Some amazing Apple devices that didn't go on sale

Apple car

You will know undeniable successes of Apple that positioned it as number one, among them you will find the iPhone, iPad or Macbook, but everything has not been like that. The company is a technological giant in which Not all designed designs reach their launch for different reasons.. Today we will look at some amazing Apple devices that did not go on sale.

Not all the ranges designed by the brand's developers came to market. Some of these devices represented products that are too innovative or ahead of their time. These cover different concepts, so we recommend that you offer us. Below, we show you everything you need to know about the topic.

Newton VideoPad

Newton VideoPad was a concept that existed in the 90s, before the iPad. This consisted of provide various communication and video capabilities to a tablet. For his time, it was an idea that headed straight into the future. The VideoPad was expected to be a portable method of communication, it had a touch screen y It was the prelude to FaceTime.

Without a doubt, this tool was the precursor of video calling services. But everything couldn't be good, at that time there were many technological limitations. The market was not ready for a device as futuristic as the Newton VideoPad.

All this meant that the device did not reach final production and remained as a simple brand file.

iPhone Nano


iPhone Nano emerged at a time when what Apple was selling were phones getting smaller. This was a device that offered a more compressed model than the iPhone 4. Was more economical since it sought to reach a greater number of users.

For company managers, present a more compact device It could be a good strategy. It was thought that it would be made up of a smaller screen and fewer functions. But despite this, his design was going to maintain the essence of the bitten apple company.

At that time public demand was more oriented towards larger and more powerful screens. These details meant that the iPhone Nano ultimately never came to light, although its features could have been very interesting for many.

MacBook Touch

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A MacBook Touch would be the perfect combination between the power and versatility of a MacBook and the interactivity of an iPad. With its touch screen, users could enjoy a more intuitive and creative experience, being able to draw, write and manipulate apps right with your fingers.

Although this device never reached the market, we can see its influence on the evolution of products such as the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. These devices have demonstrated the potential of touch interactivity in computing, opening up new possibilities and being ideal for digital creators.

A MacBook Touch would answer the demand for a hybrid laptop that combines the best of two worlds. With the power of a traditional computer and the convenience of a tablet, this would make digital work easier.

With its touch screen, users could work on it naturally, allowing them to be more productive and creative in their daily lives. We hope Apple continues to explore this idea and surprise us with a MacBook Touch in the future.

Apple Car


This has been one of the great projects that the bitten apple company has had. The expectation for the Apple Car has been high among the brand's followers, who envisioned a promising future. It was thought that Apple's electric vehicles would dominate the roads; however, su cancellation in 2024 fell like a bucket of cold water.

Despite the company's technological advances, it seems that Project Titan has been stopped due to the challenges posed by its manufacturing. In addition to certain regulations resulting from the construction of your own car. Although rumors suggest that Apple could still take up the project in the future.

The uncertainty surrounding the Apple Car has left many wondering if we will ever see this innovative vehicle on the streets. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see if Apple manages to overcome the obstacles and make the dream of a revolutionary Apple Car a reality.



If we talk about Apple devices that never went on sale we have to mention the AirPower. This incredible product was expected to allow the Simultaneous charging of an iPhone, AirPods and an Apple Watch. Its use made that the equipment reaches high temperatures so it could endanger the rest of the connected devices.

It was said that quality standards were not satisfied so it was never released. Despite this, it was presented in 2017 but the wait continually lengthened and it never reached the market. Was Officially canceled in March 2019.

Apple Pippin


Apple Pippin, the company's ambitious foray into the world of video games in the 90s, promised revolutionize the market with its advanced design. Despite its innovative features, such as its ability to play CDs and its connectivity, The Pippin failed to gain ground against its competitors.

The high price of the console and the strong competition from giants such as Sega, Sony and Nintendo, led the Pippin to its final destination. It said goodbye to the market after selling only 42.000 units in one year.

Although Apple tried to make its way into the world of digital entertainment, it remained as a reminder of the company's failure in this sector. The Pippin became a collector's item and a historical curiosity.

Nowadays, Pippin is remembered as a dead Apple project, a failed attempt to conquer a market dominated by video game experts.. Despite its short life on the market, the Pippin continues to be a symbol of Apple's ambition and the risks involved in entering new terrain.

And that's all! We hope we have been helpful to you in having information about some incredible Apple devices that did not go on sale. Let me know in the comments which one you thought was the best and if you know anything else related to the topic.

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