How to know the IMEI of an iPhone?

iPhone splash screen

Knowing the IMEI of an iPhone can be very useful to get help in case of losing it or even to check your legal status when you buy it. It could easily be compared to the serial number of the device.

Are you interested in knowing the ways to get this code? Read on to find out!

International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI, as it is commonly known, is nothing more than a unique code for each mobile device and that allows the operators to know the legal conditions of the same. This has been very useful on iPhones because it has been used for block lost or stolen devices. In addition, they allow the use of these to be restricted to a geographical area or a local code.

Checking the IMEI of an iPhone is a fairly simple task, there are approximately 6 quick and very easy methods of learning. We will explain them to you below.

Option 1: The box of the device

All Apple devices have a label attached to your box where the identification data of the device rests. iPhones are no exception, this rectangular white label, in most cases, has a section where the IMEI of the equipment is identified. You will also be able to access the serial number and the main characteristics of the equipment, such as the color and the amount of memory.

iPhone box

We recommend you take a picture of this label and save it in your email or send it to a friend, this will allow you to have a backup in case you lose the box. Above all, considering that many people tend to discard these boxes, because they do not see any use for them; but if you want to sell your mobile, you may need this code.

Option 2: Check the iPhone

It may happen that the equipment is unloaded and you do not have the box at hand, for this type of situation there are also a couple of solutions. First, check the back of the kitDepending on the model or year of manufacture, there are some iPhones that have the IMEI printed on the back. You will find it under the word iPhone. Please note that some characters may have been erased depending on the use of the device.

iPhone, SIM tray

Second, newer devices have included the IMEI print on the SIM tray. You just need to review it and you will get that important code. Generally, you will be able to see it in the part closest to the external tab.

Option 3: Use the Phone app

This is a universal method that you can use on any iPhone or mobile device. The first thing you will have to do is access the phone app and unfold the keyboard.

iPhone call keyboard

Done this, dial the code *#06#, the IMEI will appear immediately, if this does not happen, just press the call button and it will. This is a fairly quick way to know the IMEI of an iPhone, also, you can take a screenshot and save it for when you need it.

Option 4: Access the Settings

iPhone Home Screen

Having access to the device, this is the most common way to find out the IMEI. You only need to enter «Settings»Yes, there where you configure all the options of your mobile. Subsequently, you will have to select the section "General". Once this is done, you will obtain access to the identification data of the iPhone with a touch on the section "Information". Locate the SIM section and when you go down, you will be able to see the IMEI of an iPhone quickly.

Option 5: Connect to a computer

mac desktop

Regardless of whether you have Mac OS or Windows, you will be able to access the IMEI of the device without problems. Connect the iPhone to the computer and make sure you have unlocked it. Next, go to iTunes or download it if you don't have it. it will only take click on the device name and you will be able to see several relevant codes and among them, the IMEI of the iPhone.

Option 6: Get it with Apple ID

Almost to finish, there is the opportunity to use the Apple ID to identify the IMEI of an iPhone. First of all, be careful where you access from, to avoid information theft, since you can do it from any computer with internet access and entering the Apple's official website.

apple access

You will need to log in with your username and password. We recommend using the incognito mode if you are logging in from a borrowed or occasional device. Then go to the section "Devices". There you will see the iPhone of which you need to know the IMEI, click on it and you will have this code.

We reached the end of this post with the hope that you have found all the information we have collected useful. You can already see that there are many ways to get this code, even when the iPhone is out of reach or turned off. Remember that the IMEI of an iPhone is its identification number, avoid sharing it.

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