MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?


Currently this is the question that users ask me the most on social networks and my own acquaintances, friends, family, etc., more now that times of gifts are coming and why not, self-gifts. Well, the answer itself to this question is quite complicated to answer for the simple reason that each user is different and above all because each person will give it a totally different use according to the needs and functions that are required. We also have to take into account the possibilities of the machine and above all think a little beyond today.

By thinking a little further I mean that Apple MacBooks are really complicated to 'update or expand' easily by the user and therefore we have to think long term when we make the purchase. Another thing to keep in mind is that today the differences in size and weight between MacBooks are really scarce, yes, MacBook Pro are somewhat thicker and a little heavier but the difference is small in this regard.


Use that we are going to give the MacBook 

This is a sensitive issue because it involves choosing a machine that adapts to our daily needs. If we are going to give it exclusive use to surf the Internet, check social networks, email, do some work with the office suite and little else, our MacBook is directly an Air. If our daily tasks go through other types of more demanding tasks and what we need is a machine for professional video editing jobs, powerful processes or programs or heavy tasks, our choice should undoubtedly be the MacBook Pro and not in its basic model because that we will fall short.

Another thing to keep in mind is design and mobility I already say that they are both really beautiful in terms of design and in that I think there is no argument, the two models are thin for easy transport, but the Air wins in this sense even though the new MacBook Pro model is really thin and light.

Hardware features

The important thing here is to think a little about the future and it is interesting to make a little more effort and invest in RAM to have the minimum 8GB installed. This is something that will save us if we have several processes open at the same time and so that in a few years the machine does not fall short (currently with 4GB it works very well but a little more is always better) since these machines are quite durable if they we take care.

Processor It is also an important part in choosing a MacBook, but this can be left out a bit considering that the basic models mount the i5 and this is a good processor. Obviously 'it will depend on our pocket' but of course investing more in the processor already leads us to think more about a MacBok Pro than an Air, simply because of the difference with the rest of the features and it is the fish that bites its tail. The main difference for me in these two spectacular computers is without a doubt the one that the user wants to see and their own budget.

Both MacBooks are really good and in the difficult choice of these we can't leave anything to chance because although the MacBook Air is cheaper than the Pro, both have a high price compared to other laptops that we find in the market and the impossibility or added difficulty of not being able to expand the machine in the future It is a fact to take into account.


Questions before making the purchase

Be clear about our financial possibilities, save a few more days, wait for offers like this FridayBe patient and do not take a hasty and surely wrong step when buying a MacBook and its specifications is wise advice. First of all ask yourself the question of whether you need the Retina display for your tasks, the screen size you need, if you are really going to get the most out of an i7 processor, if you need Fussion Drive, you can wait to save some time and choose the configuration you really need ...

Before you go shopping if you don't have money to spare, we recommend choosing the MacBook that best suits your needs and this is something that is different for all of us. Before the question of MacBook Air or MacBook Pro my answer is that defining well the uses that you are going to give the machine and orienting yourself by the budget is what you have to do, if you can go for the MacBook Pro do it, but the Air is not for nothing a bad choice, it all depends on your possibilities and needs.

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  1.   SALVI said

    Hi, I am interested in acquiring a macboock air, but I have doubts regarding several things and I would like your help. I am a university student, so with Apple I would have a discount on some apple products, on the other hand I do not know what to do if I buy one now or wait a few more weeks for the updated range of macbooks to be released, in which it is rumored that they will release a macbook 12-inch air retina screen, if I bought the mac now, I would opt for the 13-inch 250 gb, in short I want to know what you recommend if I buy the macbook air 13 now and if it is now, they recommend that it will come out more profitable to acquire it on black friday this week or with the discount that applies to me for being a university student. or wait for the new macbooks to come out and buy it through the university discount ???
    THANKS and greetings.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Hello Salvi, if you really need the MacBook now, don't wait and buy it. Nobody can confirm today that this Air with Retina will be out soon, what we can confirm is the last update of the Air and this was in April of this year. Does this mean that Apple can't release a new Air anytime soon? no, but we probably won't see that 12-inch Air Retina until the middle of next year and then wait for it to be released, etc ...

      Regarding the student discount, my advice is to wait until Friday, look at the discount with the Black Friday campaign (100 euros is assumed in Spain) and the student discount, then you will only have to choose the best option. Greetings and tell us!

  2.   Ezekiel said

    I'm with you Jordi, nobody assures that the macbook air will come out soon, I recommend that my discounts are mine with each one, look at it with the Black Friday discount and also with your student discount, what if I tell you that you can go 250gb To be short, tb is the largest version you can buy in an air if I'm not wrong. All the best