Microsoft is working on trying to fix Office 2016 bugs on Mac

Office 2016-mac-bugs-0

Almost a week ago OS X El Capitan was released to the public and in addition to the improvements that it brought with it at the time, it also has had certain "run-ins" with software that previously worked correctly in OS X Yosemite, an example of this we have in Office 2016, Microsoft's office suite.

Users of this Office 2016 for Mac They have experienced some serious errors when using the software, both Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint are suffering freezes, even users with Office 2011 also have some other problem with Outlook in OS X El Capitan. Different publications have received complaints from said users in addition to an open thread on the Microsoft support website talking about the different problems.

Office 2016-mac-bugs-1
Microsoft is aware of these problems with its software and has been responding to the different complaints of the users. In the open thread on the support website, the Microsoft Program Manager, Faisal Jeelani, stated that the company is working hard with Apple to solve these problems, but said that there is not yet a specific period of time to give a solution.

We know that some users may be experiencing problems with Office 2016 for Mac when running on El Capitan. We are actively investigating the matter with Apple. Until there is a solution, people are advised to install the latest Office 2016 for Mac updates using Microsoft AutoUpdate.

Problems range from random crashes, while other users they are not even able to open any program Office. On the other hand and in particular Outlook, the application with the most problems, even Office 2011 users in some cases cannot access their inboxes.

For now the only solution is to install a previous version, that is, Office 2011 (without using Outlook as a mail manager) and wait for Microsoft to release a definitive patch that fixes this situation to update again.

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  1.   Joseph Agudo said

    It's a disaster, hang up, it takes a long time to open any application ... thanks to Outlook 2016 I have discovered Airmail and because there is no acceptable alternative to excel and word that if not ...

  2.   RaulG said

    - The native application, Mail, does not show messages from VIP contacts.
    - Photos opens automatically when you connect an iPhone even if you don't have photos to download.
    - Power on is slower than the latest version of Yosemite.
    - Cleanmymac 3 does not work and must be downloaded and installed again.
    - The others seem to work, but not much of a performance gain.

  3.   dario said

    - I also have crashing problems with the new «Split Screen» when it comes to viewing an Office application.
    - Problems as Autodesk Autocad, hangs.

  4.   Ismael Palacios-Baeza said

    I think I'm going to ditch my Mac and switch to PC, as many friends and acquaintances have recommended. The MacBook I bought as a work tool and I had the bad idea to install the Captain which has caused such problems with Word that I am in severe trouble with my work commitments. I think it is irresponsible for Apple to launch an operating system that causes problems with Office, which is, without a doubt, the most used suite in the world. What does Apple say? is it going to stay like the Volkswagen?

  5.   Ismael Palacios-Baeza said

    Apple should publish a system to go back, from El Capitan, to the previous version of OSX 10 which is excellent. I think it is the only way to compensate the unwary who have served as Guinea Pigs »

    1.    Leo Echevarria said

      I have serious problems since I installed the captain, I cannot use Word and it freezes all the time, what to do to solve it? Help!

  6.   Raul said

    As I solve the following problem, download Office 2016 and when trying to install, I get a message that tells me that office is not compatible with OS X, it tells me that I should download Window, is there any way to run it using the Mac operating system?

  7.   Alvaro said

    I use power poin for conferences, I have a Mac, with oofice 2016 it goes fatally, I have updated El Capitan and what can I do the same or worse?

  8.   Reinaldo said

    It's a disaster, excel 2016 does not read some files, and if it does read them it does so with errors. I connected with the online technical assistance, I explained that I could open that file and others with any version from prior to 2016. After making me work with different alternatives, he told me that the problem was with the file. I told him that that file was being used by many people and none with problems. He insisted that I review my files, I have 50.000 files to review. Well with that answer I went to the maconline store in the Alto de las Condes de Santiago de Chile, after wasting time with many alternatives, he told me if it opens with Numbers, it is an excel problem and the opened file told me that the problem was from excel but that they couldn't do anything. Talk to the store manager he told me »Does the file they sent you come from a Mac? I replied that he did not tell me »there is the problem, if not from mac to mac it does not work? I thought we're wrong given that answer. The problem for him is that he had two Macs, one with excel 2016 and one with excel 2011 and I showed him that with 2011 if he opened and with 2016 not. HE TOLD ME WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING OR REFUND THE MONEY OR INSTALL ANOTHER. GO TO OFFICE. and here I am with a computer recently bought for a value close to US $ 2500 and I can't work on it.
    I am very disappointed with MAC and With OFFICE and moreover with the latter I have no alternative of use.

  9.   Shellfish said

    I have a Mac book pro retina 13 ″. Completely disappointed, with Mac as with Office 2016. I was better with my pc with a value of 25% of this new equipment. Both providers blame each other, no one responds. The computer crashes, Excel is crazy, to open an email is a headache, when recording files it does not keep the name and then it does not appear, etc, etc, etc.

  10.   Pablo said

    Like this office 2016, it is a shame for Apple and Microsoft should do something or return the money that has been paid to use, I can not work in the officeeeeee and the OS of the Macbook Pro update the CAPTAIN and it is disgusting.

  11.   PATRICIO said


  12.   Andrea said

    The truth is I am still quite disappointed, since the investment is to have something "good" and the truth leaves a lot to be desired, I have a macbook air for three months with Office 2016 installed, and the truth is, the software is slow, Sometimes it sticks, the same Macbook "sticks", and the truth is that you don't even want to use it.

  13.   Pedro Antonio Manrique placeholder image said

    I installed OSX CAPITAN and now Office POWER POINT and WORD stopped working. Please help me, I have work commitments. Can I go back to OSX YOSEMITE?
    Thank you very much!

  14.   Flowerade said

    CAN NOT BE! The note was published on Oct 6, 2015, it is August 2016 and the problem continues ... excel is driving me crazy !!! at the beginning the problem was temporary, after an update that I foolishly accepted, I can no longer work correctly, I waste a lot of time with so many times that the software is restarted. With what the office license cost, I could have bought a PC armed with a pirate office and I would be working as calmly as possible ...

  15.   Javier Moreno said

    It is a real fiasco, office with mac os capitan.

  16.   Fernando Palma placeholder image said

    good morning, I need help.
    The word works very badly and I have not been able to save documents neither as original nor with another file name.
    I'd appreciate your help.

  17.   peter said

    How unfortunate this pod can be so irresponsible apple and let them sell us exclusive non-piratable shit and incidentally it does not work because it damages our files one looks bad with your big Mac that does not work and closes files please someone help me like I do already buy the membership update the subscription and this pod says not compatible with word with mac but only that the excel if it opens that I do help

    1.    Reinaldo said

      Not only is word excel worse, it opens incomplete files. Obviously nobody answers. Switch to office 2011.

  18.   Ismael Sanchez Hernandez said

    In Word, I don't get the reverse video when selecting text for editing. What I can do. I have a 27 ′ iMac retina.

  19.   arismandy said

    I just bought a used macbook, from 2012, and I have the same problem with the office, I thought that when I switched to mac I would stop having these types of problems, if a solution appears please notify me this way.

  20.   J. F. Bradfer said

    I have MacOS Sierra with Office 2011. It worked globally well until I decided to update the OS as recommended by the AppStore. And from there the problems with the Office began. Outlook continually asks me to download 3 Chinese fonts that I don't use, Word disables the spell checker, Excell sometimes doesn't copy the formulas from one cell to another, transferring only the previous value. It is evident that there is not 100% compatibility between Mac OS, and Microsoft Office. I no longer dare to update the software. I wonder if there won't be a quiet trade war between the two companies. Microsoft is obliged to create a compatible product for Mac, so as not to create a monopoly on PCs. Microsoft could be charged if it did not. But with these flaws, how to demonstrate a willingness to create poorly developed and incompatible software to generate commercial damage to Mac? It is more difficult to prove intention ...

  21.   Gerardo Garcia said

    It cannot be possible that we are already in October 2017 and the problems still persist! Will I have to wait for office 2018? The good thing is that there is Windows and even Linux!

  22.   Mario said

    Someone who answers solutions, I have a problem in OS sierra with office 2011, the machine does not work and that little balcony that bothers me, in short, which is the problem.

  23.   George said

    Recontra annoying, does not open excel on my Mac, it appears that there was an unexpected error, all day I spent looking for solutions and nothing. Help!!!!