Gestures on the Magic Trackpad

Gestures that can be performed when operating the Magic Trackpad within the OSX for a multitude of actions that cannot be done without it.

iMac 27 disassembled

This is the 27-inch iMac inside

The 27-inch iMac presented on October 23 begins to reach the first customers before the end of 2012 and they delight us with photos of it.

iMac 2012

This is the new iMac inside

The first images of the disassembled 2012 iMac appear so that we can see the components used by Apple and the cooling system used.

Speaker selection for our Mac

The loudspeakers that come standard Mac do not usually stand out for their quality (especially those of a MacBook), so ...

How to clean the contextual menu «Open with» of your Mac of duplicates

If you are good users and you treat your Mac well even so if you look at the contextual menu "Open with", you will have noticed that it can be a bit messy with duplicate entries. … To solve it you will only have to open a terminal and enter one of the following codes, depending on the version of MAC OS X you use: Mac OS X version 10.5 and higher: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices .framework / Support / lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user Versions prior to Mac OS X 10.5: /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/\Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister \ - kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user Source:

How to create your own ringtones for FaceTime Beta for Mac, Review

Like all users of the beta version for Mac of FaceTime, you may have noticed that the ringtone is very bad and it is also heard very low. ... Once there we click on «import Settings», we will display the «Import using» menu and select «AIFF Encoder», which is the audio format that FaceTime uses in its Ringtones.

Mic Mod EFX by Antares

Antares has announced the release of Mic Mod EFX, its new version of the microphone modeling plugin. Offers more ...

Lotus Symphony 3.0 for Mac OS X FREE, Review

In addition, it is now possible to customize various aspects of the menu bars, spreadsheets can handle 3D graphics, a note function has been added with which several users can collaborate in the creation of a document and it is now possible to insert files multimedia such as videos and audio.

… Lotus Symphony 3.0 features: - Support for VBA scripts. - ODF 1.2 standard support. - Support for Office 2007 OLE. - New side bars. - Ability to customize the content and design of the toolbar. - Ability to create new business cards and labels. - Possibility of inserting OLE video and audio files. - Support for master documents. - Support for text in real time. - Enabled file encryption and password protection of Microsoft Word and Excel files. - Support for "Open in new window", users can use Command + ~ on Mac OS. - New clips from the art gallery.

Retro covers for MacBook

As you may well know, for Macs there are many accessories and cases are no exception. Of course, we usually see ...

Use DNIe on Mac OS X

The other day I had to carry out an administration with the Treasury and I was lazy to virtualize Windows for that, so I ...

The problems with the new 27-inch iMac Las cosas en el nuevo-y-gigantesco todo en uno de Apple no están yendo bien del todo, si bien el…

The guts of the Magic Mouse

I already mentioned before yesterday that for me it was the most important launch of Apple, despite the very good ...

Tired of the glossy finish?

The glossy finish of the screens has a very clear characteristic: either it is liked a lot or it is hated. And among the ...

Workaround for MacBook Pro 2009 Noise

A few days ago the same thing has been talked about among the maqueros who have obtained the new MacBook Pro, the blogs about Apple and Mac are increasingly full of fans of the apple company somewhat dumbfounded with a minor problem, but indisputably annoying that has resulted in their next-generation MacBooks: it is a 'beep' noise that appears suddenly on our Mac computers.

XStand, a lectern for your Mac

Mobis Technologhy has had an excellent idea when expanding its range of mobile stands, this time we will talk about one ...

New Apple Wireless Keyboard for iMac

Last month the ultra-thin keyboard for the iMac made of aluminum was introduced, and in turn a wireless version of the same proportions and with quite interesting features was also introduced.

You hear about colored MacBook

I have read, I have listened, it is rumored about the remote possibility that on October 14 a new one will be presented ...

More well-concealed power?

The new iMac is out! They have taken a day early to throw off the «rumorolofera» !!! Well, the € 999 ...

Apple laptops hibernate

It is a hybrid procedure between sleep and hibernation called "Safe Sleep". Almost all mac laptop owners, ...

Control a Mac from iPhone

The ability to control a Mac from the iPhone or iPod Touch is an option that would open up tremendous options. So…