Apple, when a good product is the best advertisement.

An unusual phenomenon in the world of technology has been taking place for a long time. Apple manages year after year to maintain (when not to increase) its turnover and the impact on the sector, but only spending a third of what the competition spends in promoting their products. How can it be that with such a low investment in ads and in sponsorships get that strong brand image?

Official figures don't lie

You can not deny that Apple makes announcements. Obviously, their spending in this regard is much more present in the US where they have a greater market share. But here in old Europe it is not so common to meet ads on TV (except in product launches or as a sales reinforcement for lagging products) not to say that I do not know sporting events sponsored by the Cupertino company, or football teams with their logo on their shirts.

Official figures say that in 2013 Apple spent a little over 1000 billion dollars (the highest figure in its history) on advertising, slightly surpassing the investment of brands such as Dell or HP, but below Microsoft and well below Samsung, who in 2012 spent slightly more than 4000 millions of dollars.

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Satisfaction survey 2014

So what is the secret? why Apple spends less than most of the industry but continues to achieve such good sales results and position its brand?

When a good product becomes your best advertisement

Yes it's correct, Apple sometimes he is wrong. It makes mistakes in the design or does not implement those options that users would like to be able to enjoy on our devices, but as a general rule it makes very good products. Makes products superior to most manufacturers, solid, durable products (I still have a iPhone 3g), with top quality materials, products with a very careful design and above all cares a lot about user experience.

That feeling that he who has a iPhone or iPad has a special product it is not accidental, they already take care of it in the design department, there if money is spent Apple. Anyone who has had one of these products knows what I mean, they are reliable products, where the software and hardware have been made together to get the best performance and where the failures are usually anecdotes.

Brand satisfaction surveys always leave those of Cupertino at the top of the lists and the value of the brand remains among the most valued. The only thing that lowers that ratio is usually the price, 600 or 700 euros for a terminal is still a lot of money for many people, but if a product is of such high quality it is worth it.

The user as an advertising platform

With all this Apple it continues to sell a huge number of devices, lately more to young people, and that is one of the keys to its success. All your life it has been said that word of mouth is important when selling a product, Apple The "sight by sight" comes in handy since its products are strategically positioned all over the world so that we can see them and have that need to buy them. From the soccer field where you see people recording the game with their iPad, through television series or movies where the protagonists appear calling from their iPhone or writing an email with your MacBook, not to mention all those celebrities who wear iPhone and it is evident in their tweets or their posts on Facebook and without forgetting advertisements from companies in other sectors that use a iPhone as an example of a smartphone without naming it. That is making a dent in the user who is inadvertently bombarded daily with images of products with the apple on the back.

In this section I would not like to forget about the competition. These days we have seen how Samsung lost a lawsuit for patent infringement against Apple (another one) since it had used in some models patents referring to actions as simple as "slide to unlock" and similar things. That is also advertisingThat your most direct competition uses your resources and copies you is one of the largest advertisements that exist and that has the most media impact, judging by.

The great conquest of Apple is having one of the best product development departments in the tech world, that gives you a double reward: you save money on advertising and your satisfied users with a great product are the best advertisement any brand could wish for.

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