How to pixelate a WhatsApp image?

How to pixelate a WhatsApp image

Often objects may have gotten into your photos or there are simply others that you do not want to share on your social networks. For this, there are options that can help you, such as the possibility of pixelating photos on different platforms but... Do you know how to pixelate an image? WhatsApp?

You can pixelate photos directly from the Meta app without the need for other apps. This can help you be more discreet and be able to hide some part of the images. There are also applications that you can install on your iPhone that will serve this function. Below we show you everything you need to know about the topic.

How to pixelate a WhatsApp image? How to pixelate a WhatsApp image

It is important to mention that The feature of pixelating images on WhatsApp was first released for iOS users. It was later extended to Android users due to its high demand and the importance of offering tools to protect the privacy and anonymity of certain data.

Pixelate a photo in WhatsApp for iOS

For this you will do what is normally done to send a photograph to a friend. Tap on the “+” sign that you will find at the bottom left. Click on Photos and Videos to select the image directly from your Gallery app, from this step follow the following:

  1. Click on the pencil It is located at the top.
  2. Select the pixelation option that appears at the end of the color bar.
  3. Swipe as if you color the area you want to pixelate. IOS
  4. By the end, tap Send and that's it
  5. To follow all these instructions correctly, make sure that the version of your WhatsApp is the most recent.

Pixelate a photo in WhatsApp for Android

To pixelate an image from Android, proceed the same as the previous way but with a slight difference. First open the application and tap on “attach images”. Select the image you want to send from your gallery. Then, press the pencil icon located in the corner of your mobile screen.

Choose the pixelation option that is usually in the lower right corner of the available options instead of in the color bar. Then, simply slide your finger over the area of ​​the image you want to pixelate, just as you would if you were deleting that area of ​​the photo.

And that's it, the image will be pixelated so that the content you want to protect cannot be identified. This works perfectly whether it is text or people present in the image. It's that simple to protect your privacy on WhatsApp!

Why pixelating a photo can be useful to you? WhatsApp

There are several reasons why pixelating an image may be necessary:

  • Firstly, privacy protection is essential in the digital age we live in. Pixelating certain parts of a photograph prevents this information from being used maliciously.
  • It can be necessary in case a car license plate has appeared in your image or confidential information in a document.
  • One of the cases where it can be important is in photographs that include children, It is essential to pixelate their faces to protect their identity. In addition to avoiding any type of problem or altercation in the future.
  • Similarly Typically used when sharing images of personal documents such as the resume or screenshots that include sensitive data.
  • Blur elements like phone numbers or addresses ensures that your data has greater security online.

Pixelating an image is an important precautionary measure that can help protect your privacy and the privacy of others. Mainly in this increasingly exposed digital age. It is a simple and effective way to avoid possible problems derived from the dissemination of sensitive information on the Internet.

Applications to pixelate photos on your iPhone

As we discussed previously, you can pixelate your photographs with WhatsApp itself but there are other ways to do it. A very useful one is by installing applications that will allow you to perform the same function just by downloading and installing them from the App Store.

Blur and Mosaic WhatsApp

This interesting tool will mean that when you pass your finger over the area of ​​the photo you want to delete, a mosaic will be produced. The best of all is that you can choose between different types of mosaic with variability between its thickness and resistance.

Additionally, among the options it provides, there is the ability to automatically blur the license plate of a car or the face of a person. You can make combinations of photographs so that you will have as a final result more than one photo within the same image.

You can opt for the application of filters that will give each of your snapshots your personal touch. You can also add texture and text space to each of them according to your preference.

This app is compatible with iPhone with iOS 15.0 or later as well as other Apple devices such as iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple Vision. It's found Available in multiple languages ​​to adapt to any user. It is specific for people over 12 years old.

BlurFace FaceBlur

This application will allow you to pixelate people's faces in your photos automatically. So only You can decide which faces you prefer to be visible and which you do not want to share on your networks including WhatsApp. With just one touch you will blur friends or family so they will not be distinguishable.

BlurFace also makes Other elements of the images that are not people may be hidden. You can even use the Paint feature to change the photo background. There are other sections such as Blur and Crystallize that will give your memories creative effects. The limit is in your mind!

To use it requires an iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 14.1 onwards and iPad with iPadOS 14.1 or later. It is also supported on Mac with macOS 11.0 and Apple Vision with visionOS 1.0. It is available in Spanish, English, Italian, German and French.

And that's all! We hope we have been of help to you to have more details about how to pixelate a WhatsApp image. Let me know in the comments what you thought was best.

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