to select the disk where to install it, they all appear with an inverted yellow exclamation mark and underneath it says that it cannot be installed because the version of the software required for this update is not found. I wait your answer. Thank you!

  75.   Gabriel R. said

    Dear, I have a factory default problem on a new Mac, I have Josemite installed for work reasons I want to download it to Maverick, perform the step of downloading Maverick wanting to install from USB but when choosing the unit for the installation, the icon appears as it is blocked and does not continue (Apparently it does not allow to download the version), also perform the download action online to later format the disk and perhaps be able to install Maverick from scratch, but only Josemite can be installed automatically. Please some recommendation on how to download the version, thank you very much.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Gabriel, did you follow the tutorial we have on the web? I hope it helps you.
      You already tell us

  76.   Carlos said

    Hello Jordi..look my problem is the following ... I downloaded yosemite..I installed it and made the updates that were sending me there very well .. yesterday suddenly the desktop starts to flicker and it does not let me use the dock my mac is a MacBook Pro (13 inches, early 2011) 2,3ghz intelcore i5 .. please tell me what happens because I can't work with it, it slows me down a lot and it's a pain to be opening the app with the finder the launchpad doesn't work for me either… grrrr !! Thanks for your time

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Carlos, the truth is that from what you say I would first do a good cleaning of the Mac, to discard things. By that I mean repair and verify permissions, run a good Clean My Mac type cleaner, and save a backup with Time Machine.

      If none of this solves the problem, I would look at the last application or software installed without problems, since if it worked well before and suddenly the fluidity was damaged, it is because of something installed.

      If this does not solve the problem, it could be a matter of Hardware of the machine and this is the worst case because you will have to go through the Apple Store and they will budget for the repair.

      Greetings and tell us

  77.   mrspok said

    Greetings Jordy, I am mrspok from Puerto Rico, I am trying to install Mavericks but it tells me that the program is not available, I have good internet.

  78.   Jordi Giménez said

    Greetings to you too mrspok, to install Mavericks you need to have the system on a pendrive or download it over the net.

  79.   Paco said

    Hello! I just installed yosemite, and it works well for me, the one question I have is that I have read that yosemite starts with the dark screen and the white apple, in my case it happens that the white screen and the black apple still follow, the only one The difference is that now the loading status bar appears but the white screen with the black apple continues …… question is that if I have done something wrong in the installation ??? …… .. can you reply to my email Jordi Giménez …..thank you very much!.. : )

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Paco, the beginning is the same for everyone. The white background and the apple in black, so it's ok 😉


  80.   Luis Carlos said

    Good Dear, I just installed Yosemite on a Macbook Pro and after the installation the computer flashes, the OS had 10.6.8, everything went well but now the screen flashes, I would appreciate help, the team will update it to a person with the promise that everything would go well, I have backup but the restore does not even recognize me

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Luis Carlos, this flickering can be caused by several reasons. Without being able to see the Mac, it is not 100% reliable either, but check these points:

      Firmware failure - reinstall OS X cleanly again.
      SMC failure - resetting it may solve the problem. Simultaneously press the left "Shift" key, the "Control" key, the "Option" key and the "Power" button, while the power cord is connected to the laptop. release them at the same time and the SMC will reset.

      If none of this works, you will have to go through the SAT and see what they tell you, good luck and tell us.

  81.   Mike said

    I reduced the display options, I cannot connect my external display

  82.   fabian said

    When I start the computer and I have alt pressed, the memory does not appear, only the pc disk appears

  83.   David Montes said

    Hi, when did I format the old system for a fresh install? Since when I start and press ALT, I only see my HARD DISK and USB, select my USb and install it but my machine has all my old information.


  84.   jesuslinde said

    Good jordi, last night I went from montan lion to Yosumite and it gives me a failure with the finder, the mouse pointer gets caught, spinning all the time and does not allow me to use the folders and others, I have to force a restart of finder and then ratillo it gets the same, with the cursor rotating without stopping and without letting me use the finder ... what could it be? What I can do?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi jesuslinde, when the colored ball appears, the RAM may be short. What machine do you have? It can be several things, but it is most likely the RAM.

      You already tell us

  85.   Joseph said

    Good morning Jordi, my wife has updated her iMac, and she cannot find her photos and music.
    Thanks for the help.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Jose,

      if you just updated they have to be on the Mac, another thing is to install OS X Yosemite as explained in the article above that erases everything. Do one thing, go to Finder> HD Macintosh> Users> your user> images once here you should see iPhoto library. Right-click on it and click Show package content> Masters. Your photos have to come out there 😉

      You already tell us!

  86.   luis jimenez said

    I have a macbook pro, the hard disk was damaged, I try to install it with the os x that I had from the factory (leopard) and I get a madman from a circle with a bar crossed, I already tried installing with lion, with mountain lion, mavericks and I get the same thing, the computer had been updated to yosemite, the problem is that I don't have another mac where to format the hard disk or where to create a yosemite installation disk, what else can I do?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Luis, without another Mac you have it complicated since you need it to create the potable file. Surely someone can let you download the installer from their Mac, don't give up! Another issue is that your hard drive is damaged, that already happens due to an HD change.


  87.   Cristobal said

    Hello everyone I have a problem they gave me a mac G5 but it does not have any os x and only to stop a pain with a question mark and with a normal keyboard I already have os x and I have the usb but when I turn it on and put alt only a box appears with an arrow and another picture with an arrow in a circle that garlic please help me

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Lucky!! I also want one of those 😀

      If that G5 is PowerPC it stayed with Leopard as the most modern OS. I think you can only install that OS X. Try to install it and tell us!

      Greetings Cristobal

  88.   Lizet said

    Hi all. I downloaded Yosemite on the MacBook Pro, gave it Install, and the screen has gone black with the wait icon circling for six hours. It does not turn off, it does not turn on, it does not restart, nothing. Just spin the icon. What happens? what I do? Thanks for the help.

  89.   Alexander said

    hi guys .. i have a big problem! format my mac disk by booting from windows change the gpt type to mbr and install windos normally as if it were a common pc
    well now I want to install mountain lio again and there is no way that it will boot neither windows nor mountain lion. When I press the alt key at startup, I only see the disk with windows installed and the cd or pendrive does not appear
    I need urgent help thank you very much for your time

  90.   David M. said

    Hi Jordi. I tried to restore my macbook pro 2011, with the os yosemite, when I tried to erase the hard disk I got an error message that said it is not possible to unmount the disk. Now the system does not start. The apple appears, a loading bar and finally a sigmo demegado. How could I solve that? Greetings.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      It sounds like a hard disk failure, I advise you to go through the SAT.


  91.   michel said

    Hello, it is possible to go from snow leopard to yosemite, if possible how I do, thanks in advance.

  92.   Steve said

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to check the integrity of the osx installer, it is that I have the installation of the mavericks, but for some reason it does not work, thanks in advance

  93.   Daniel Lozada said

    Hello Jordi I installed Yosemite and after a few days after the loading bar it stays black and from there it doesn't happen anymore I don't know what to do

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Daniel, did you install from scratch or did you just reinstall the system on top?

  94.   danielamtz said

    What a horror, I still have mac os x 10.7.5 and seeing so many errors and complaints, I'd better stay with this

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Staying in old versions of OS X having the ability to update is not a very good idea, but nobody forces us to update.

      Greetings 😉

    2.    Shanlee said

      update at least to the next version, but at the moment I do not recommend Yosemite, if you want to make sure you do not have problems. You just have to look at the apple appstore for the ratings and comments of yosemite, a lot of people complaining about problems that they did not have before

  95.   renato said

    Hello friends I have a macbook air 11 and when I enter disk units from the boot, the suite only shows me the option to erase the hard disk with mac os plus with registry, and from what I have seen everywhere the hard disk has to be formatted with mac os extended journaled, does anyone know if it is the same ?, if after formatting my disk with mac os plus I will not be able to install os x from my pendrive ??? Beforehand thank you very much

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Renato, I always format with mac os plus with Registry and zero problems. I leave you this link:

  96.   Saul21 said

    Hi Jordi, I have the Pen drive with the Yodemite installer but when I restart with the Alt key, the Pen drive does not recognize the Pen drive, only the icon of the HD disk appears with the option to search for a Wi-Fi network.
    The Mac I have is a MacBook Pro Retina. I want to do a clean installation but if the pen drive does not recognize what can I do?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Saul21,

      You checked that the pen is fine, if the Mac doesn't detect it, that could be why. Connect the pen to another Mac or pc and check that everything is correct.


  97.   Robin said

    I updated yesterday to OS X 10.10.3 and now Itunes does not open, download the iTunes again and install it and also when I connect my iPhone to the mac it does not even recognize it

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Robin,

      remove everything related to iTunes and its installation, restart the Mac, and then download iTunes again from the Apple website. It has to work.


  98.   Ismael said

    Jordi how are you, I have many problems with my Mac Book Pro 10.10.2 I have updated the system and it is fatal, I have looked for some indication on how to repair it, exactly after 3 minutes the whole system locks, I have not been able to do anything (the problem , I have a lot of information for which I cannot format it) is there any method that allows me to keep my information and recover it again? greetings from Mexico

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Ismael,

      do you have a backup in Time Machine? If so, you could use another Mac to retrieve that information with the Migration wizard, in the Others folder of the Launchpad.

      Greetings and tell us!

  99.   Luis said

    Hello, my problem is that I made the bootable usb, as you explain, and everything is fine, but when I went to format, I chose to make it a little more secure (I put it in the second line, the one next to the one that comes by default) and it gave me an error. Do you know what it could be due to? thanks

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Possibly the error is that change when formatting, I do not understand that of more secure formatting, what do you mean?

      1.    Luis said

        Safer, is that it erases better, at least that's what it says, the more you move the line to the right, it takes longer to format but the safer it is, right?

        1.    Jordi Giménez said

          Well, I never used that option 😀

          Did you manage to solve the problem?

          Greetings and thanks for the comments!

          1.    Luis said

            Yes, formatting as it comes by default, that is, without touching the XD hairline, I saw it in another tutorial about moving the hairline, but I already told you that it gave me an error, so I don't play it anymore XD

  100.   Juan Pablo said

    Gola how are you? I have an iMac from 27 2010 and last night I installed the latest Yosemite update when it restarted to install it never finished loading, it was stuck in the apple and the loading line in the middle .. I had installed the OS from scratch and had no problems except some jerks and hangs. I do not know what to do.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      I recommend the clean installation, follow the steps in the tutorial and you should not have problems. The bar usually takes a while, we have to be patient.


  101.   Karla said

    Hi, when I try to use the Disk Maker to write it to the USB I get a message that says: «Sorry, I can't eject the OS X Base System volume. Please eject it and try again »I have tried several times and it is always the same. What I can do?

  102.   Jordi Giménez said

    The OS X download may be corrupt. In your case, I would try downloading OS X again. You can tell us.


  103.   Juan Pablo said

    Hello Jordi, I had installed it from scratch, and after this last update I let it restart and it stayed more than 10 hours and nothing progresses that the problem .. Could it take longer than that? It's a 27 i5 with 12gs of ram. My idea is to remove the disk and rescue the info from the second partition, and then format and reinstall.

  104.   Matias said

    «An error has occurred in the system preferences panel, internet accounts» Any solution? I use GMAIL. Thank you

  105.   David said

    I updated from IMac 2008 with Snow Leopard to Yosemite (I did not do it from 0) and now the external screen does not detect me (LG TV and Projector, both with video input). I use an Apple Mini-DVI to video adapter. In Preferences: Screens I don't get options to detect or configure external screens. When I connect it, the external screen goes blank and when I disconnect it it remains black ... I mean something "emits", right?
    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  106.   Andrew said

    Hi Jordi!
    When trying to install Yosemite, I get that my disk has SMART errors, what can I do?
    Thank you

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Andres,

      is it a failure in an SSD? Is the Mac under warranty?


  107.   claudia said

    I want to format my macbook air and when I want to erase the apple ssd disk it tells me «error deleting the disk; disk removal failed due to error: disk could not be unmounted »

    PLSS HELP !!

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Claudia,

      I imagine you already have a backup in Time Machine so turn off the Mac and start pressing and holding 'alt' until the disk utility window appears, format by selecting Mac OS plus format with registry. You have to have created a Bootable USB of your OS X for this type of installation.


  108.   Ronald said

    Hello friend, due to system problems I deleted my hard drive and I reinstalled the operating system but when it started, it told me that it would take 39 hours because of my bandwidth, you can tell me where I can download the yosemite 10.10.3 installer. XNUMX since the download takes a long time due to wifi.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      The only thing that occurs to me is that a friend or acquaintance can leave you their USB, if you don't have to download it. There is no other option available.


  109.   Pablo said

    I deleted the system of my Mac Pro, and when I was about to install the operating system from the partition that the mac brings, it turned off, now when it turns on it tells me that it does not have a system and asks me to connect to the internet to solve it. The question is from there will you reinstall the operating system ???

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Yes Pablo, when you connect it you can download OS X Yosemite or in the worst case the first OS X on your machine.


  110.   Miguel said

    Hello, updating, my macbook pro 2009, from usb, format the hd and starting the installation, wifi keys, it takes and does not follow, it crashed in mac settings. what happened? How do I go on, let me finish? or start from scratch?

    Thank you

  111.   Gala said

    Good! I have an imac from 2012. I have done the formatting and now I hit Reinstall OS X in the OS X utilities screen and it enters Mavericks. By putting my apple ID it tells me that the product is not available. What should I do? I would like to install Yosemite but I have no option to choose. Thank you very much in advance

  112.   caly said

    I have a macbook pro but the hard drive was damaged so I put another one on it and downloaded the mac os x leopard but it won't install, when the installation bar is filling it says that an error occurred when trying to install Leopard.
    Does anyone know how I can do to solve this problem?

  113.   Johnny said

    Hi all. I have a problem. I follow all the steps, I create the USB to install from scratch with the diskmaker, I start with pressed alt and the two disks appear: the HD of my Air and the USB, I select the USB, the process begins with the line that fills up and before reaching the middle simply stop and pay for everything.
    I already reformatted the USB three times, downloaded the installer and diskmaker again, but everything remains the same. I have also tried another pendrive.
    Can anybody help me? Thank you

    1.    carlitoscally said

      I installed the snow Leopard a few days ago from a dvd, and when I press the alt key it appears to me where I want to install the os x so I select the hard disk and the process continues there.
      then you have to select the hard disk and not the usb, I clarify that I did not use any additional program since I made the change because it damaged the original hard disk of the macbook and I had to buy a new hard disk, so I managed to find a Snow Leopard DVD and I just put it in the macbook pro cd / dvd drive and held down the alt key, and select the hard drive as the destination since that's where you want to install the os x.
      I hope you serve

  114.   duckbel said

    Hello, I am in the process of installing Yosmine. Everything was going well, my computer restarted, the apple appeared with the bar, it started to load, it reached the middle and there it stayed. It has not advanced for hours. HELP! I guess it's "stuck." I do not know what to do!! help!!

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Patobel

      The first thing to calm down and what you can do is try to boot in safe mode:

      Make sure your Mac is off and press the power button.

      Immediately after hearing the startup sound, hold down the Shift key. The Shift key should be pressed as soon as possible after boot, but never before the boot sound.

      Release the Shift key when you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.

      After the Apple logo appears, the login screen may take a little longer than normal to appear.

      This is because the computer performs a directory check as part of safe mode.

      To exit safe mode, restart your computer without pressing any keys during startup.

      If it starts well with the previous OS X, reinstall Yosemite and if it doesn't start, you can tell us.

  115.   Tobyas said

    Hello before doing anything and taking any steps to update to Yosemite from a clean installation, I did the following test, I put a Pendrive in my mac, I formatted it and then I started pressing Alt because I only see the Mac disk and the recovery, The Pen does not appear. Could it be because you do not have any files currently or that is indifferent and should it appear?

  116.   Luis said

    Hello, I restored Yosemite over wifi and afterwards and following the installation steps I got stuck in "configuring the mac" this is normal because it has been several hours. What I do? I'm still waiting?

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Luis, it is not normal for you to think so long but we always recommend the cable for these updates because the wifi can be cut or give problems at some point. I would try the process again connected to the wired router and with a disk repair from Disk Utility.

      You already tell us partner!

      1.    Luis said

        Hello, I tell you to turn off the mac and turn it on again and it continued where it had left off and now it is as factory outlet and Yosemite runs perfect. Greetings and thanks.

  117.   Jursoy said

    I usually have my user folder on an external hard drive because OS X I have it installed on a 256GB SSD. Can someone who has installed OS X El Capitan from scratch tell me the folders that the user library contains? Thank you very much.

  118.   alejandra said

    hello a week ago I restored my MacBook Air and the microsoft office 2011 was eliminated, which I had installed, I have the cd and key to install it but I don't know as if my mac doesn't have a cd player, if you can help me please thank you

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hi Alejandra, something I would try to do is download Office from the official website (I don't know if it can be done) and then enter the password. If it is not possible because you cannot find it, you can use an external USB dvd player.

      You already tell us

  119.   Pedro said

    I just bought an imac, it has Yosemite, I have followed all the installation steps and it takes more than two hours with the <> screen, what do I do, do I leave it overnight like this? How do I interrupt the initial installation?

  120.   Santiago said

    I just installed the captain on a mac book pro 15 retina, I used an external monitor with an adapter and it worked, and at this moment it is not working, can you please advise me

  121.   Guille said

    I have a problem, I have a new ssd and I boot it from a USB but the apple does not finish loading and I cannot continue

  122.   Roberto Ballaga Espinosa said

    I have a mac and the hard drive broke, I changed it and now it is not allowed to install, it told me that the copy is correct and look for another and it gives me the same thing. I need to know what happens, I'm a dj and that's my work machine.

  123.   Claudia said

    Hi Jordi! I wanted to format my Imac with little success, I deleted the correct disk content in disk utilities but then when I wanted to install OS x yosemite again, it did not let me, it told me that my apple ID had not yet been used and I enter the above and it tells me that the product is currently not available ... can you give me a hand? Thank you!!
    a greeting