New iMessage update: It will be more like WhatsApp

iMessage update

Apple is willing to take its messaging application to new heights with the launch of iOS 18, to the point that thanks to the iMessage update it will be similar to WhatsApp in several functionalities, and even promises to be more complete than the king of applications messaging.

With a series of improvements and new features, the company seeks to position iMessage as a more attractive alternative to competitors such as WhatsApp or Telegram, which will surely surprise you. Below, we explore these developments in detail and how they could change the dynamics of instant messaging for all Apple users.

RCS: Improved Android support (finally!)

iMessage RCS

One of the most significant updates in iOS 18 is the implementation of Rich Communication Services (RCS).

This standard that has been with us for a long time in the Android world and that Apple had completely ignored, which basically considerably improves the functionality of traditional SMS, allowing iMessage users to enjoy a richer messaging experience compatible with Android devices.

RCS offers advanced features such as ability to send high-quality multimedia messages, receive reading confirmations, and maintain group conversations more fluidly, something that is undoubtedly an increase in functionality compared to the veteran SMS.

With this update (let it all be said, it smells like friendly nod to the European Union), AApple aims to close the gap between iMessage and other messaging apps that already use RCS, improving interoperability and user experience.

Artificial Intelligence in iMessage: it finally reaches our hands

Another area of ​​focus for iOS 18 is integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in iMessage, in the form of answers suggested by AI, a feature that will allow users Quickly respond to messages with clip art phrases and contextual.

This tool is similar to the smart replies found in email apps like Gmail, or the ones Microsoft has with Copilot for your Office suite, and promises to streamline daily communication.

But in addition to text generation, Apple is working on creating custom emojis using AI, leaving it at the mercy of users to generate unique emojis adapted to their preferences, which will enrich conversations and allow for more creative and personal expression, so laughter will at least be guaranteed.

Smart Conversation Summaries

One of the most innovative features expected in iOS 18 is the introduction of intelligent conversation summaries, which will automatically analyze and summarize long chats, highlighting the most important points and allowing users to follow the thread of conversations more efficiently (mothers and fathers of the world, you will be jumping for joy with the “parent chat”).

This feature will be especially useful for those who participate in long group chats or work conversations, where relevant information is often scattered across numerous messages, emoticons, and photos that don't add much.

New message reactions and effects: add nuance to the conversation

reactions on imessage

To make conversations more dynamic and attractive, the Cupertino company will expand the range of reactions and effects available in iMessage, letting us choose from a greater variety of reactions to respond to messages, which will add more nuances and emotions to conversations.

In addition, the introduction of new visual effects is expected, which will allow users to animate their messages and personalize them even more if possible.

Security and privacy: a subject that was already approved, is now outstanding

Over the years, Apple has been known for its Rigorous focus on the security and privacy of its users. With iOS 18, the company reaffirms its commitment in this area, ensuring that all new iMessage functions will be backed by its already known security measures, seeking to make iMessage the most secure messaging application in the world.

End-to-end encryption will remain a crucial component, ensuring that only senders and recipients can read messages, plus additional privacy features to protect users from potential threats and keep their personal data safe.

When is the iMessage update coming?

The first beta version of iOS 18 is expected be available to developers in the coming months, with a full launch scheduled for September, although it is more than likely that more things about the new iOS will be announced at WWDC 2024.

But like any new thing, I think the important thing is that it is “simmered” and that it comes out right the first time. Generally, this entire period of testing between betas and final versions allows users and developers to provide valuable feedback, helping Apple to polish and perfect new features before the official launch, so if you can't wait... Patience, everything comes!

The new news in the iMessage update: our opinion

apple messages app security

Without having the beta in my hands, what you see here looks very good, honestly. This iMessage update looks like it will have a significant impact on the instant messaging market, which although it is dominated by WhatsApp in a large part of the global market, Apple's option is the majority in countries where there is a high market penetration of the iPhone, such as the United States or Japan (although there are strong native applications).

Now, this seems great, It is also its Achilles heel: it will only be available on iOS phones, so almost all alternatives from other manufacturers are off the market. And although as a nod to this the implementation of RCS positions iMessage as a viable option for those looking for better compatibility with Android devices, you are not giving the entire platform for those who wish to use Google's operating system.

Will this strategy prove to be a hook to encourage migration from Android to iOS, especially among iPhone users who frequently interact with friends and family who use Android? Or will this iMessage update remain something cool, but anecdotal? Only time will tell, but if you have an opinion on this, don't hesitate to leave it in the Comments!

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