The new features of macOS Sequoia

new features of macOS sequoia

It's official: After the long rumor mill day, Apple has announced its latest operating system update, macOS Sequoia. This new operating system not only promises to improve the efficiency and security of Mac devices, which is great and expected, but it also introduces a series of innovative features that seek to redefine the user experience.

So friends, today we come to talk about the new features of macOS Sequoia and we will explain to you what this version of Apple's quintessential operating system brings.

The user interface has been renewed

sequoia interface

One of the first things users will notice in Mac OS Sequoia is the iCompletely redesigned user interface (again). Let us remember that we come from an interface loaded on the Macs of the early 2000s (the “feline” versions), passing through Metal and now we turn to a minimalist environment that gives certain touches of reminiscence to things that we have seen in the Linux world. (elementaryOS, I choose you!)

Apple in this version of the operating system has adopted a more minimalist and modern approach, with softer edges and a softer, more consistent color palette. This not only makes the operating system more visually attractive, but also improves usability because it is less tiring on the eyes (or so they say, it remains to be seen).

Enhanced dark mode

Dark mode, among the new features of macOS Sequoia, has been optimized to reduce eye strain, especially in low-light environments, something that comes in handy for those of us who work at night.

Now, dark mode automatically adapts to ambient light, adjusting contrast and brightness to provide a more comfortable viewing experience and avoiding pre-configured environments that may not be optimal for our environment, so good for Apple there.

Interactive widgets

Mac OS Sequoia introduces new widgets to the desktop. And although as such, widgets are not a new feature of macOS Sequoia, now they have a peculiarity: they are interactive and they not only provide real-time information, such as weather or news, but They also allow users to interact directly with applications from the widget itself.

For example, users will be able to check their emails or control music playback without opening the corresponding application, using the shortcut that appears on the screen.

Performance and efficiency: something that was already done well is now excellent

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Performance has always been a priority for Apple, and Mac OS Sequoia is no exception, looking to get the most out of Apple's latest M chips, although it also performs well on Intel versions of somewhat older products.

Mac OS Sequoia uses a series of system optimizations that improve speed and energy efficiency, aiming to achieve faster boot times, applications that run more smoothly and longer battery life on portable devices.

Even more refined Resource Management if possible

A standout feature in macOS, in general, was the efficient resource management that came with being a “child of UNIX.” And in this new version, resource management, which Intelligently allocates memory and processing power to the applications that need it most, promises to be even better if possible.

This not only improves overall performance but also allows users to work on multiple tasks without experiencing slowdowns.

Advanced Security: Apple has become the new sheriff of cybersecurity

macOS Sequoia

Security has been a growing concern in the digital world, and Mac OS Sequoia introduces several improvements to protect user information, which seek to provide macOS with the robustness to boast of being one of the most secure systems in the world.

Specifically, we can talk about the following characteristics:

Improved encryption

The operating system now uses a Stronger end-to-end encryption to protect data both in transit and at rest, something we had already advanced talking about iMessage. This means that user data is protected even if the device is lost or stolen.

Multi-factor authentication

Mac OS Sequoia incorporates multi-factor authentication (MFA) at its core, something unusual unless you use management systems like Microsoft Intune.

Users, at the outset, can configure their Mac to require multiple forms of verification upon login, such as a combination of password and biometric authentication (fingerprint or facial recognition), so that if data is lost or stolen, it is safe. always.

Security Center

The new Mac OS Sequoia Security Center provides users with a Comprehensive view of your device security And this, gentlemen of Apple, is greatly appreciated, because something like this integrated into the system had been requested for some time.

From this center, you can manage application permissions, monitor suspicious activities and receive real-time alerts about possible threats so you can act on them, very similar to Microsoft Defender on Windows.

Improved continuity: multi-device management at Apple, under review

The Continuity function has been improved to offer an even smoother transition between devices and this is where Apple takes advantage of the coherence between the interrelationship of its products.

As before, you can start a task on your iPhone and continue it without problems on your Mac, being able to use the same mouse and keyboard on all devices thanks to Universal Control, which has also been improved among the

New Applications and updates: because it's not just about improving what exists

facetime in sequoia

Among the new features of macOS Sequoia, several new applications and enhancements to existing ones are introduced, designed to increase productivity and creativity.


Freeform is a new application that allows users collaborate in real time on a digital canvas, very similar to the collaborative environments of M365 or Google Workspaces, but integrated into the system.
Ideal for creative and remote working teams, Freeform will allow us to add notes, images or sketches, making all changes instantly synchronized between participants.

Improved Safari

Safari has been optimized to be even faster and more efficient, including better privacy protection, as well as improved tracking prevention, in addition to letting us group tabs for better organization.

Simplifying AirDrop and Handoff

AirDrop and Handoff have also received updates: Now, Sending files between devices is faster and more reliable, and users can start a FaceTime call on their iPhone and transfer it to their Mac with a single tap.

Notes and Reminders

The Notes and Reminders applications have new features that make it easier to organize tasks and thoughts, letting us create advanced checklists, add tags for better organization, and collaborate with others in real time.

Improvements in the Video and Audio experience: multimedia is also going strong

multimedia in sequoia

The multimedia experience has also been a priority among new features in macOS Sequoia, with significant improvements to audio and video quality.

Spatial Audio

Mac OS Sequoia supports Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, providing a surround sound experience that adapts to the user's movement. Something that may seem unimportant, but is especially notable in FaceTime calls and the playback of compatible multimedia content.

FaceTime improvements

FaceTime receives several improvements, such as ability to blur the background for greater privacy, new group viewing modes and the option to share screen during calls.

Live subtitles

Hand in hand with greater integration with AI, macOS Sequoia introduces Live subtitles for all video content, which is a great help for users with hearing difficulties or for all people who want to watch content from other countries without it being subtitled by a source from the company that broadcasts that content.

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