Micro Studio BM-800, simple, inexpensive and quite interesting to start


I'm going to start this post by explaining that it's about seeing the benefits and quality that this really low-priced mic offers us. If you are one of the users who wants to start recording a podcast, simple recording tasks and the like this micro BM-800 can be a very good option. If, on the other hand, you are a demanding user who wants a somewhat more professional microphone with more options such as controlling gains and others, this microphone is not for you.

Well, I'm going to start by telling my own experience with this mic and the truth is that I couldn't be happier with the audio quality that is achieved despite being really simple. Unlike many other micro models that we have on the market, this one is for those who want get started in recording and spend the minimum on it. I already tell you that in the end, those who are fond of recording end up choosing other types of mics to make their recordings and even opting for a mixing table to improve the quality of the audio to the maximum. But those who want to get started or just record audio from time to time do not need to spend a fortune on it.


This second is my case and after several months recording a weekly podcast With colleagues Nacho Cuesta and Luis Padilla where we talked about Apple among other things, I decided to choose a microphone but without leaving my life on it. Previously I made this recording of the podcast with the headphones that Apple provides in the iPhone, the EarPods and although it is true that they offered me a fairly good quality in general I wanted to go one step further and now I use one of these Uni-directional mics with XLR connector on one side and 3,5 jack on the other to connect to the Mac.


To use this type of mic it is always advisable to have an external audio card with a USB connector or similar (but it is not mandatory if it is Uni-directional like this BM-800) and in my case how I already explained in this post of how to record audio on Mac, I use an old card of a Steelseries Siberia headphones which offers me microphone and headphone input independently. But if you don't have a card and you are interested in this microphone, don't worry, this is what it says on wikipedia about this type of one-way micro:

Unidirectional or directional microphones are those microphones that are very sensitive to a single direction and relatively deaf to the rest.

This means that in the case of this BM-800 we will not have a problem in the case of not having an external audio card or mixing table, since it will only capture our voice or sound that comes from a specific angle. It is not that I am an expert on the matter but looking for an infraction on it I found the omni-directional ones or also called non-directional do not vary their sensitivity according to the variation of the impact angles of the sound waves and the bidirectional ones which are microphones with two directionalities, and therefore high sensitivity in opposite directions. Forgive those who understand the subject.

BM-800 Specifications and Price

At this point, I can only leave the microphone specifications and advise you on the purchase if you are starting with simple recordings or simply do not want to leave a fortune on the purchase of a microphone. These are the specifications of the Micro Studio BM-800:

  • Uni-directional micro
  • Response frequency 20Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity -34dB
  • Sensitivity: 45 dB ± 1 dB
  • S / N: 60dB
  • Product Weight: 0.350 kg
  • XLR connector cable and 3,5 jack
  • Compatible with: Linux, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows 98SE, Mac OS, Windows ME

If after seeing all the specifications and benefits of this simple and interesting microphone you are willing to buy it, It will only cost you about 15 euros to change and you can access it where you will find it in various colors in addition: white, black, blue and pink. Obviously it is not a microphone with professional features that we can buy for a professional recording studio, but without a doubt due to its low price and more than good functionality, it is great to start recording.

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  1.   Sergio F said

    I have connected it to the pc in the mic input and it is heard with a lot of background noise when recording, what do you recommend?

  2.   Alberto said

    the same happens to me

    1.    Robert Puig said

      to get the most out of this microphone it is 100% essential to buy a phantom power box

  3.   Jordi Giménez said

    The problem may be due to the position of the micro among other things. In my case, what avoids the problem is the USB sound card that I have, but also trying to lower the input volume from the settings could help a little. Do you put it upside down as in the photo on the box?


  4.   Alberto said

    no, holding it with my hand speaking from above, but come on, being quiet it records background noise

  5.   Jordi Giménez said

    The problem with these cheap buses is that you cannot adjust the profit of the same. The remedy may be to find software that cleans the noise, but if it is a lot it will be complicated.

    I will look to see if I can find something to help us with that.


  6.   Alberto said

    Well, they do the sound options I have activated the noise reduction in the microphone options, and it seems that all the noise is loaded, but now it sounds very weak and as serious

  7.   Tokens said

    These problems they have from external noises, until the voice is very weak. It is only due to one point, which was never mentioned in the article. And is that this microphone requires the use of a 48v power source.

  8.   Toni said

    Hello friends, thanks for the post in advance.

    I just bought this mic to make audio recordings with my Macbook Pro, but I'm not at all clear about the setup I need to create or what hardware I need to make it work properly. At the moment, I know that simply connecting it to the headphone input does not work or recognize it as external audio in the Sound option.

    I have read about an adapter (iRig PRE), although I don't know if it is the solution.

    If anyone knows anything about it, I would appreciate any help.

    Greetings to all,


    1.    Irina Sternik said

      Hi @toni, I have the same problem. Obviously I lack a power to walk. I connected it to the Jack port and it gives no news of its existence. How did you solve it? Thank you!

  9.   Joe barzz said

    One question I bought this microphone but it has a very rare XLR to USB jack because on the XLR side instead of three pins it brings 4. It uses an internal battery according to me it could be connected to a mixer with phantom power but where do I get an XLR cable like this? 4 pins.?. Does anyone have info on the manufacturer?

  10.   Carlos Paredes said

    They tell me that these mics burn consoles and sound cards. It is true?

  11.   Javier said

    I know the post is old, but I have a question, is it compatible with Windows 8?