How to make the 2021 income statement from the iPhone

Tax return on iPhone

Like every year, each one of us Spaniards must comply with the Treasury through the Income Statement. If they are not within the assumptions of the so-called exempt income, then you have the obligation to present the income from work, movable and real estate capital, those derived from the exercise of economic activities, capital gains and losses, and income allocations. One of the ways is to make an appointment and let the administration itself carry it out, but believe me when I tell you that it is better to do it yourself to get all the possible deductions. there are many ways to make it and present it, each year it is easier nowHere we are going to explain how to file the tax return from the iPhone.

This year it's time to file the 2021 income statement

So that we don't get into trouble. Although we are in 2022, The declaration that we must present is that of 2021. The Treasury asks for the returns of the previous year. We pay taxes or they pay us from the Administration depending on what we have entered and spent in the previous year. Knowing this, we are going to see how we can easily file the tax return from the iPhone without too many complications.

Right now we are in the middle of the campaign to file the 2021 income tax return. It covers from last April 6 to next June 30. As we said before, we can make an appointment with the Agency itself so that an official can help us process it. we can too do it online on your website, but the best thing is to do it from our iPhone, which is not only used to receive or make calls or to play Apple Music. For this we can download some other application that has been created for it. The Tax Agency has its own, for the record.

Now, before launching like crazy to download or search for it in the App Store, wait a moment and I'll leave you the link right away, I want to tell you that whenever you are going to do something with the Public Administration, you need some type of valid online identification . Normally we would use the electronic DNI, but of course, using it on the iPhone is not possible, so we will have to use the  Cl@ve PIN service.

Official application of the Treasury for the 2021 income statement

Once I think we have all the preliminaries clear, we can start by downloading the official application of the Public Administration

AEAT (AppStore Link)

Once downloaded, the steps to follow are quite simple, but you have to be careful and do it with concentration, otherwise the subsequent procedures to be able to rectify are a real pain and it won't be that simple. We are supposed to do this so as not to spend all day waiting or filling out forms and explaining motivations. Not by running we are going to spoil something that is relatively simple.

Let's see the steps:

  1. We open itto app on our iPhone
  2. We played on Rent 2021.
  3. We introduce our DNI or NIE and its validity date or, failing that, the support number.
  4. We touch Continue.
  5. We introduce again the DNI and the PIN generated by the app Cl@ve PIN. A Push notification should show us the pin directly, if not, we have to open the application that we will have to have installed. Just in case, I'll leave the link right here.
Cl@ve PIN (AppStore Link)
Cl @ ve PINFree

Once we have correctly identified ourselves, we will have to select the Income 2021 option again. There we will see all the options that are available according to our user. we have to go to the Processing the draft/declaration option, which will appear second.

For the record that the draft that the Treasury has on our activity and that according to the Administration is "technically perfect". In fact, many people take it as something perfect and continue without reviewing it first. Although this post is not about explaining how to make the Income Tax return itself, I do advise you to review it. The Treasury has data but it does not have to have all of it. It is advisable to check for example:

  • The information of the estate and its cadastral references
  • Fees to unions.
  • If they have changed us personal and/or family circumstances
  • Plans of pensions
  • Housing usual or if we have rented in that year
  • Deductions regional

When we are sure that there is nothing else to check, we move on. 

The next thing he asks us is to identify our spouse. This is done if we want to make the joint or individual declaration. Normally, and I say normally, because each case is unique, if both partners work, it is more profitable to do it individually.

Once we have chosen, we enter a window that shows us a summary of our draft. The important thing is that it shows us the amount to be paid or returned by the Treasury. If we agree, we press continue, which is the button to submit the declaration. With that we are done. The annual and mandatory declaration has already been submitted to the Treasury and everything from the iPhone and not like in the past when we had to review each ticket or invoice.  In the end we can keep the declaration presented in PDF format.

Companion apps

Apart from the official application, which is the one we recommend so that there are no problems and if there are, to be able to claim before the official Administration and make use of its security, there are third party apps who also help us with this annual procedure and why not say it, cumbersome.

We start with an application that has an agreement and is a collaborator with the Tax Agency: Taxfix: Income Statement 2021

[App 1596890250]

Being a collaborator of the Agency and having an agreement with it, allows you to present taxes with our digital certificate through the electronic headquarters of the Treasury. With this application we go one step further. It will help us to make the declaration from the beginning. It will ask us a series of questions at the beginning, such as: children, work, rent and much more. That way they can look for the deductions that can benefit us.

One of the nice things about the app is that It's not a machine that does the work, there are people behind you that you can talk to in case of doubt.

Once you have created your account with them, the App connects to the Treasury and obtains from it our fiscal data. They claim that they can prepare the draft in a day or two and send it to us for us to review. If we give the go-ahead, they present it for us.

Of course, for the process to be completed, you must bear in mind that it has a price that you must pay. It is usually around forty euros.

As you can see there are options. The official one if we agree with the draft or that of third parties, which is like hiring a manager but we do everything through our iPhone and in each case, it is easy and safe.

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