5 ways to unlock an iPhone without having the password


5 ways to unlock an iPhone

With the arrival of the truly "smart", the possibility of saving all kinds of information on our devices also came. Among this information there may be less important data, such as conversations from the different messaging apps, and other more important ones, such as our passwords and even bank details. For this reason, it is more than usual for us to protect our devices with a security code. But what if we forget? In this article we will teach you 5 ways to unlock an iPhone in order to continue using it.

There can be many reasons why you want to unlock an iPhone or iPad without having the password, and one of them is that we have forgotten it. Another may be that we bought a second-hand device and its previous owner forgot to delete the code, which would be a real problem if we could not contact him again. In any case, here we leave you several options so that you can use your iPhone again no matter what happens in this regard.

Unlock an iPhone with iTunes

iTunes It can help us unlock our iPhone, but we must remember that it no longer exists in the latest versions of macOS. In addition, it is necessary that we have previously synchronized our iPhone with the Apple media player that is still available in Windows. These would be the steps to follow:


unlock password with iTunes

  1. We open iTunes.
  2. We connect the iPhone to the computer with the USB cable. This method will work as long as we do not see the window that indicates that we enter the security code, and the reason is that this code had already been synchronized with iTunes in the past.
  3. Now we disconnect the iPhone from the computer.
  4. We put the device in recovery mode for iTunes to detect it. How to do this will depend on the iPhone model, as we will explain later in the "Recovery Mode" section.
  5. With the "Connect to iTunes" message on the device screen, iTunes will display a message advising us that the iPhone has a problem and needs to be updated or restored. We choose the "Restore" option. After the restoration, we can use the iPhone, but we will have it without data, as if it were new.

With Find My iPhone

Another option to unlock an iPhone without the password is via Search my Iphone. To do this, we will do the following:

  1. Let icloud.com.
  2. There we choose «Search».


Erase iPhone

  1. We chose our iPhone.


Erase iPhone

  1. We click on "Erase iPhone" and then confirm by clicking "Erase". This will remove everything and we can use the iPhone as if it were new.

Unlock an iPhone with the Siri hack

This system it doesn't always work, but we add it to the list. It only works on some versions of iOS and the steps to follow would be the following.

  1. We asked Siri "what time is it". To invoke the voice assistant we can do it by pressing the physical button or using the command «Hey Siri». The clock will appear.
  2. We played on the clock.


Unlock iPhone with Siri

  1. Then the world watch list will appear.
  2. We tap on the plus symbol (+) to add another clock.
  3. When it asks us for the city to choose, we enter whatever it is, we touch the text field and then we choose "Select all."
  4. This will allow us to choose more options, among which we have to choose "Share". If we do not see the option to share, this method does not work on our iPhone.


Add clock

  1. In the new window that appears, we choose to share the clock time with "Messages".
  2. In the "To" section we write whatever and press "Enter".
  3. The entered text will appear in green. We select it and touch the plus symbol (+). The sheet for adding a new contact will appear.
  4. At this moment, we touch on the section to add the photo and then on "Choose photo." We will enter our gallery.
  5. Finally, we touch the start button to return to the main screen and we can now use the iPhone without limitations.

With recovery mode

Recovery mode

Another way to remove an iPhone password is with recovery mode. But there is one thing to keep in mind: Find My iPhone has to be disabled or it won't work. Also, we have to have synced the device with iTunes at least once in the last few days. Taking into account that this method is with iTunes, the latest versions of macOS where it is no longer available will not work. The steps to follow would be these:

  1. We make sure we have the latest version of iTunes installed.
  2. We start iTunes.
  3. We connect our iPhone to the computer. We remember that we must have synchronized it at least once in the last days.
  4. We put the device in DFU mode:
    • In the iPhone 8 or higher, we have to press and release the volume up button and the volume down button at the same time. Then we press the power / side button until the "Connect to iTunes" screen appears.
    • On the iPhone 7 / Plus we have to press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time and not release it until we see the recovery screen.
    • In the iPhone 6s / Plus and earlier we have to press and hold the start button and the shutdown button at the same time until we see the recovery screen.
  5. A message will appear informing us that an iPhone is connected in recovery mode and that we must restore it. We accept the message.
  6. Finally, we restore the device. Keep in mind that this method will also erase all data on the device.

A second variant of the method via recovery is to access with fixppo which has free functionality for enter and exit recovery mode with 1 click.

The safest and safest method: with iMyFone LockWiper

Another very interesting option compatible with iOS 13 that will offer us the best results is the one referenced by the web iMyFone LockWiper how can I unlock my iPhone. In addition and as we will explain later, it offers us extra options that we do not have available in any of the previous methods.

The process that will allow us to unlock an iPhone with this tool is as follows:

  1. We open iMyFone LockWiper.
  2. With the application open, we click on "Unlock Screen Passcode".


  1. Then we click on "Start" to begin the process. Here we have to bear in mind that all data will be erased, that the iOS version will be updated to the latest version and we have to make sure that our iPhone is always well connected to the computer to make sure that we do not find any fault.


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

  1. We connect the iOS device (works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) to the computer with the USB cable
  2. We click on «Next», which will start loading the information from our device. If it doesn't recognize it, we have to put it in DFU mode as we have explained above.

Tutorial 5

  1. The program will automatically detect our model and choose the necessary firmware.
  2. Once the type of device we have is detected, we click on «Download». If it does not allow us, we can click "Copy" to download the IPSW file from a web browser.


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

  1. Once we have downloaded the firmware, the installation will begin. If not, we can choose "Select" to choose the manually downloaded IPSW file.
  2. We wait a moment for you to download and verify the file.
  3. After verification, we click "Start to Extract".


  1. We wait for the extraction to complete.
  2. In the next step, we have to click on "Start Unlock", making sure that the iPhone is well connected to the computer.


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

  1. Next we have to carefully read the message that appears. If everything is correct, we have to add the number 000000 to confirm that we are sure of what we are going to do.
  2. Finally, we click on "Unlock" so that the device recovers completely automatically.


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

In all cases, after completing the process, everything will be erased and there will be no password or iCloud account associated with the device.

How to erase iPad without Apple ID

iMyFone LockWiper also allows us to do a few more things that we cannot do otherwise, such as:

  • Unlock an Apple ID without a password.
  • Delete the code from the iPhone of one that is locked, disabled or with a broken screen.
  • Bypass Restrictions or Time of Use passwords.
  • Bypass the MDM (Mobile Device Management.

Now let's see too how to erase iPad without Apple ID, which would also apply to an iPhone:

  1. We connect the iPad to the computer with LockWiper installed.
  2. We choose "Unlock Apple ID".


  1. We click on "Start to Unlock".


  1. We wait a few minutes until the iPad is reset without Apple ID. And that would be all. Once the process is finished we can use our iPad (and iPhone or iPod Touch) as if we had just taken it out of the box.

One year free promotion for our readers

With all it has to offer, it's no wonder some of you want to try a program like this. Well, you're in luck: downloading the free version for Windows and macOS and using the code F487SA, you can use it for free for a whole year. After that time, you will have to pay $29.95 to get this fantastic tool whose regular price is $ 69.95. And although our readers are probably less interested in the version of Google's mobile operating system, there is also a version for Android that you can download from this link.

With everything explained in this article, one thing has become clear: we no longer have to worry about losing our iPhone password because, at the very least, we can use it again as if it were new.

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