The solution to fog stains on iMac aluminum

On many sites in the blogosphere and forums I have read about complete iMac exchanges by warranty, purchase of dehumidifiers and a lot of blind sticks to deal with the problem of fogging on iMac glasses.

The solution is so simple that it should come in the instructions since it does not require anything special.

It is not a solution to the problem, it is about cleaning the glass in a much more comfortable way.

The glass of the iMac is attached magnetically so we only have to pull it, for this we will use a typical suction cup used to hang rags from kitchen tiles or the suction cup of a car GPS cradle; any type of suction cup will do. (If you don't have a suction cup, use cellophane, making a makeshift pull in the middle)

  • We stick the suction cup in a corner of the glass and throw
  • We wash the glass in the kitchen sink (with a cloth to the mist formed, it is ok but we already take the opportunity to clean it)
  • we dry it with a cloth or let it dry where the dishes
  • we put the glass back in place

As easy as that.

Granted, the problem comes from a design flaw in the iMac but I think the solution is so simple that, at least for me, it's not worth fighting with Apple.

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  1.   Alberto Rojas said

    And how can you clean the mist and fungus inside the screens of the macbook pro? Thank you and who can give me the solution to this problem

  2.   jose said

    I do not know, I see the solution so simple that it surely has a trick hehehe. I mean, you may be able to clean the glass, but you're not preventing dust from getting in while it's open. We really don't know how this affects the imac.
    I do not doubt that your solution is effective, it is that it is so easy for me that perhaps that is why I have doubts
    a greeting

  3.   jack101 said

    @Jose Let's see, the thing is drawer, what's behind the beautiful glass is nothing more than a generic glosy monitor, let's go if it catches dust from having the glass removed for a few minutes you clean it like any other that does not come with the glass .

    @Alberto Rojas The truth is that I don't know how to remove the glass from the new MacBook pro, I haven't had one to test it. I don't think it also goes with magnets with so little space but maybe it has some kind of clasps or something, have you tried pulling with a suction cup to see what happens?

  4.   Felipe said

    It's certainly easy, easy with a little suction cup. I had, I have traces of moisture. Let me explain, on the screen there are still slight traces in the upper part, which also happened with the glass cover, these, I just deleted them right now, but the others? Anyway, I don't know if it's something more than a design flaw ... Any ideas? thanks.

  5.   jack101 said

    @Felipe you say that there is humidity UNDER the monitor's own glossy coverage as well as on the glass ??? because if it is on top, it is cleaned like any other monitor, if you want with that kind of foam to clean the monitors ...

  6.   Alberto Rojas said

    The screen on my MacBook Pro is 17 ″. And the mist and stains are inside or below, not above. It seems to me that it should be disassembled from the casing. Does anyone dare to do the test?

  7.   jack101 said

    @Alberto Rojas But… of 17? Macbook pro? It is not Unibody, of course, come on, it does not have glass in front, only the screen ... well, a bad solution, I think your problem is already an Apple thing ...

  8.   Alberto Rojas said

    It is not unibody, it is 2.33 GHz. I imagined it was something more delicate. You cannot imagine the problems when retouching the photos, ghost black dots everywhere. To Apple then.

  9.   jack101 said

    If you have black dots it is because it has dead pixels, to Apple but now!

  10.   Alberto Rojas said

    The dots look more like irregular, shapeless specks like fungi that appear inside photographic lenses.

  11.   jack101 said

    Damn that weird… Apple!

  12.   trocoloso said

    Hi all. Removing the screen is the most effective and long-lasting solution, but there is also another faster solution without the need to remove the screen: take a hair dryer and blow hot air directly on the imac screen, in a few seconds the condensation will be missing. As I said, it is a quick and practical solution, but after time the stains will reappear if the place is very humid. Greetings.

  13.   MANOLO said

    Hello I wanted to ask if removing the glass, the annoying glare disappears.

  14.   Diego said

    Hahahaha… .., you Mac users, I find them incredible.
    I just don't understand, of course, why don't you also put the glass in the dishwasher with ultra calgonit.
    Man, the truth is that this is an unforgivable mistake, if I had bought one and paid 1700 euros to have these problems, I would be screaming in the sky. And I am not a lost windows user who does nothing but criticize apple, on the contrary, after suffering with win vista I am wanting to buy an imac, but seeing this failure and another one that seems to be giving with the drivers of the graph I prefer to wait to see if they solve it, since 1649 euros that the model that I want costs, they are not spent every day.
    You, Apple users, should complain more when one of Apple's products is defective or has serious deficiencies, since in this way Apple would be much more concerned with satisfying and compensating its users. But if on the contrary, they act as they do, expressing left and right satisfaction for the product and even sometimes, turning its disadvantages into virtues (case of the iphone), it is normal that the company does not put the batteries at 200% to Solve the problems.

  15.   Alberto Rojas said

    I tell you that the thing was easily fixed. Since I have Apple Care, Apple changed my screen for free.

  16.   sakura said

    Of course, because you don't also put the glass in the dishwasher with ultra calgonit.

  17.   Alberto Rojas said

    Sakura, stop the nonsense, the idea of ​​the comments is that they are productive and useful, so we really help each other.

  18.   Fonsi said

    My problem is a bit complex, I have a perfect horizontal line with a dark color, the same color with the mist, at the bottom left, the line measures about 8 cm as if I had drawn it with a ruler, and it can only be seen with colors clear…. Sometimes it disappears when the mac has been off for days, I turn it on and it is not there, but it begins to show with the hours and it appears little by little the longer the time without turning off the makina. To tell the truth, and I cleaned the glass, km it seems that it is stale metrakilate, and it left it more sparkling than the gold, but unfortunately I see that it is behind the tft, and I dare not open the mac to clean the tft From behind, I don't know about people, but it shows a lot, and I am a graphic designer and annoying, in addition to that I am the ostia d miticulous with these things and the price of the makina is not exactly cheap…. thanks to all

  19.   Armando said

    Fonsi, you will see in lcd monitors, the brightness and colors are produced in different ways, it turns out that the colors are created by the pixels of the lcd, but the brightness is caused by horizontal lamps behind it, so if your fault is one of those lamps you should contact apple

  20.   jack101 said

    Yep, your TFT is broken, you must repair it and it must be covered by the warranty.

  21.   socrates said

    Hello very good, I have an iMac 24 ″ 2.8 ati radeon etc etc etc ...

    Like many people ... I got the happy stains inside the polycarbonate plate ...

    The Samsung monitor and the super-drive also failed me ... but that's another story.

    Even under warranty they systematically changed the glass every time the fog came out in the upper left corner.

    In my various excursions to ktuin I could see in the line of the technical service several iMac identical to mine with the same picturesque drawing… an authentic Renoir… fruit of the high temperatures ..

    Already being out of warranty ... the stains took only 2 3 days to appear ...

    Therefore, having seen a monitor break down ... I took a risk ...

    I carried out the isolation and more solutions but none worked ...

    This was my last attempt to get rid of my boy's fever ... so I drilled him ...

    To try to save his life ... I isolated with a special cardboard the source that is the real culprit ... of everything ... too hot ... too much ... I say no engineer thought of putting the source like a Mac mini ??, ...

    At the moment it is already rolling and a heat comes out that almost burns from behind .. I think that all that heat inside is very destructive and more with a monitor of this type ...

    If it works, something I don't know yet .. I'll tell you… Greetings!

  22.   jack101 said

    Good idea man but since you got on you could have centered and aligned the holes a bit to make them fit.

  23.   socrates said

    Hello, if the drill slipped a bit ... but it worked, the screen has not stained again, it also works cool, a heat comes out of the source impressive ... maybe it will last me another pull ... greetings!

  24.   jack101 said

    It would still be a good idea to mark the holes for the holes beforehand so that they do not deviate when starting to drill. There is also software, a certain Fan Control that allows you to set the computer's fans at a higher speed to force more air out of the upper slot, although the iMac may make noise then and that's not cool ...
    Right now I just succumbed to curiosity and installed it to test the noise. Yes, it sounds yes, but the temperature that marks it has dropped 23 degrees, from 73 it has dropped to 50. I remove it because I do not care if it is hot, it does not sound and I do not get steam, also the optimal temperature of the work of the album hard is 68º so better without fan control.

  25.   Mary and. said

    Thank you!!! I was out of the house for Christmas and with the cold it is doing, when I returned I found the glass of my iMac fogged up inside. I appreciate this post because after having read several blogs and forums I thought it would be difficult to solve ...
    I took out the protective glass without problems, cleaned it easily and as who says, it placed itself.
    I've been with the Mac for a short time and I love it. You can criticize, there is nothing perfect in this life (let's not be more popish than the Pope). But it is clear to me that where Apple has a fault there is always a simple and practical solution.

  26.   alexuco said

    I have disassembled the protective glossy glass, I have proceeded to clean it inside and out, and I still have the happy stains. I have done the cleaning thoroughly, with water, isopropyl alcohol, more water, drying and chamois. I've even recorded it to review later, and nothing at all. I have those spots inside the monitor. I'm already desperate….

  27.   jack101 said

    Those are no longer steam, they are smoke.
    you have to separate the cover from the monitor and clean it but this is already much more daring. It happened to me trying the smc fan control that by ventilating too much heat rose to the top of the monitor and stained.

  28.   squid said

    hello colleagues from the fever for these incredible devices; Hey, I have a 15-inch aluminum macbookpro, and a few light spots appeared on the screen recently, two of them, but they're only at the top of the "control bar" (file, edit, view, history, etc.). I'm a bit crazy and I like to invent more, so when my mac overheated and got stuck when rendering video or other heavy processes, I looked for a solution to cool it by water, underneath, with a system that modifies from a miniature artificial fountain (it is a little motor that extracts water from a glass, and sends it back to the glass through a long hose; I put the hose in a spiral underneath the mac and voila, the first mac cooled by water I said ...) apart from the light spots on the control bar there is also a kind of small scratch inside, which is in the lower left part of the screen; also appeared recently.
    Apart from all these data, I will tell you that I use the computer 8 hours in a row or more because I like to work all night, sometimes I have heated it up so much that the system (osx) goes crazy, and gives failures even after turning it off and on for hours later, but this has happened a few times and has fixed itself.
    Please help me, I am a student, and if this machine gets screwed I don't think I can buy another one for a long time. HELP!!!!!!!! thanks friends.

    Greetings from South America.

  29.   squid said

    my girl is a 15 inch macbookpro, 1.83Ghz intel core duo,
    2 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM, and it is several years old, I am its second owner, so I bought it second hand. recently I changed the battery for a very cheap Chinese generic, and some time ago I changed the memory card for the one you have now.

    another question: how do you measure the temperature of your macbooks; Could I do it with a tester that brings the function of measuring temperature? What is the optimal or normal operating temperature? What if I could use the tester to measure temperature where I put the sensor? in which part of the computer do I place the tester sensor? the part where my macbook heats up the most is below, between the battery and the edge where the screen is.

  30.   squid said

    (this is my girl):

    Model Name: MacBook Pro 15 ″
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro1,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core Duo
    Processor Speed: 1.83 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 2 MB
    Memory: 2 GB
    Bus Speed: 667 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: MBP11.0055.B08
    SMC Version (system): 1.2f10
    Serial Number (system): W86110R0VJ0
    Hardware UUID: 00000000-0000-1000-8000-0016CB881CFB
    Sudden Motion Sensor:
    State: Enabled

  31.   squid said

    Has anyone heard of a program that can correct white spots called "Pixel Fix" ???

    Does anyone know how to use it ????

    in another forum they say that the spots are due to the fact that a number of transistors (or whatever they are called) of those that control pixels are out of control, they say there, that Pixel Fix can reconfigure them.

    shit help !!!!!!!!! my university career depends on this machine and I still need to roll a bean (so we talk here).

    do not believe me fag, is that I study audiovisual media I mention cinema, photography, and video; I basically work with digital image processing, and shit if the screen is screwed up, it really affects me a lot.

    well thanks once again again little brothers.

  32.   squid said

    (friends I found this, but still answer me please):

    Got a plasma or LCD monitor with a stuck pixel (it never changes color)?

    Have a monitor with a dot that always seems a little brighter or a little duller than the rest of the screen?

    So possibly what you have is one or more stuck pixels.

    First of all, it should be noted that we are not talking about dead pixels.

    A dead pixel is normally one that appears totally black no matter what happens on the rest of the screen; that is to say, it is dead, without color.

    Clogging of a pixel can be caused by transistor dysfunction or by an inhomogeneous distribution of the liquid crystal or plasma.

    If you're having this problem, there is a simple way to try to fix it:

    * Turn off the computer and monitor. Using a damp cloth or piece of cloth, apply moderate pressure to the area where the problem is.

    Make sure not to press on other parts of the monitor, as you could cause problems in other sectors.

    * While you are exerting pressure, turn on the monitor and the computer.

    * Remove the fabric and hopefully the stuck pixel is back to normal.

    * The pressure helps disperse the liquid around the area where one or more pixels may be stuck. If this doesn't solve the problem, don't give up.

    You can try a repair software, such as JScreenFix or UDPixel, by clicking on the links below:

    Note that the method just described is only useful for stuck pixels, but will not work for dead pixels.

    Also, while it tends to have a large percentage of utility, it is appropriate to note that there are times when stuck pixels will not want to return to normal with this technique.

  33.   jack101 said

    Calamaro: Take that MBP apart and clean its vents. It is not normal for it to be so hot that it drives OS X crazy.
    I have had one of those working 24 hours a day, reaching an uptime of a couple of months in a row.

    Very interesting about the dead pixels, by the way ... I'll try. It has its logic.

  34.   alexuco said

    JACA101, if, as you say, they are smoke and not steam, how did you solve it? If I have to disassemble the case, no problem. But I have seen a tutorial that disassembled it whole and I think that I cannot access more than I did. I mean that as for the monitor there is no more. It would be different if I wanted to tinker something else, but once you remove the glossy protector, what else can you do ???

    For a sample I leave you the tutorial that I worked out for whoever it can be used for, or in case someone thinks of how I can remove my smoke stains.

  35.   jack101 said

    Well, I haven't decided to fix it yet, but I will.
    The day I do I will record a video of the process.

  36.   alexuco said

    Per jaca101, in the event that our human stain can be solved, how do you think it should be done? That is, if you remove the glossy to access the monitor, and the latter has the stains inside it, how are we going to clean them? I do not see a solution because there are no more pieces in the middle, the monitor is a whole impossible to explode, at least it is what I have seen.

  37.   jack101 said

    Nothing is impossible ... I know that my stains are under the gloss, when I scrap it I will upload the video, if the assembly is radically inaccessible, then it may be necessary to violate that radicality, but if that violation is detrimental to functioning, then I weigh the possibility immersing the entire monitor in isopropyl alcohol or some other dielectric liquid that will clean stains by contact.

  38.   alexuco said

    Maybe I have not explained myself well, or something escapes me. In my video that I post, you can see how I remove the glossy. Well, I thoroughly cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol, and nothing at all, because the stain was not there, but inside the monitor. Therefore, no matter how much I gave it, it was useless.
    The only solution that I see is if in addition to removing the first protector or glossy, the monitor can also be disassembled, but that sounds like big words to me, and not even in a video that runs online from the Apple technical service is «intuited »That the monitor can be exploded. It would also be a risk.

    Anyone have any idea of ​​bricomania?

  39.   jack101 said

    If you had explained yourself well, yes ... I still refer to disassembling the glosi monitor itself from inside and in case it cannot be exploded, immerse it completely in the dielectric solution. I do not think that the liquids of the colored cells, being watertight, are affected.

  40.   Machine said

    So you think we should be removing the glass from the screen every time we turn off the computer, because after turning off the spots of steam or hot air appear again. I am not conformist like you.

  41.   Igor said


    This method that you teach can also be done on the new iMac? Both 21,5 ″ or 27 ″?

  42.   jolumafez said

    Alexuco, the solution you propose, was perfect for me and very easy to execute. In a few minutes, I put an end to a few weeks of suffering, just thinking about charging my 7-inch iMac Core i27 to Apple service, even if it is covered by an extended warranty for more than two years.
    I don't know how long it will take before the spots (diffuse shadows) in the upper left and lower right of the monitor repeat. When cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, I noticed that the cloth was slightly blackish in color, so I presume that it was moisture and some smoke (I clarify that I am a smoker, just in case). The monitor surface was free of stains, as they were exclusively on the protective glass.
    I note that my iMac is a late 2009 invoice, so the presentation of the glass differs a bit from the model used in the explanatory video.
    Thanks again and I recommend the procedure to anyone who has a minimum of daring.

  43.   anita said

    Very good advice. Although I do not know if it would be so daring to resort to them, but surely in the event of a problem like this ... I would try it!
    I just saw a wet spot on my iMac screen at the bottom right. I have read a post with a tip, give it heat with the dryer, and I have done it. But now I look again and I do not know if it is that I have not done well, or is that it is returning to form!
    I'm going to take the dryer again ... ¬¬

  44. said

    Excellent advice mate. Suction cup, suede and to work again. And by the way, enjoy watching the Apple guys finish the interiors. Thank you

  45.   Alvaro said

    Hi, I have a 21,5 imac from the end of 2009. Trying to remove the happy glass that covers the screen has broken me in half ... The fault of the magnets when I was already separated, the one in a corner joined me and I was left with half of the crystal in the other hand .. Anyway, does anyone know where you can buy another crystal? I do not know what gives me to have it like this without glass, it seems that the poor thing is under construction

  46.   jack101 said

    Yup, here:
    A little expensive yes it is, but wow ...

    Edit: I just saw that this piece only works in the USA.

  47.   jack101 said

    Maybe you can ask a Benotac or any apple premium reseller that have technical service.

  48.   sachie said

    Hello I have the same problem with the screen and the damn fog.
    I wanted to know if after cleaning it the problem ended or you need to do it from time to time. Thank you

  49.   jolumafez said

    About a year ago, I took out the protective glass that was stained with mist and cleaned it carefully. Now I repeated the process, since the blessed stains had returned, but with the bad luck to discover that the screen also had a faint but visible stain, all over the right edge. I discovered that when I turn on the computer, this spot is not very visible and increases as the monitor warms up. This is worrisome and I will resort to the warranty service that is still in force, as I fear it will get worse over time.
    My theory is that these iMacs generate excessive heat, that they do not dissipate as efficiently as they should. I hope that the latest models with thunderbolt ports have improved this aspect (so far it seems to me that they have, but I don't know to what extent).
    My habit was to keep the machine on 24 hours a day, showing photo slideshows when not in use. I think that use is not good for these particular computers, so I advise against it.
    My opinion is that it is safer to buy a cinema display or thunderbolt monitor (which does not generate as much heat, possibly) and a Macbook pro, for example.
    As long as the monitor itself is not stained, it is a good idea to watch the outer glass for mist and clean it as often as necessary. If you got stained once, you can almost expect it to do it again.
    Another idea that I have thought of, is to place about three small fans (such as those of certain video cards or processors) in the lower slots of the monitor base, in order to force the air inlet a little towards the interior, to assist the deficit work of the internal ventilation system. I'll do it as soon as I get those fans.

  50.   jack101 said

    Fog stains will appear as long as atmospheric conditions are not "resolved"

  51.   jolumafez said

    It is perfectly correct: If the causes do not change, the effects will repeat. However, under the same environmental conditions, I have kept other machines and monitors working smoothly. Without the inconvenience of the fog that occurred and is repeated in the 27 ″ iMac from the end of 2009. It turns out that it is valid to suspect that the design of these iMac presents a cooling deficit or some other structural vulnerability, which causes the aforementioned problem in a significant number of these units. I guess that's not the case for all of them, which certainly would have put Apple in serious trouble. And I hope that in any case the new iMacs have some additional preventive fixes. I haven't totally lost confidence, since I got the new one a few days ago. However, I will watch it carefully in case history repeats itself, and also, I will try not to keep it on if it is not in use, for too long, which I do carelessly with Windows PCs. I will even keep an eye on the 15 ″ Macbook pro, also recently purchased. With the Mini I had no problem, using a generic monitor, under the same environmental conditions, using it (as I now intend to do with the iMac) as an audio and video server, for many hours a day.

  52.   chab said


  53.   Jose L. Mainieri F. said

    After a while after my 27-inch iMac moved around my house (as I gave it to my wife), I noticed that the stains on the right edge were disappearing on their own. This made me think about the possibility that the persistent stains were a product of «magnetization» of the screen, as a consequence of the fact that in the previous environment there are many electronic devices, but mainly, quite a few speakers from the home theater, the stereo equipment, and about four suwoofers. All of that of course is non-existent in the place where my wife uses that iMac.
    The new iMac has been in the same place and condition as the previous one for about 6 months, and so far it has not shown any staining problems. It could be that the affected iMac has a degaussing degaussing system, if such a system exists on this type of screen, as is the case with cathodic monitors and televisions.
    In the event that moisture has actually entered the monitor, by using a damp cloth to clean it, I suggest you consider two options at your own risk: 1) There are some electronic parts moisture remover sprays. You could try applying a little bit to a small part of the edge of the screen and see the results after waiting a couple of hours, before turning on the equipment again. 2) something more archaic, would be to apply heat with a hair dryer on low intensity, or put the screen near a space heater or better, a dehumidifier.
    The colleague who wrote that the problem would persist as long as the atmospheric conditions do not change is right… I would also add all the ambient conditions, such as interference or excessive or close magnetism.

  54.   Juan José said

    I have had an iMac for roughly and I've also had that problem, or those problems, since there are two, one, it is lack of permeability or sealing of the outer glass, in very humid places and especially, where it is usually smoked, smoke enters and / or moisture and stains the glass by dento. This is easy to solve as our friend jaka101 explains above, video included. But the real problem is the condensation of humidity due to the heat produced by internal devices such as: source, hard disk, fan motor, etc. To solve this if you do not have it under warranty, here you have something that has come in handy for me, it is somewhat bulky, but with a little patience and good hands it is solved. Look here
    It is a problem that Apple does not want to echo, but surely for what any equipment costs, we hope they are solving it.
    Good luck to everyone.

  55.   jolumafez said

    The article on how to clean stains from the heat generated by internal components of the iMac, is very complete and interesting, although personally, I would have difficulty deciding to carry it out. If the machine was under warranty, I would leave that job to Apple technicians. And if the warranty had already expired, I would consider having those same technicians do the work. By the way, I would take the opportunity to ask for a hard drive upgrade to 2 TB, if possible and some preventive idea that the problem of stains persists, if such a thing were in your hands. Unfortunately, whoever wrote the article, promised a second part, where he would explain how to prevent the stains from reappearing, but I have not seen or found that second part, which would be very useful, even when deciding whether to fearlessly reach into the interior of the iMac. .

  56.   Joseph said

    It is so extremely easy to clean, that you should bring it in the manual. What a price they have, they don't tell you how to clean it so you can call the technical service and charge you for "the pasture"

  57.   dimagic1 said

    Thanks I was already thinking of calling appel for the guarantee.

  58.   Fátima said

    Hello, something happens to me on the iMac that I don't know if it's related to humidity: when I turn it on, the entire screen appears with a whitish veil, when I put it to sleep and a moment later I press the mouse to get it out of sleep, that's it! !, the screen looks good and the milky veil has disappeared. Does anyone know why this is due? Has it happened to someone? How did you solve it? ... Thank you very much in advance.

    1.    Jordi Giménez said

      Good Fatima, what year is the iMac you have? If no one gives you an answer, you can call Apple directly, they may give you an explanation of why. I hope you solve it soon, a greeting.

      1.    Fátima said

        Hello, thank you very much for answering me. I'll call Apple as you say; the computer is from 2009. I hope to fix it soon. Greetings.

        1.    Jordi Giménez said

          Thanks to you and when you know something, tell us 😉


  59.   Immanuel said

    I just tried the trick because I had some spots on the screen, I thought it had a good seal so I did not know what to do, I read the post and tried it with the car gps suction cup. At the moment the screen came, I could clean it and it is placed. It took me five minutes to do it. Thank you.

  60.   Yiya rangel said

    I have a problem with MacBook Pro, a few days ago I detected that a huge white spot appeared on the screen. I don't know why this error is due, my Mac is no longer under warranty.
    I haven't dropped it, I haven't exposed it to the sun, I can't find the mistake I made to make this stain appear. I hope you can tell me something, thank you very much for your attention.

  61.   Angeles said

    Hello! The screen of my Imac seems that it is opaque in the upper corners and the center, it is noticeable only when it is off; what will it be?

  62.   Sergio said

    You are a crack. Two hours giving him to the screen, and in the end he fixes himself by washing it with the dishes. long live you!

  63.   Joseph Jesus said

    I have a 21,5 ″ table mac that was working very well, editing with finalcut, and adobe premiere cs6, recently the screen started to flicker at times, and it was normalizing I have an additional screen where I see the interface of the editing program .

    Three days ago the screen of my mac went off and the additional one continues working showing the editing program, it tells me that the mac works normally but with the computer screen off, when I turn it on the screen blinks and remains black remaining on only the additional screen. From time to time it turns on but not with the brightness it should have, it is opaque, I press the brightness keys and it is at maximum, I press the lower brightness key and the screen turns off.

    What could happen was the video card or screen damaged? I have run the diagnostic program but it does not indicate any damage.

  64.   Andrés said

    you are a machine man!

  65.   Jocyjoce said

    I turned on my IMAC to take some photos, suddenly I noticed the white spot that made them blurry in the images, and it grew. I turned it off and changed places and this mist disappeared. I'm going to try to clean it. But my question is, can I cover it with cloth? Because I have humidity in the site but in that part it is air-dried and so it was covered, it will be the cause of the damage.

  66.   Louis mantione said

    My IMAC was bought in 2008, it works well, but there are two details that are bothering me, the 1st: the CD drive is integrated, when I put a CD in it it got stuck and it doesn't come out in any way, and nobody has been able to help me because it turns out that you have to disarm it and the computer is hermetic !!!!!, and the 2nd: patches or black spots are beginning to appear on the screen! that are covering the screen but appear and disappear alone, WHO COULD HELP ME !!!!!

  67.   Angel said

    Bravo for the solution, you have quickly and easily removed a good displeasure from me.

  68.   Jonathan said

    Thank you wonderful, it was only to remove the glass and the stain disappeared by magic