iPhone 7: a second props speaker

A new leak suggests that in the iPhone 7, the second speaker that will replace the jack connector, will be purely ornamental, without functions as such

You shouldn't etch Apple devices

If you buy a product in the Apple Store online, they offer you the option of recording a text on the device. It is not recommended. Find out why.

MacPlaymate, Apple's lost porn app

The strict morality of Apple was not always like this and thirty years ago its Macintosh SE computers hid an application of pornographic content

DoBox, the mouse for iOS

Hello everyone, today I bring you news about a gadget that is at least curious and that can simplify (or not) ...

New Apple Car Concept

We show you a new concept of how the designer of ConceptsiPhone would like the Apple Car to be when it hits the market

Screen «iPhone 6S» Vs. iPhone 6

The Apple event is approaching where it is rumored that a new mobile device will be presented and we compare the screen of the new iPhone 6S with the current one.


The day Taylor Swift beat Apple

Taylor Swift got Apple to think very well if Apple Music was going to be an achievement or not, and made the music world take the wave

[CURIOSITIES] About Steve Jobs

Today Sunday, I leave you these curious curiosities about Steve Jobs, some of them already known, others not so much. 1) Sold ...

You hear about colored MacBook

I have read, I have listened, it is rumored about the remote possibility that on October 14 a new one will be presented ...