Carpool Karaoke Wins First Emmy for Apple

The first Emmy that Apple has won, for creating original content, has come from the hand of Carpool Karaoke, the program that has been broadcast only through Apple Music

Tim Cook - India

Apple Pay launch in India delayed yet again

In my previous article, I have informed you about the new American banks that have joined the list of entities compatible with Apple Pay in that Once again, the launch of Apple Pay in India, is delayed, although this time it is It is due to a new regulation of the Reserve Bank of the country.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay expansion continues in the United States

Apple Pay has become the most used platform to pay for day-to-day purchases by many millions of users, users who according to the The Cupertino-based company has once again expanded the number of banks compatible with Apple Pay, although in this occasion only in the United States.

macOS Mojave

Apple releases macOS Mojave beta 9 for developers

A few minutes ago Apple released beta 9 of macOS Mojave for developers. True to its tradition of delivering betas on Mondays, this week Apple repeats releasing the beta 9 of macOS Mojave for developers, just one week after the last beta launched. The Golden Master is expected

Vista Apple Park drone

Apple donates $ 1 million to help Kerala floods

Apple has been collecting anonymous donations for a few days through iTunes in order to help the victims of the floods, who are suffering Apple donates 1 Million dollars to help in the floods of Kerala, which it will give to the local NGO Mercy Corps for the most needy

Apple unveils Kyoto store ahead of Saturday opening

A few hours ago Apple announced the opening of the Kyoto store, scheduled for next Saturday. This is in addition to Apple's openings in Japan. Apple unveils the Kyoto store ahead of its opening on Saturday. Typical material from Japan has been used in the construction

Parallels Desktop is updated and now allows us to install macOS Mojave

When it comes to installing Windows on our Mac, in the market we have several options at our disposal, in addition to the native one that it offers us The latest Parallels Desktop update finally allows us to install the macOS Mojave beta, in addition to offering us important performance improvements.


Bloomberg reports we'll see a Mac mini for professions this year

If the constant rumors of renewal of Mac equipment are fulfilled, in a few months the Mac range has been completely renewed, which has not happened in Bloomberg reports that we will see a Mac mini for professions this year, with a considerable increase in price. Will feature thunderbolt 3

They report problems in the space key of the new MacBook Pro 2018

When Apple introduced the third-generation butterfly keyboards on the 2018 MacBook Pros last July, it seemed that keyboard issues were reportedly reporting space key issues on the new 2018 MacBook Pros. The third-generation butterfly keyboards seem not to having advanced

Shopping Mall Interiors - Apple Maps

Apple Maps adds blueprints for 18 new shopping malls in Canada

A little over a month ago, the guys from Cupertino stated that they were working in their maps department, not only to improve the information that we have. Apple's map service has just added the interior maps of 18 shopping centers in Canada, so that we can find the store we are looking for quickly.

Magnetic-placed MacBook Pro screen protector

The ARM chip debate reopens on Macs

For several years there has been an intense debate about the possibility of seeing Macs with ARM chips. Apple has never ruled on it, but the idea The debate on the convenience of ARM chips in Macs reopens, declaring the company that they can keep up with Intel in performance

The Orlando Park and Irvine store changes location on August 18

In the midst of remodeling the Apple Store around the world, now it is time to change the Irvine store in Los Angeles, as well as Orlando Park, which will move The Orlando Park and Irvine store, change location on August 18 by locations larger, adapted to new Apple requirements

Some MacBook models sell out on large surfaces

In recent days the idea of ​​the renewal of the compact range of the Mac is gaining strength, during next fall. We are talking about a possible Some MacBook models are sold out in large stores. It is unknown if it is a stock break or they are preparing for a model change

MacBook Apple Pay

Apple Pay reaches 252 Million users worldwide

Mobile payments are an imminent future. And I'm not talking for the majority of tech blog readers, but the general user. Apple Pay is found in 252 Million users worldwide and only 15% of users are in the US.

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

They manage to take control of a Mac in the first Wi-Fi setup

From time to time, security experts from around the world meet to discuss security issues. One of them is the Black Hat conference that takes control of a Mac in the first Wi-Fi configuration, on computers prepared with specific business packages.


Mac sales down 13% last quarter

In Apple's fiscal 3rd quarter results presentation presented a few hours ago, we saw the growth of the income statement of the Mac sales fall by 13% in the last quarter, compared to the same period last year. Even so, the periods are not homogeneous

4 million users are part of Apple's beta program

For a couple of years, Apple created the public beta program, a public beta program that has allowed, and continues to allow Tim Cook, stated during the last results conference that the number of users of the public beta program is 4 million.

MacOS Mojave beta 5 enables per-app eGPU acceleration

The beta 5 of macOS Mojave brings some important news, if you are one of those who want to squeeze the graphics of your Mac. Now you can activate the beta 5 of macOS Mojave allows you to use the acceleration of the eGPU per application, selecting this function in get application information

Apple Music to release exclusive documentary about singer Kesha

Practically since its arrival on the market in 2015, the guys from Cupertino have wanted to turn Apple Music into something more than a simple platform. The next content that will arrive in the form of a documentary on Apple's streaming music platform shows us the creative process of the Kesha's new album

AirPods in their charging box

Customize AirPods settings on Mac

If you are one of the users who bought AirPods within a few weeks of their release, you may not be taking full advantage of Customize the AirPods settings on the Mac with custom settings for macOS independently of another device

MacOS Mojave background

Apple releases fifth beta of macOS 10.14 Mojave for developers

We are at the doors of the month of August and the Mojave betas should start to be very refined, when there is approximately a month and a half left until Apple launches the fifth beta of macOS 10.14 Mojave for developers that has a new option in the installations of the betas.

The movie The Heroes of Time, may become a series on Apple television

Little by little we are getting to know the content that Apple television will have planned for the first months of 2019. One of the last contents that The movie The Heroes of Time, can become a series on Apple TV. It tells the stories of an 11-year-old boy who travels through time.

Grovemade brings us a base for the wooden Magic Keyboard

Grovemade is a well-known accessory brand, where an important part of its products are keyboard stands. The Apple Magic Keyboard is Grovemade brings us a base for the wooden Magic Keyboard for both the standard keyboard and the numeric keyboard


Cannon Lake 10nm processors we won't see until late 2019

Intel has just announced a new delay in the market launch of the brand's processors. We are talking about super powerful processors with the Cannon Lake 10nm processors we will not see them until the end of 2019, according to CEO Bob Swan, in the presentation of quarterly results.

Jonathan Ive, invited to speak at the 25th anniversary of Wired magazine

Jonathan Ive is an iconic Apple executive. It can be said that it has gone through almost every department of the company. But in what more Jonathan Ive, invited to a talk at the 25th anniversary of Wired magazine, which will be held on October 15, along with other CEOs from the technological world

Mac security

The macOS "Calisto" Trojan, developed in 2018, was discovered in 2016

Researchers have recently discovered the Calisto Trojan, found on certain Macs. Everything seems to indicate that it is the predecessor of the Proton Trojan. They discovered in 2018 the macOS "Calisto" Trojan, developed in 2016. It could be the precursor to Proton that appeared in 2017

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is coming to eBay in the fall.

We mentioned it a few weeks ago, when Apple Pay was incorporated into two major financial institutions in the country, such as Banco Sabadell and Bankia. Apple Pay is coming to eBay in the fall, although not all users will receive the payment update at the same time.

Intel processors

Intel Power Gadget, again available for macOS

Every time there is news from Intel in recent times, it creates some expectation, although in this case it has only been a temporary disconnection in Intel's Power Gadget, again available for macOS after being deactivated on its website for review after problems with the i9 on the MacBook Pro

HomePod User Guide

Apple creates a HomePod event with questions and answers

There are unknowns around the HomePod. At the moment it is a product of the company that is not for sale in all countries. Being an Apple product creates a HomePod event with questions and answers on the 25th Los Angeles time on the HomePod community forum

Melbourne Apple Store will not feature Pagoda-shaped design

The siting and layout of the new Melbourne Apple Store has been in the midst of controversy since the construction project began. Apple The Melbourne Apple Store will not have the Pagoda-shaped design, to change the roof for another more in line with the environment

Ed Sheeran's documentary premieres on Apple Music on August 28

In the last two years, we have seen how the singer Ed Sheeran has become one of the revelations in the world of music that is not associated We already have a date for the premiere of the documentary on the life of Ed Sheeran, a documentary that we shows the singer's beginnings in music to this day

The BlackMagic eGPU is also ready for any USB-C monitor

Hours ago we discussed the release of the first external graphics compatible with Mac, which Apple marketed on its website. The chosen model The BlackMagic eGPU is also ready for any USB-C monitor. We can connect two monitors to different formats directly.

The third public beta of tvOS 12 now available

The launch rate of the different betas that Apple is working on today, it seems that it has lost the order and concert to which it does not The third public beta of tvOS 12 is now available for any user who wants to install and check the What's new in the next version tvOS can do it.

Betas afternoon: watchOS 4 and tvOS 5 beta 12 released

During this day, Apple is releasing betas of its operating systems, so that they are perfectly polished and developers have their Betas Afternoons: Beta 4 of watchOS 5 and tvOS 12. Released at the moment without significant news, except for the correction of mistakes.

MacOS Mojave background

The fourth macOS Mojave developer beta now available

Despite the fact that many of you are on vacation, many are Apple engineers who are left without a vacation in July every year and The guys from Cupertino have launched the fourth beta for macOS Mojave developers, offering compatibility with MacBook Pro 2018

Apple Maps

Apple Maps already offers us live traffic information in 6 new countries

Things in the palace go slowly. This is how it seems that Apple's map service continues to evolve, a service that according to the latest rumors The guys at Apple have added to the company's map service the state of traffic in 6 new countries: Brunei, Kenya, Mozambique , Philippines, Nigeria and Vietnam