The 13-inch MacBook Pro resists its demise


We start a new week after Keynote last Monday by reflecting on the only laptop left in the Apple family that has not been updated. If you have not noticed, despite the fact that there are times when after presenting a new product, in this case the new macbook, those of Cupertino silently eliminate any existing model, in this case the 13-inch MacBook without a retina screen and with a rotating hard disk continues to resist its withdrawal.

It is a laptop that the only thing it has had in recent times is an improvement in the processors it mounts but nothing more. That is why we ask ourselves what continues to stop Apple from removing this model from the available catalog.

Last Monday we attended the launch of a new apple brand laptop that has been given the name of MacBook. A computer that has a new design and that also each of its parts has been completely redesigned. New Retina display, new keyboard, new trackpad, single USB-C port and new motherboard.

macbook air space gray

On the other hand, those from Cupertino updated the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina models with the new trackpad with Force Touch, in addition to improving the processors of the 13 and 15-inch models with the fifth generation of Intel Broadwell processors. What's more, the MacBook Air 11 and 13 inches also improved their processor with the Intel Broadwell.

Now that we have refreshed your memory a bit, you may have realized that we are right in asking ourselves what is the reason why the computer model that calls itself MacBook Pro but WITHOUT Retina screen and with HDD instead of SDD does not has disappeared from the catalog. Even more so when its price seems high if we compare it with the Retina model or with the MacBook Air that, after all, work more fluid than that model.

We conclude that Apple removes models when it is unavoidable by the release of a new one or because it does not sell at all. Surely there will be many people who are not up to date with the characteristics of all computer models and "bite" buying this model that is totally out of date compared to its competitors. 

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  1.   fidel garcia said

    Last Christmas I bought that same model and I'm doing great even so I have the rotating hard disk

  2.   Peter Rhodes said

    It is clear that each person is a world and that the possibilities of purchase and money that each person has is different. Now, in this article we inform you that for little more money, the changes are substantial and better. We can never compare an SDD to an HDD. A Retina display to one that is not. Yes, you have a DVD player, but it is something that is in disuse and also the weight is much higher in the case of your model.

  3.   Gonzalo said

    Well, I would not see the purchase of that product so far-fetched. If I'm not mistaken that Macbook can be "expanded", I bought the MacBook Pro from the end of 2013 and I screwed the fact that the ram was soldered. The only thing that you can miss a lot is the retina screen which is spectacular.

  4.   Pedro said

    Well, that outdated is saying a lot, obviously I think not, you just have to do a little research.

    Apple MacBook Pro 13,3 »i7 2,9GHz with 16GB RAM and 500GB SSD for 1739,99 euros

    Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13 ″ i7 3 Ghz with 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM for 2379,90

    It seems like a good reason to take it into account. Especially because the difference does not justify the retina screen

  5.   Gab! (@GabrielAcedoOK) said

    A Question I am about to compare a 15-inch macbook pro but I realize that this model was not renewed like the 13 ″ at least in the mac store in Mexico. Do you know if it is going to be launched in the next few days?

  6.   Sebastián said

    The note leaves out several features of this 13 ″ McBook Pro that make it unique.
    It was already mentioned that IT IS THE ONLY UPGRADEABLE. The other McBooks are coming soldiers. That is not minor, since a failure in memory or in the disk makes the entire Mac useless. And it also allows you to put two discs in it by removing the DVD burner.
    It is also the most versatile model, with RJ45 CONNECT, FIREWIRE, IR RECEIVER, and EXTERNAL BATTERY CHARGE INDICATOR, without having to open the Mac.
    And let's not forget that it is the ONLY one with a DVD RECORDER.

    The comparison only leaves the retina screen in favor of the new McBook Pro, which if you are not a designer you will not care so much. The truth is that the common screen has an excellent quality as well.
    When I evaluated the purchase of my McBook Pro, I felt that with the new Retina I was losing more performance than I was gaining.
    That is up to each one, but note that the features listed on Apple's page do not mention all the virtues of the "old" 13 ″ non-retina McBook Pro.

  7.   Pablo said

    I bought this "old-fashioned" model 5 years ago and it has served me wonderfully. Zero failures, the only thing I did was change the 500Gb hard drive for a 1TB one for the ridiculous price of COP170.000 (60USD approx). The experience has been so pleasant to me that last Friday I bought an identical one for my girlfriend and gave it to her as a gift. I did not do it buying lightly, it is that if you start to compare you will find the following:

    -The simplest (but not cheap) model of the 13 ″ retina brings you 128Gb of storage. absurd when you want to store HD movies, Music Collections and family photos, which by the way is my case.
    -The processor has no significant difference. Both are dual-core Intel Core i5, it only changes that the traditional model comes to 2.5 and the new one to 2.7. basically no difference.
    -The ram is 4Gb and 8Gb respectively. An improvement that I do not see much difference in a laptop, even more so if we consider that the traditional model is perfectly expandable to 16Gb at a very low cost.
    -In size and weight it is practically the same. The retina model weighs 3.48 against 4.5 of the traditional one. I don't see a big difference there either.
    -You can tell me that I stayed in the last century, or whatever, but having a CD / DVD reader and an Ethernet port does not hurt at all. They can get you out of trouble at the least expected moment.

    There is only a substantial and significant difference on screen. But, let's see Where do you get movies at 2560 × 1600? Except for photographers and designers, I see little benefit to get from a screen of such resolution on a day-to-day basis. Also, I highly doubt that a person needing great screen features wants to buy a 13 ″ laptop. Usually these people buy a desktop computer like the iMac, or an external screen larger than 20 inches.

    In relation to cost / benefit, this traditional MacBook Pro seems like an excellent option. I suppose that with the passage of time the SSD units will come with a better capacity, but for now the Retina seems unattractive to me.