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Are you looking for the best browser for Mac? Currently on the market we can find a large number of browsers compatible with OS X. Most users use Safari since it comes installed natively and is the one that offers the best integration with the entire system. Even so, there is still a large part of users who detest Safari to the same degree that Windows users pest Internet Explorer, therefore, we offer you a list of top 10 browsers for Mac.

In the market we can find a large number of browsers that are designed to work with Apple's desktop operating system, although their number is somewhat smaller, of course if we compare it with the number of browsers compatible with Windows. But even so in this article we are going to show you the best browsers for Mac that will serve as alternatives to the most popular browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera ...

This list of the best browsers for Mac and OS X I am making taking into account my preferences and trying to explain the reasons which have led me to classify them in the following order. We hope that after reading the post you will be able to choose the best browser for Mac or the one that best suits your needs.

Safari, the best browser for Mac for many

Safari for Mac

Personally, if you are also a user of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Safari is the best browser for Mac that you can use. Synchronization between associated devices the same account allows us to consult the bookmarks and even the history of our MAC from any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In addition, the synchronization of the keys and user names through the iCloud Keychain make it the safest and easiest option to have all our data at hand wherever we are.

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Safari works fast enough that you don't think about using another browser that theoretically claims to be. Safari is designed by the same developers as OS X, so better optimization with the entire system and the different websites that we can access they are hard to beat. In addition, they also allow us to add the occasional extension to the browser so the excuse that Chrome is better in that sense is completely absurd.


Firefox for Mac

Despite the slow growth that Firefox is experiencing, this browser for Mac is still one of the best for OS X after Safari, which comes installed natively. Firefox has always been characterized by trying to protect the user's browsing as much as possible by blocking, within its possibilities, any type of access to our MAC through it. Another advantage that Firefox offers us is its independence and the privacy that it offers us when browsing, especially in typical web pages such as Amazon, which track our cookies to know what we are looking for and at what prices we have previously found it.

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One of the features that make it one of the best browsers for Mac is the possibility to add any type of extension. In fact there are many of them that are only available for Firefox without finding its counterpart on other platforms such as Chrome. Thanks to the synchronization between devices with Firefox we can also have all our bookmarks and passwords on all devices where we also have Firefox installed, whether Windows, Android, Linux ...

Download Firefox for free.


Chrome for Mac

Until relatively recently, the browser has always been the black sheep of Mac laptops. The high consumption of the entire ecosystem of applications to which it is always associated (Hangouts, Google Drive ...) made this browser a real headache for our MacBook battery. It did not matter which page you visited and whether it contained Flash or not, the fans of our MacBook always turned to full power for no apparent reason, hence its use has been greatly reduced in Apple laptops, not so in Mac's. desktop where consumption is secondary since we know that we are not going to run out of battery.

Fortunately, the latest version of Chrome for OS X solved this problem and the speed of the fans of our MacBook remained at adequate levels, as well as the battery consumption, but for many users it was too late and Chrome has not tread again their laptops. Chrome, like Firefox, offers us the synchronization of bookmarks between different devices and passwords, which makes its use much more comfortable without having to write down passwords to carry them. Further, the application and extension store offers us a large number of add-ons for our browser, add-ons that can sometimes be counterproductive as they occupy a large part of our Mac's resources.

Download Chrome for free.


Tor browser for Mac

Until Snowden's revelations were made public and the methods used by all governments, not just the North American, to spy on their citizens, many users have switched to the Thor browser. to leave no trace of your searches and be influenced by search results based on your location (IP).

Tor is based on Firefox which also allows us to customize this browser almost to the maximum. It is very likely that when you visit websites that have too much advertising and elements that track our activity, the browser will not work correctly, which will force us to deactivate certain aspects of the configuration. This browser for Mac is ideal for trolls, those users who like to create controversy on the web pages they visit and who are usually always blocked via IP.

Tor is available for free for download.


Opera for Mac

Personally, I am one of the users who thinks that Opera has not been able to adapt to current times and in the end it has ended up with very low user fees compared to previous years. The lack of configuration options, in addition to its sometimes crude operation, has made the public stop using it.

Opera also allows us to install extensions to customize our navigation and minimum requirements to function properly they are very low. A good option for less powerful equipment.

Opera is available for free for download.


Maxthon browser for Mac

Maxthon is a good alternative if you want to try another browser. It does not offer us anything out of the ordinary, which allows us to synchronize our browsing data with other devices, store passwords, autofill fields ... The issue of extensions does not work as it should since it only allows us to install a few of the Firefox and Chrome stores. Where this browser for Mac does stand out is in the requirements necessary to function, since unlike Chrome in its bad times, Maxthon does not require many requirements from our Mac.

Maxthon is available for download for free via the Mac App Store.

Maxthon Web Browser (AppStore Link)
Maxthon Web BrowserFree

Torch Browser

Torch Browser

Chromium-based browser, just like Chrome. This is the best browser for Mac that we can find for the consumption of videos and music, but it works especially when we focus on playing music through the browser. It also allows us to download the videos that we play in the browser without having to install any other extension as if it happens in Chrome. It also integrates an ideal torrent manager for download lovers. Being based on Chromium, Torch allows the installation of all the extensions available on the Web Chrome Store.

The use of extensions, as I have commented above, must be done in moderation or else we can turn the browser into a difficult mule to move on any Mac, regardless of its configuration. Torch notices especially when we add more than four extensions. Touch Browser is available for download for free.


Fake is a browser for Mac that makes automation easier. Fake allows us to drag browser actions to create graphical workflows without the need for a human interface. Created workflows can be saved and shared with more users. Fake is inspired by Automator from OS X and is a perfect combination of Safari and Automator that allows us to interact with the internet quickly and comfortably.

Fake is ideal for advanced users as it will allow them automate tasks when filling in long forms and image captures. All of Fake's automation features are powered by Mac OS X's native AppleScript scripting tool, allowing automatic scripting to be added to other common command line tasks.

This browser, being so specific, not available for free, priced at $ 29,95, but we can download a free version to see and test its operation.

Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser for Mac

Yandex, of Russian origin, is the browser of the Russian search giant Yandex, they have not bothered to change the name as if Google did by calling their browser Chrome. Yandex is known for being one of the fastest browsers for Mac that we can find in the market, protects us from dangerous websites that contain malware and also protects and informs us when we connect to a public Wi-Fi network, so that we take care of the information we enter.

Regarding customization, Yandex allows us to customize the browser background to adapt it to our tastes, something that very few browsers can currently offer. Like many other browsers, it also offers us the possibility to synchronize our browser and login data with other devices, since Yandex is also available for iOS and Android.

Yandex is available for download for free.

Sleipnir Browser

Sleipnir browser for Mac

Sleipnir Browser developer claims they have created this browser in the image and likeness of how you would like make it your favorite browser, thumbnails of the pages of the right size to be seen without leaving our eyes, search fields with options, easy to find the open tab you need at that moment ...

Sleipnir is designed to be able control navigation through gestures on the Track Pad or Magic Mouse, leaving aside the typical up and down movements to move around the page we are visiting. It has keyboard shortcuts to speed up navigation, so that the mouse is not even necessary to be able to navigate comfortably. This browser offers us the possibility of opening up to 100 different tabs, that is, if the performance as you open tabs decreases considerably.

Sleipnir (AppStore Link)


"Vivaldi" is one of the most recent Mac browsers, however, it has extensive experience as it has been developed by the company Vivaldi Technologies, which was created by the founder and former CEO of "Opera" (browser which we have already seen above) Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

It is a freeware browser with a “reactionary” touch as it arises as a reaction to the transition made by Opera from Presto to Blink, hence its current motto is “A browser for our friends”.

"Vivaldi" is a web browser for Mac designed for those users who spend many hours surfing the net, therefore it is defined as “Personal, helpful and flexible”, And the truth is that it is. For example, you can choose the location of the tabs on the top, bottom or on one of the sides, and you can even decide the address bar location. In addition, you can also customize gestures with the mouse, the appearance, keyboard shortcuts and more.

Among its most outstanding functions and features we can point out that it offers one of the most powerful historical navigation with usage statistics that are presented in a very visual way, the ability to browse websites and find links easily and much more. It also has a useful notes panel where you can paste the text that interests you the most, add a link and even images, a powerful bookmark manager that will facilitate its use regardless of the quantity, function "Stacking of tabs", etc.

You can download Vivaldi for Mac completely free of charge on its official website.

Rockmelt, the social media browser


"RockMelt" is a browser for Mac specially designed for those users who browse a lot through their social networks, especially on FaceBook. Based on Google's Chrome browser, RockMelt has the advantage of social media integration and special controls so that you have your friends "close" 24 hours a day. It also includes a chat bar, possibility of adding social networks, updating your status directly from its spatial controls and much more.

As we said, it is a browser based on Chrome so it includes all the power, performance and functions of it, with the advantage of having your social networks integrated.

You can download RockMelt for Mac for free here!.



"Flock" is a web browser designed for multiple platforms, including Apple's Mac. As a graphic engine it uses Gecko, which is the same as that used in Mozilla Firefox, and its advantage or most outstanding feature is its powerful integration with important services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube. In this way, Flock users can boast of quick and direct access to any of these services.

Another of its outstanding features is the flock sidebar, so much so that it could be defined as the main pillar of this web browser. It is a space from which users have direct access to their RSS feeds and Favorites.

But it is not all because Flock also has:

  • The ability to write new blog posts and websites in WordPress, Livejournal or Blogger even if you are not connected to the internet at the time.
  • A mighty clipboards on-line where you can save texts, links, images that are relevant for you to consult or use later.
  • The power option share photos on Facebook or Flickr without having to leave the browser.

You can download the Flock web browser for free here!.

Here you have a good series of alternatives when browsing the web as standard that Apple includes in its Mac computers, from some as prestigious and popular as Firefox, Chrome or Opera, to others less known but with a minimalist design, intuitive and full of functions, power and performance, like Vivaldi or Tor. Now you choose, which one do you choose?

A few years ago we had a greater variety, but many browsers have stopped updating as Caminoothers like rockmelt was bought by Yahoo, Flock It is changing its strategic objectives and we do not know and if it will return with its browser for Mac. Sunrise Browser directly ceased to exist and does not currently have a website.

Would you add any more to this list? What is for you the best browser for Mac?

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

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  1.   salomon said

    Personally, I have tried several browsers on my MacBook Air, the one that most caught my attention was Crome because of its translation, but very soon I had to go back to Safari, due to the gestures of which most Crome does not have.

    1.    Miguel Angel Juncos said

      Totally agree. Chrome is superior in many ways, but Safari's built-in multi-touch gestures are priceless. I love running two fingers on the trackpad to go backwards, for example.

      1.    your dead said

        As of today, the feature is available and chrome has overtaken Safari on mac. The tortoise has overtaken the hare.

  2.   Juan said

    I use Firefox and Thunderbird for email on Mac and also on PC. The only place I use Safari is with the iPad. Reasons? Trust, security, customization. I don't trust anything, but nothing about Chrome or Big Brother Google and its eagerness to capture more and more data without you knowing.

  3.   Chafic BG (@chaficbaw) said

    Maybe one could run a bit faster than another, but the use of "gestures" with the trackpad is second to none, the best browsing experience. greetings thanks for the note.

  4.   birth said

    can you install the Russian Sputnik browser on a Mac?

  5.   crireybar said

    Hi, I have a question. Chrome is no longer updating for my Mac so there are many pages that I cannot enter. My operating system is as follows: OS X 10.8.5. It won't let me update it, or install Firefox ... And I don't know why Safari doesn't work for me either! 🙁

    1.    ane said

      The exact same thing happens to me and I don't know how to solve it, have you managed to do something? a greeting

  6.   Nicole said

    Do you know if there is a Mac compatible metasearch engine?

  7.   Peponet said

    Firefox Quantum (version 57) forever!

  8.   Anne Swan said

    I can no longer open many pages on my Mac than before and I have safari, what can I do?

  9.   Yolanda said

    I did not know a few of the list, I will have to try them since I don't like Safari as much as I used to ...
    If you want more info there is another website with very useful articles talking about this.
    I hope someone else will be of help, thanks and best regards!