HP Envy 13 and HP Envy 15 Laptop, the competition of Apple's MacBook Pro and Macbook Air?

HP competition laptops Macbook Pro and Macbook Air

The American company (based in Palo Alto, California) Hewlett-Packard, has launched two laptops added to your line HP Envy, these are the HP Envy 13 and HP Envy 15, both designed with the intention of being directed to the same audience as the MacBook Pro and Macbook Air de Apple... will the woman have to tie her pants properly? apple company before this new competitor? Let's get to know and give our opinion.

Both laptops They have an aluminum casing and dispense with the traditional optical drive used to reduce measurements in thickness and weight; therefore the dimensions of the 13-inch HP Envy are 3.7 pounds in weight and 0.8 inches thick, and those of the 15-inch HP Envy it is slightly less than an inch thick and weighs 5.1 pounds. Among its distinctive characteristics, in addition to the size of the screen, we can highlight that the Envy 15 has support for mobile processors Intel Quad Core Core i7, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4830 Graphics, 3GB DDR16 Memory, videos en High Definition and 1 GB of memory video For the use of applications visually intense; the Envy 13 seems to be the competition direct from the Macbook Air, is the smallest of the two and among its advantages we can highlight greater speed in video and greater expandability, it also comes with a HDD 250 gigs, 3GB RAM, processor Intel Core 2 DuoS, graphics processor ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 dedicated and battery up to 7 hours in operation.

Both computers they use technology Monster beats, which guarantees a better sound, they also have screens with accurate colors and a trackpad similar to that of the Macbook, which hides the main button under its surface and has been called "Clickpad"; will go on the market on October 18 for $ 1.799 (the Envy 15) and $ 1.699 (the Envy 13). Definitely good machines ... but, do you think they give battle to the Macbook Pro or the Macbook Air de Apple?, I await your opinions.

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  1.   James said

    Too bad, they are much better than those offered by apple.

  2.   picker said

    In terms of hardware presentations, yes, in design alike, it looks like a copy of a MacBook Pro; If it is a good machine, very good but remember that we have Snow Leopard and with this I hope that Apple will never release this OS for hardware that is not from the apple. I am very angry ¬¬

  3.   Emiliano said

    I hardly saw it in an advertisement on the side of a website, I "ran" to google to see more and compare it with the macbook pro. And the first impression it causes is that it is very similar, but after looking at the mac again, one realizes that it is just an attempt, but the mac is muchisisisisimo cuter. In addition, it has some new things at the hardware level (except backlit keyboard, the only thing they did not copy from the keyboard), but it is not for sale yet, when at any time Apple updates its mac and part in 895544 pieces to the Envy. Do not forget that the Mac is Mac and runs Mac os x, and no matter how much hackintosh exists, it will never be the same. Another thing for which I also stay with the mac, is that if someone sees you with the hp in a square, it does not matter, because as HP says, it can be any piece of plastic with windows; Now, if they see you with a laptop with a shiny apple, which can be seen to a lesser extent, it draws much more attention.

  4.   captain Thunder said

    There is a big difference between the two computers, and that is that the envy is infinitely a more powerful machine than the mac, it has no color, in a computer the content must prevail and the envy is so far a much more powerful computer with a unrivaled future expansion.

  5.   Emmanuel said

    The Hewlett Packard Envy is a beautiful machine, it has excellent features although it is not the same as a Mac with Os X since Mac is characterized by being original and the Envy is nothing more than a vile copy of the Mac Pro. Also the guarantee of HP is lousy, I've seen it.

  6.   Predator said

    Good afternoon

    I own an Envy 15 and don't recommend it at all. The laptop is poorly designed and when you are watching a video or playing games the laptop's temperatures go up a lot, despite the infernal noise that all its fans make.

    In addition, due to the distribution of the case's components (aluminum), the left hand rests on top of where it is or the graphics card or the processor and the heat is unbearable, much less in summer.

    In addition, the air vents, makes it come out on the sides, among others on the right ... where you usually have your hand with the mouse ...

    The bottom of the laptop gets so hot that you can't put your hand out for more than 4 or 5 seconds in a row, and someday you even smell burning ... I'm scared by the wooden table and I never leave it on if I'm not there Present.

    After calling HP's technical service they have recognized me that it is a problem with the design of the laptop but that they do not change it because it is not defective, but rather "it is so", although they have had many complaints. According to them, they have carried out tests related to temperatures and have certified that it is not harmful to health (thank goodness right?)

    HP have not given me any solution, although the first time (they hung up the phone ...) they told me that if the table burned or hurt my hand that I could sue them ....

    Now direct to the consumer and see what happens ... therefore I do not recommend the laptop that I bought with so much desire ... and how expensive it cost me ...