Instagram adds a function that limits notifications from strangers, how to activate it?

Instagram adds a feature that limits notifications from strangers

If you are a user of this META application, surely in recent months you have noticed how each time you receive notifications from other accounts you don't know, which are totally dispensable and are also especially annoying. Fortunately, Instagram is always looking to implement features that help improve the user experience, and this time it was not going to be less, since adds a feature that limits notifications from strangersDo you want to know how to activate it?

Instagram always offer the best tools and solutions to its users, whether for example you want to be able to unblock someone on instagram, or as in this case, limit the insistent notifications from strangers, which can sometimes saturate and hinder keeping an eye on the notices that really interest us. If you want to know how to do it, don't miss this useful article to dominate Instagram.

Why is it advisable to limit notifications from strangers? Instagram adds a feature that limits notifications from strangers

Increasingly, we spend more time in the main social media like Instagram, so it is necessary to optimize our time as much as possible, especially when it comes to avoid distractions like notifications from strangers, which do nothing but drain the minutes that we use to navigate the application. 

An application that is increasingly improved, like the interesting fanointing of mute from Instagram, to which is now added the possibility of limiting the stranger notifications, something that until now could be really irritating.

There are several reasons why limit notifications of people you don't know on Instagram can be beneficial, leaving aside the waste of time, since for example it allows you reduce spam and in some cases, the harassment of stranger notifications that can be very annoying, like the classic ones that someone has invited you to join a broadcast channel.

By limiting these notifications, you can protect yourself from this type of notice, many of which are really "tiring" and are repeated every day, so activating this functionality will significantly improve the user experience, filtering notifications from strangers, leaving only the ones active interactions that really matter to you, like those of your friends, family and followers. Without a doubt the best way to protect your privacy!

How to activate the function that limits interactions with strangers?

In order to activate the function of limiting stranger interactions on Instagram, you just have to follow a few simple steps. The first thing is that, within the application itself, touch your profile picture in the lower right corner of the screen. Then tap the menu three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the screen.

Within "Settings and activity" you will be able to see a section called "how others can interact with you", where you can see different sections. The one that interests us is "limit interactions". Basically what you configure there is the limitation of the interactions of the accounts that bother you, where you can limit the capacity of people who want to be able to send you messages, tags, etc.

In that section you will be able to choose the type of interactions that will be restricted, as well as the users to whom you can apply that restriction such as accounts you don't know or don't follow you, recent followers, and even everyone.

What is achieved with these limitations 

By configuring these limitations, the users you don't follow, don't know, or haven't interacted with recently they will not be able to send you direct messages nor quote you or send you to join their groups, in addition to comments of users you don't follow or haven't interacted with recently will be hidden by default. Of course, you will still be able to see the comments and messages of unknown users, but you will have to click to see them.

Other features that help ensure your privacy

Additionally, Instagram offers other privacy options that are really interesting and that you can use to, for example, control who can see your content and how they interact with you. Some of these options are for example set your account to private, so that only your manually approved followers can see your posts and stories.

Likewise, but something more drastic, is that you will be able disable comments in your posts, which will prevent anyone from commenting on your posts. Additionally, you can also hide your followers and followed list to prevent anyone from seeing who you follow or who follows you, without forgetting the always helpful and effective blocking of users, a saint's hand for certain accounts that can be especially annoying.

In short, the role of limiting notifications from strangers Instagram is a feature that is great for many users, especially for those who value their privacy and do not want to receive notices from people they do not know, which are usually invitations to spam channels, so if you have not yet configured it on your Instagram It is best to do so to protect your account from notifications from strangers.

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