The iPhone 5 versus the 4S

The new iPhone 5 de Apple it is already in our power. With a larger screen, more powerful processor or improved camera, it is one of the most desired terminals of the moment.

To start using the 'smartphone' it is necessary to have a nanoSIM card. In other words, if you have a terminal that uses a normal SIM or a previous Apple with microSIM, you will have to go to the operator to change. Then we can activate it via Wi-Fi or by connecting it to a computer.

To activate it, the new Lightning cable is necessary and the 30-pin connector does not work. It comes with the mobile, but if you want to use the terminal with accessories such as 'docks' for previous models, you will have to go to the checkout and buy an adapter.

Having the iPhone 5 in hand, it is surprising how light (112 grams) and thin (7,6 millimeters) it is, since it is 18 percent thinner and weighs 20 percent less than the previous model, the 4S (9,3 millimeters thick and weighing 140 grams).

By way of comparison with two of the best terminals currently on the market: the Samsung Galaxy S III it weighs 133 grams and is 8,6 millimeters thick; and the HTC One X it weighs 130 grams, with 8,9 millimeters.

As there is no plastic on the iPhone 5 case, despite how thin and light it is, the feeling is very good. The rear (mixed aluminum and glass) also offers a good feeling. We liked it less than the previous full glass, but it makes the iPhone 5 thinner and will surely cause less breakage. A recent survey ensures that this aluminum part is prone to scratching. And it could be true, because in just a few hours using the terminal, we have already found scratches on the apple -which is now not protected by a glass-.

Saturation on the screen has increased by 44 percent and it shows in the image quality, despite the pixel density being the same (326 dots per screen). Colors appear more vivid than on the 4S screen with the naked eye. In addition, the size has increased from 3,5 to 4 inches, preserving the width of the terminal, which increases the resolution to 1136 × 640 pixels (from the 960 × 640 of the previous model).

Apple ensures that the width has been maintained because it is ideal for using a mobile with one hand, thus maintaining the experience with the previous model.

The truth is that we have never had problems with wider terminals from manufacturers like HTC, Samsung Motorola, but we can not fault it in this regard from a functional point of view either. The iPhone 5 is very comfortable to handle, the image quality is high and effectively ensures that the experience hardly changes compared to the iPhone 4S despite the fact that more information is enjoyed on the screen (now there is room for one more line of apps).

On the other hand, small details such as the aluminum edge of the mobile have also been taken care of. Now it is not cut squarely and leaves a blank corner when meeting the display glass, but has been diamond cut at a 45 degree angle with a gloss finish.

Another curious detail that Apple has changed is the situation of the port of entry for helmets. Now, it is not in the upper left corner. Although that location is the one that Apple has always used, something that other manufacturers have made their own, it was a drawback for many.

Users who carry the terminal in their pocket, we usually carry it face down and usually with the screen attached to the thigh, so that as we put our hand we can take it, ready to use. However, this natural wearing position was impossible with previous models if we were wearing a connected helmet. It had to be kept "backwards." Silly change, but that affects a daily and constant use of the mobile.

This change brings us to the new helmets, the EarPods, which come with the iPhone 5 in its own case. Although we did not buy from Apple that they are at the level of high-end in-ear headphones from other manufacturers, they do improve the previous model, which has been with us for so many years.

The famous scan of thousands of ears has resulted in helmets with an odd design, but which fit surprisingly well in the ear. The absence of rubber around it does not make them more uncomfortable and, incidentally, we will save them from breaking in the future, something that happened with the previous ones. All this together with the two audio outputs of the housing, direct to the ear and forward, achieve a more forceful sound.

Those who want some really good headphones will keep looking outside, but those who use Apple headphones will appreciate the arrival of the EarPods. And taking into account that the helmets that accompany the mobile phones of the manufacturer that are on the market are usually quite loose, this is an improvement that is appreciated.

As for the rear camera, the main one, Apple has kept the 8 MP of the 4S and has slightly improved the optics - in a smaller body - to better capture colors and quality in poor lighting conditions.

The jump is not abysmal in this sense and the main contribution - in addition to the panoramic mode of iOS 6, only compatible with this mobile and the 4S - is that it now captures images much faster. And there is still work to be done, since the Samsung Galaxy S III or the HTC One X are even faster and have burst mode, which is not here. Another addition to the camera in the iPhone 5 is taking pictures while recording a video. In addition, Apple has protected the lens with a special glass that, it says, does not scratch.

Performance and applications

The A6 processor approximately twice as powerful as the previous generation. In addition to doubling the graphics performance, it allows optimized applications to load 2,1 times faster than with the A5. Also, the RAM has increased from 512MB to 1GB.

We will have to wait for the developers to adapt the applications so that they take full advantage of the 'smartphone', both in the size of the screen and in the performance. However, we have already seen that they take much less time to load, even if they have not been optimized. In addition, especially graphically demanding video games, which were hitting jerks on the 4S, move more fluidly on the iPhone 5.

As for how they are displayed in the new screen format, Apple has decided not to opt for a rescaling as occurs on the iPad when we load iPhone 'apps'. In this case, they appear centered on the screen and leave small black margins on the sides. The result is ugly, and we hope that companies will not rest on their laurels.

In this first contact we did not want to stop talking about the battery. Although we have not been able to do an exhaustive test of the duration, since we have only had a few hours with the mobile, we do have an initial impression that we want to share.

Despite the higher performance of the terminal and the larger screen size, the battery life seems to be in line with the iPhone 4S. We have used both phones simultaneously, running the same applications and performing the same actions, such as sending emails or consulting social networks and the battery consumption has been similar. We would have liked an improvement in this regard, even if it would have resulted in a greater thickness.


Apple has been continuous. However, a phone is not a device that can be infinitely innovated with. The company has improved in almost everything where its iPhone had lagged behind the competition, that is, in aspects such as power, camera performance or screen size. There will be those who do not like the format of these 4 ″, but of course it manages to maintain the experience of previous models as Apple intended. What we liked the least is the battery performance, which is in the line of the iPhone 4S and was a great pending task. On the other hand, it is incredibly light and thin and the combination of design and materials is excellent; we could say that the best the market in this regard.

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