iPhone patents its new folding model with self-healing screen

iPhone patents its new folding model with self-healing screen

The iPhone has had a very characteristic design, with pure, attractive, well-defined lines, which made up a very recognizable, almost immutable appearance, at least until now, since iPhone patents its new folding model with self-healing screen, something that can greatly revolutionize the smartphone market, and the mental image that we had until now of the smartphone Apple

Previously we saw how Foldable iPhone is getting closer, and they are not just simple rumors, since little by little the idea is beginning to gain strength that in not too long, we will see not only an iPhone model that has the folding screen, but even that it can repair itself, something that in some ways seems like science fiction, but it seems that it will be viable.

What advantages does a foldable iPhone offer?  iPhone patents its new folding model with self-healing screen

First of all, you have to understand this step taken by Apple to develop a foldable iPhone model, something that is nothing new, since even the appearance of the smartphone, in the first generations of the old mobiles, it was already possible to see a large number of models developed by giants of the time such as Motorola, which offered folding mobile phones.

However, the last rumor about a folding iPhone model and that you also have self-healing screen, is a milestone that will undoubtedly change the market, and possibly the image that all Apple users had until now of our favorite smartphone. 

An technological innovation which seems to be not only limited to aesthetic aspects, since it offers great advantages, especially at a higher comfort and versatility for users, especially for those who carry the terminal in their pockets and demanded to have a more compact model, in addition to opening the door to a new era, where a substantial improvement is pursued in terms of durability and sustainability of its components, especially when the idea of ​​the screen itself repairing itself is being developed.

A more compact design 

The new Apple foldable iPhone It would have a much more compact design, something that seems to go against the grain of most of the latest models that sometimes look like mini tablets due to their overwhelming size. When submitting a folding screen, a strong commitment is made in terms of innovation, since to date, only other brands had opted to fold the screen of their terminals.

Now, it seems that Apple has seen an excellent market niche, since many users have been demanding a smartphone let it be more compact and foldable, and surely lighter than the current ones, which can be carried in your pants pocket without being cumbersome, and also because of this design, the mobile phone is much more protected against possible bumps or falls.

An iPhone that allows fold the screen of the device in two symmetrical parts, perfectly protected, which makes this new iPhone one of the models of smartphone most compact and portable of the moment, perfect to take anywhere without taking up much space, and that undoubtedly offers numerous functionalities.

Interesting functionalities of a folding screen 

The functionalities and advantages offered by a screen that can be folded are very interesting, since for example we can enjoy a very compact design, something that will make the foldable iPhone become smaller and lighter when folded, making it easy to carry in your pocket or bag, without bulking up, something that is especially appreciated in summer.

Additionally, this design offers a one-handed use, something that with larger models is not possible to manage properly, especially for users who have a smaller hand, and with this new mode of folded screen design, it will be possible to use more comfortable for certain tasks such as reading, writing or watching videos. A genius, to which is added the innovation that the screen will also repair itself!

A self-healing screen?

If folding the screen is already going to be a milestone in the design of future iPhones, this is an idea that a self-healing screen technology in future Apple iPhones, something that will undoubtedly revolutionize the smartphone industry, especially in terms of motivations for sustainability and respect for the environment.

This measure aims to reduction of repair costs As the screens are self-healing, something that seems like witchcraft but is a great advantage for users, since they will forget about costly repairs due to damage, breaks, bumps, etc. on the screen. Furthermore, with this type of screens you will be able to enjoy a greater durability, since phones with self-healing screens They will be much more durable, resistant and will have a useful life longer, with a significant reduction in electronic waste, by reducing the need to replace broken screens.

In short, two interesting implementations that promise to give a shock in the market, because it will significantly change the idea that until now was had of the iPhone In terms of design and appearance, with a screen that will not only fold, but can also self-repair, something that will undoubtedly be worth seeing if it is the path to follow for the rest of the brands.

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