How to know the manufacturing date of your iPhone or iPad

How to know the manufacturing date of your iPhone or iPad

Surely on more than one occasion you have asked yourself what is the date in which any of the Apple devices that you have at home, like your iPad or iPhone; a doubt that transcends simple curiosity, because for example for certain updates, coverage, guarantees, support or news about the malfunction of components of a certain year, the know when it was manufactured is essential, so if you want know the manufacturing date of your iPhone or iPad, stay here because you will get to know him quickly.

An Manufacturing date which is very important, when for example you want to sell your iPhone or iPad to someone else, or you simply want to give a new life to your old iPad, and you want to know if due to its manufacturing date you can download certain updates, apps or programs. Find out below the fastest and easiest way to find out the date!

Find out the manufacturing date of your iPhone or iPad

The power know the date It is very interesting, since, as we mentioned above, it is information that the future buyer needs to know if, for example, you want get your iPhone ready to sell, and you want to be able to provide it with all the relevant information about the year it was manufactured, as well as other details about the terminal. And to do this, you just have to find the unique alphanumeric code.

That's right, as if it were the registration of a car, the key is hidden in a unique code that identifies and possesses each Apple device, a kind of serial number that is visible in various places, such as in the Settings of your iPhone or iPad, and that provides valuable information about the manufacturing date of your iPad or iPhone. Something that can be quickly known by simply locating the serial number.

Locate your serial number on your iPhone or iPad 

At locate your serial number, you will just have to follow this route on the iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Information > Serial number. In case you want to know about an iPad, it's more or less the same: Settings > General > About > Serial number. Maybe when you see it you don't understand anything and it seems like simple numbers and random letters, but what you should stay with is the fourth character. This fourth character of the serial number is the key to know the year of manufacture, since each character represents a specific year.

A: 2010
B: 2011
C: 2012
D: 2013
E: 2014
Q: 2015
G: 2016
H: 2017
J: 2018
L: 2020
W: 2021
N: 2022
P: 2023
A: 2024

Is it possible to know other information with the serial number?

The serial number of your iPhone or iPad also hides other details apart from the year, since the later characters to the fourth they indicate the manufacturing week within the corresponding year. For example, if the serial number is "E357AC122458", the device was manufactured in week 35 of 2014.

In addition, the serial number offers other equally interesting information such as the fabrication place, since it includes the country code; for example: C is Canada, CR is Croatia, AE is United Arab Emirates, BG is Bulgaria, BR is Brazil, BT is United Kingdom. Very valuable information if, for example, we buy an iPhone abroad, and we have doubts about whether we can use it in our country due to compatibility issues.

Even some serial number characters can offer clues about the specific iPhone or iPad model, along with the warranty status of the device on the Apple website or the history of service that has been performed, if some of those products have had some type of official repair done in a store.

Other places to find the serial number

In addition to Settings of the iPhone and iPad themselves, it is also possible to find the serial number in the original box or in applications like iTunes, since you will only have to connect your device to a Mac or PC, you can find the serial number. Even on some iPhone and iPad models, especially older ones, the serial number usually comes on the lower back in small letters.

Apple website 

In the hypothetical case that you do not have the device with you, there is the possibility of doing so through the website provided by Apple. . Once you are in it, just sign in with Apple ID and select the devices section to see its serial number or serial number.

In summary, know the serial number of your iPhone or iPad It is really simple and there are several ways to do it, being valuable information that allows you not only to know the year in which they were manufactured, but also their origin, condition and even be able to access support services or history of repairs that may have been carried out. carry out.

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