Photos in macOS Catalina 10.15 shows problems when editing images

MacBook Air photos Since last Monday, Mac users had the possibility to download macOS Catalina. From the beginning this new version of macOS is full of controversy. Many users after installation get a message stating "Updating". This message does not go away until you turn off the computer. And now the first bugs in the applications begin to appear, as we told you in the photos application.

It happens thatl try to edit a photo In Photos on macOS Catalina 10.15, a message appears stating: "Cannot load settings for this image" and prevents us from editing it.

The problem is occurring in the initial version of macOS Catalina 10.15, when you access a photo that you have in iCloud. In these cases, the photograph is in the cloud and is downloaded as usual, but by clicking on the button edit, the above message appears. Also, this is not an error message, as the settings bar on the right appears disabled, so that no adjustment can be made.

This is happening to me in multiple photos, the photo is displayed smoothly, but cannot be edited. I came to think of an iCloud problem or that certain files have been corrupted. But before going to my backup copy of photos with the intention of replacing them, I thought to open them in iOS and on another old Mac with MacOS High Sierra. By «magic art» these photographs can be edited without problems on these two devices. Therefore, it is confirmed that it is a macOS Catalina error, which Apple has to fix as soon as possible.

In relation to photos, days ago I observed great problems of interaction between photos and Pixelator Pro. Specifically, the problem resides every time you open an image from Photos in Pixelmator Pro. The colored ball would not stop rolling for several seconds. This problem is almost solved with version 1.5 of Pixelmator Pro, but it is not a 100% stable solution, as this Photos-Pixelmator Pro relationship was more fluid in macOS Mojave. Hopefully these issues are resolved quickly in a version of macOS Catalina And not wait several weeks until we have macOS Catalina 10.15.1, with the beta that we are testing.

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  1.   Raúl Garavito said

    Likewise, Magic Mouse 2 in both Mojave and Catalina works very badly. It is not constant, it stops, jumps, turns in slow motion, speeds up, etc ... a complete disaster. Reading this problem takes years and all because Apple does not change its programming to take away the acceleration and sensitivity, which is where the problem lies. I had to change my mouse to a Microsoft one and problem solved, but it is regrettable to leave a mouse as expensive as the Magic Mouse 2 to obtain a solution from another manufacturer.

  2.   Javier said

    With Catalina, the photos application does not work correctly, when I put names to the faces, it does not allow me to select the face of the people that I had as favorites, it gives me other suggestions or it only allows me to put a new name that is not the person I have as favorites.

  3.   Ernest Pacheco said

    A group was opened for me within the photo library that says "it could not be loaded" and it actually behaves as indicated here, when editing it does not let you, it sends an error of "photos cannot download the settings of this image". The problem is that they are in the cloud and I don't know whether to delete them and they will come down from the cloud or if they will be deleted from the cloud and I can't risk it.
    I have 122,000 between photos and videos and everything I do is a real problem.

  4.   EMILIO said

    On my macOS Catalina, the photos app has left me completely covered, before under each photo I could change dates, places, hours and it appeared at the bottom of the photo. Now that is impossible and when I export albums, the files do not appear in the same order. Photo labels on Mac do not match iOS, a disaster, as soon as you can go back to the old .Mojave
    I advise waiting for Catalina to improve

  5.   angel said

    Good afternoon. The photos program has never been a marvel, neither for editing nor for cataloging (complex, many variations, album, book, etc). A mess. But it is true that in the last two years the edition has improved a lot (more tools and more intuitive). With Catalina the problem that it generates for me is that once I edit a photo, once the changes have been saved, the thumbnail generates it out of focus. This generates very serious problems, because when you have taken a series of one hundred photographs of the same article, you no longer know which photos are in good or bad focus from origin. Those photos that, as soon as you edit them, blur them, if you export them and edit them as they are (out of focus) in Preview, it respects them and does the process well. If you reimport them to photos, import them well and that's it. I'm talking about photos with the copies saved on the mac itself, not in iCloud, which has never convinced me as a cloud compared to programs like dropbox. Photos still not working 100% well. It is quite exasperating, because in addition, this problem that I try to explain does not always do it, but only sometimes.