Editorial team

Soy de Mac is a medium of the AB Internet group that since 2008 has been sharing with all its readers the news, tutorials, tricks and all the current information about technology in general and Mac in particular.

At Soy de Mac we are clear that the most important thing is to share as much information as possible about what is really passionate about all those who visit us and who need or are looking for detailed information on products or software related to Apple and Mac. The user community continues to grow day by day and today we can say that we are among the most influential media on Macs and Apple in general.

El editorial team of Soy de Mac It is made up of the following authors:

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    • Manuel Alonso

      Fan of technology in general and the Apple universe in particular. I think that the MacBook Pro are the best devices that carry the apple. The ease of use of macOS gives you the ability to try new things without going crazy. You can also read me on iPhone today.

    • Tony Cortes

      Hooked on the universe created by Jobs and Woz, ever since my Apple Watch saved my life. I enjoy using my iMac every day, whether for work or pleasure. macOS makes it easy for you.

    • Alexander Prudencio

      Passionate about technology, and an Apple fan since an iPhone 3GS fell into my hands.

    • Rodrigo Cortina

      Economist by profession and lover of technologies and maker by vocation. I started in the world of PCs with my Pentium I in 94 and since then I haven't stopped trying new things. He currently collaborates with SoydeMac as a news editor about the world of Apple and its products.

    • Luis Padilla

      Bachelor of Medicine and Pediatrician by vocation. Passionate about technology, especially Apple products, I have the pleasure of being the editor of "iPhone News" and "I'm from Mac". Hooked on the series in original version. Podcaster with Actualidad iPhone and miPodcast.

    • Manuel pizarro

      Technical Architect passionate about technological advances and devices. Fascinated by Apple ever since Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone. I live halfway between Windows, which I use for work, and macOS, which organizes and improves my digital life. I like to share what I enjoy writing and show my photos even if I take too many...

    • Adrian Perez Portillo

      At daytime; Systems engineer and developer. At night; Analyst and Writer.

    • Miguel Hernández

      Lover of technology in general, as Jobs said: "Design is how it works."

    • Louis Rollon

      Passionate about Apple products and its entire ecosystem. iOS developer for more than 6 years. He currently works as a Product Designer and writes about technology.

    Former editors

    • Jordi Giménez

      Coordinator at Soy de Mac since 2013 and enjoying Apple products with all their strengths and weaknesses. Since 2012 when the first iMac came into my life, I have never enjoyed computers so much before. When I was younger I used the Amstrad and even a Comodore Amiga to play and tinker, so the experience with computers and electronics is something that is in my blood. The experience gained with these computers during these years means that today I can share my wisdom with other users, and it also keeps me in constant learning. You will find me on Twitter as @jordi_sdmac

    • Ignatius Hall

      It wasn't until the mid-2000s that I started stepping into the Mac ecosystem with a white MacBook that I still have. I currently use a Mac Mini from 2018. I have more than ten years of experience with this operating system, and I like to share the knowledge that I have acquired thanks to my studies and in a self-taught way.

    • Peter Rhodes

      Technology lover, especially Apple products. I was studying with a macbook, and currently Mac is an operating system that accompanies me on a daily basis, both in my training and leisure time.

    • Javier Porcar

      Crazy about technology, sports and photography. Like many, Apple changed our lives. And I take my mac anywhere. I love being up to date with everything, and I hope it helps you enjoy this operating system as much as I do.

    • Miguel Angel Juncos

      A microcomputer technician since my beginnings, I am passionate about technology in general and Apple and its products in particular, of which I am fascinated by Mac. I enjoy both work and many leisure moments with my laptop.

    • Carlos Sánchez

      I am simply passionate about Apple products, like millions of other people. The Mac is part of my daily life and I try to bring it to yours.

    • Jesus Arjona Montalvo

      Developer in iOS and IT systems, currently focused on learning and documenting myself every day about the Apple operating system. I research everything related to Mac and I share it in news that will keep you up to date.

    • javier labrador

      Electronic Engineer passionate about the Apple world and specifically about Mac, of those who bet on innovation and technology as a way to improve our environment. Addicted to never giving up and learning every moment. So I hope that everything I write is useful to you.

    • Jose Alfocea

      Always eager to learn, I love everything related to new technologies and their connection with the educational sector and education. I am passionate about Mac, from which I am always learning, and always communicating so that other people can enjoy this great operating system.

    • Francisco Fernández

      Passionate about technology in general, and especially everything related to the world of Mac. In my spare time, I dedicate myself to the administration of some projects and web services such as iPad Experto always with my Mac, from which I learn daily. If you want to know the details and the virtues of this operating system, you can consult my articles.

    • Ruben gallardo

      Writing and technology are two of my passions. And since 2005 I have the luck to combine them collaborating in specialized media in the sector, using of course a Macbook. The best of all? I continue to enjoy like the first day talking about any program that they release for this operating system.

    • Karim Hmeidan

      Hi there! I still remember when I got my first Mac, an old MacBook Pro that despite being older than my PC at that time gave it a thousand turns. Since that day there was no going back ... It is true that I continue with PCs for work reasons but I like to use my Mac to "disconnect" and get to work on my personal projects.

    • Carlos Eduardo Rivera-Urbina

    • lilian urbizu

      My name is Lilian Urbizu and I love to write. I am an SEO copywriting editor, specialist in content marketing, Amazon KDP and SEO-based web positioning.

    • Andy Acosta

      I love science and technology involved in creating useful products. The only thing better than seeing fine equipment running is seeing how it was conceived and created. Know that any advertising you do to Apple is completely free.

    • amine arafa

      I am passionate about the Apple universe, since I was able to have Steve Jobs' iMac in 2012. Although, I continue to praise the durability and resistance of my first mobile phones from the legendary and admired Finnish brand Nokia. I have been using mobile devices for more than 2 decades, which has made me an insatiable self-taught veteran internet user who thrives on whatever is new in the Apple ecosystem and other brands specialized in communication technology.