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Although the iPhone is opening up a little more to developers so that they can implement its programs and functions, there are still certain tasks that are basically very tedious to do with our iPhone. One of them is the change of melody or tone on the iPhone. Doing so means choosing the default ones or downloading third-party apps that can make those calls more personalized. But there are other options we can teach you now in this little tutorial, sure to be grateful if you have just arrived in the Apple world or want to change the famous tritone.

We chose Apple's own tone

Although sometimes we can make life very complicated to be able to personalize our iPhone, sometimes simplicity is the best. We can find in default ringtones that sound that best suits our character or our tastes. Taking into account that we can choose from a wide variety of sounds that are very simple. The only thing we have to do is follow the next route to choose which melody we can add by default to the phone.

Settings–>sounds and vibrations–>ringtone–>We choose the one we like the most. Not only do we find the ones that are by default, but also the ones that we have bought in the Apple store. If we click on any of them we can see how they sound.

Note that we can choose between ringtones or warning tones. Also within ringtones we find the so-called classics.

If we don't like Apple's ringtone but want to set a different ringtone or custom ringtone

The easiest way to personalize our iPhone is to change the ringtone to one that is not standard and thus we choose one that only we have (or not). One of the options we have to be able to add that personalized tone is through Apps, third-party or Apple's own. They do the work for us and we can also choose numerous versions and change the tone whenever we want. Something that personally would drive me crazy.

Let's see some options of these applications:


We use the app on the Mac, with the iPhone connected. We can use the search engine iRingg and will search various sources such as YouTube. From there we cut the part we want, preview how it sounds and cut precisely. We can add effects that the program itself has. Now we only have to send the tone to the iPhone or save it in the Finder.


Apple's own application can help us to create our own ringtones. It may be a version created by ourselves or we can import a song and from there we can adjust it as we want, leaving the tone that we like the most.

Ringtone maker

This application allows us to cut any segment of video, audio and DVD source files in order to convert those necessary parts into iPhone ringtone. With a excellent rating by users, 4,7 out of 5, it is an excellent option.

Ringtone Maker Web service

In the web we met with This page that helps us online to convert files to use as a ringtone on the iPhone. We can choose files from Google Drive or DropBox. They, online, take care of doing the rest. The good thing is that it is compatible with iOS and macOS.

Making our own ringtone

If we do not want to make or use third-party applications, but we still want to use melodies to be able to use them as ringtones, we can resort to the usual option and use the manual method that we explain below:

Before anything. Remember that the ringtone can be at most 30 seconds long. A very important detail because it will determine which part of the melody you choose.

In this case we depend on the Apple ecosystem. That is why we must go to Apple Music, in order to get our personalization. We choose a song from our library, import or drag it. In this way, we create a version on which we can work.

right-click on the audio and click on Get information and we will go to the tab Options. We are obliged to add the start and end of the audio track that we want to use. That is why it is important, what we said at the beginning, 30 seconds at the most and that we must already know what stage they are on.

In Apple Music we will go to File –> Convert –> Create AAC version. This is the format that will be used later for the tone and we will see how a new audio track with a maximum duration of 30 seconds has been created.

tone 30 seconds maximum

Now we connect the iPhone to the Mac and looking in Finder for that AAC version within the Locations/General tab. Drag that ringtone onto the iPhone and you're good to go. We already have our personalized ringtone inside the iPhone waiting for you to choose it in the Settings path marked initially in this article.

By the way remember that we can use that tone as a call from a particular contact, not as a default value. We can choose the ringtone for when a relative calls us and we will know only by the sound that the call comes from someone with whom you surely want to talk.

If we go to Contacts, we look for the person we want to have that own tone, we edit the details of the contact and in ringtone, we choose the one we have created.

We hope that this tutorial has been useful and that now your iPhone is one of the most individualized among the options that Apple gives us, which are not many. We know that the process not the easiest or fastest in the world, but for privacy and security, Apple wants to do it that way. Honestly, you probably want to have that singular tone at first, but over time you will even have it always in silence and believe it or not, it lives a little better.

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