Soy de MacDo you recommend purchasing the MacBook Air today?

We are at that important moment that we are going to make the purchase of our first Mac and once we have decided to make this important investment for our work, leisure or whatever we want, we are asked whether to buy the MacBook Retina, the MacBook Pro or the MacBook Air ...

That said and taking into account that each user may have very different needs from another in terms of the use that is going to be given to the machine, what is clear to us is that the MacBook Air can be one of the worst Buying options for someone new to the Mac world and we're not saying it's bad equipment or malfunctioning, but the purchase of these Macs has several negative points.

Old processor and features

The first is that the components that mount these MacBook Air are old. It is true that a year ago they were renewed by more current ones, but they are still old processors that the truth work well for some simpler tasks, but they are not anywhere near the ones that mount on current Macs.

The large gray frame on the screen and not having the Retina screen are two points to take into account in these MacBook Air, logically we will see the screen well but It has no point of comparison with the MacBook Retina.

MacOS updates

This is another issue that worries us and is that possibly the following versions of macOS no longer have a place in these MacBook Air, at least it is what we believe. It is true that they continue to update to the versions we have today and that they will even update to macOS High Sierra, but this does not mean that will be one of the first to fall from the list to receive new versions of the operating system.

MacBook Air price

Ok, the price is the best in the entire Mac range, but what would you think if Apple stops selling the MacBook Air and lowers the price of the MacBook Retina as some users have been pleading since these thinner, lighter computers were launched, plus everything ... In short, what we are paying for this MacBook Air is what we should be paying for the current 12-inch MacBook Retina (or something similar) since they are the most logical evolution of the old MacBook Air.

Saving a little more and jumping for the entry model of these MacBook Retina can be a very good option for everyone, although we are afraid of the only USB Type C port added by the team, is more than enough for most users.

The answer to the question is ...

No, the purchase of these computers means that Apple continues to keep them on sale with hardly any hardware updates and it is necessary or we believe that it is necessary for Apple to put the MacBook Retina as an entry model once and for all. Logically everyone can do what they want and it is true that having a MacBook Air can serve us for many of the daily tasks we do, even to work with it, but in reality we want to make the leap to something better, more current and better in all the senses, and this is achieved by lowering the price of the MacBook Retina.

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  1.   Carlos Abraham Gomez Balbuena said

    It is a very personal opinion based on what you want what they want. But the macbook air I think it has a lot left. My girlfriend has one from 2015 and it is quite fast, it works very well and she is happy with it.

  2.   Psycho said

    I have the one from mid 2013 with i5 and 8GB of RAM. I use it primarily to make music with Logic Pro X, and it doesn't give me any performance issues. I think that people have gotten out of hand that some computers are only good for simple things, like reading PDFs. For the love of God, I read PDFs on my first Nokia mobile in 2003. Okay, you can't play next-generation games, but let's not exaggerate, this is laughable.

  3.   Mario said

    The MacBook Air is still the best MacBook, if you don't need features to dedicate yourself professionally to design issues, video, etc.
    That's why it's the Mac that every other manufacturer has copied
    It is a mistake not to continue developing it as the Macbook Retina is a serious mistake, which in addition to being very expensive has a 12 ″ screen, something unacceptable for those of us who think that the Air can be perfectly fitted with a 14 ″ screen without increasing weight and size making the famous frame
    the 13.3 ″ is enough and in my opinion, good enough, but it is the minimum acceptable, going down to 12 ″ is an unaffordable setback for many
    On the other hand, construction is another world, I am going for the third Air, after three years of use each and traveling through deserts, jungles and mountains everywhere, (and it is not a joke) I have always sold them being like new, and always for about the same amount you buy them for.
    On the 12 ″ MacBook retina you touch the frame with the screen open and it swings from side to side like a 250 euro laptop, on the Air it remains firm as a rock and at the same time smooth despite the years of use, they have a magnificent construction
    the performance is good for the needs of the majority of course that could be improved
    and the connectivity is very acceptable, I have two USBs for my external drives and some other gadget, I have a fundamental SD card for those of us who are fond of photography, all the other methods are a pain compared to the simple SD slot, I have and I do not understand why don't they make laptops with mini or micro SD if it's a space problem..the MacSafe which is one of the coolest Mac inventions, and all that is NOT the expensive, fragile and scarce MacBook Retina screen
    The Pro's are good, of course, but why would I want a notebook 4 times thicker at the front when I have this one? is another amazing INVOLUTION.
    So I'm going to buy the 4th, I'll try to catch the latest model and this time with the most powerful processor there is, in anticipation that they stop doing it since I know that I have another 3 or 0 years of total satisfaction

    1.    Cesar Vilela said

      Mario's comment, far from whether some like it or not, has a lot of truth (or all), I am on my 4th macbook, and I use my Air, perfectly, it is true that sometimes the size of the ssd is short, but it is just great, I'm a programmer and I do some design things for the business, it goes well, very well in the area of ​​commercial software development, there is no point talking about aesthetics, it is perfect, in terms of weight, great, and I just bought another Air for 2018, and I'm still happy. The 12 ″ I like a lot, undeniable, but an inch less, is more wear and tear personally. The magsafe is another point not ruled out.

  4.   Ikky Gomez Duranza said

    I would tell you, without a doubt !!!

  5.   Fefe Mora said

    One kilo of weight and ideal equipment to program. I stay with the air

  6.   Pedro Molina Rios said

    It is the best in basic lets long

  7.   Gaspar Cobos Santos placeholder image said

    It all depends on the requirement and the use that we want to give it. I have one for daily office work and it works great. I stay with the Air.

  8.   Juan Ma Noriega Cobo said

    Yes, of course as long as it is with the i7, also no matter how much thunderbolt gets into our eyes, the truth is that USB is still used a lot and it is better to buy an adapter for Thunderbolt than one for USB. It is also light and flat. It is perfect.

  9.   dailos said

    Yes !!!!! Without hesitating for a second ……

  10.   Ricardo said

    It is your selfishness, it has no qualms if you can get Apple to reverse its plans by screwing others to achieve a significant reduction or profit margin of what you want now to buy and / or sell just for you and for you and those who are not like you acquired the model that you bought and that now you want to sell to compensate you with a better price and leave other outdated ones to light themselves with candle. You don't mind telling your friends about that feat. Rather, ask Apple to quote your equipment so that you receive a significant discount for the future purchase you make so that you can buy 2 or 3 computers of the model of your choice and ask Microsoft Windows to increase your salary for the mess work you recommend.

  11.   Antonio said

    Hello, I have bought a MacBook Air and I am very happy with it. It is my first macbook and the truth is that my people are liking it a lot too. I have installed Parallels too and it is going great. Good, greetings.

  12.   davidz said

    I would like to know how this macbook air is going with Photoshop, hold or stay a little?

  13.   Ricard said

    I bought a MacBook Air a few months ago after 2 windows laptops, the last one a Dell that did not give me good results. For a standard use it is more than enough, browse, pages, numbers, etc ... The more I use it the happier I am. I also bought an iPhone SE and I no longer use the previous android, there is no color. The two teams are worth it. For now I am not going back. I wish I had made the change earlier.

  14.   stubby fabian said

    I work on design and it is under stress and it responds perfectly. The cons: the disc is very small, but since the desktop is solid in less than 5 seconds

    1.    alfonso said

      Hi Fabian, since I have read your comment I would like to know if you use photoshop and a video program, since I want it for that, and I do not know if it is worth buying the air and going to the expensive pro, I want the opinion of someone who ise the AIR with similar programs and give me your opinion on the latest Macbook Air.

  15.   Sandra said

    YOUR FLIPAS !!! I am amazed at the article, is a macbook pro really better than a mac book air i7? The only thing it has is a 200mgh faster processor (almost the same processor) and a better graphics card (the macbook pro), already this, it is not worth the increase in price.