Mac sales down 13% last quarter

For the umpteenth consecutive quarter, Mac computer sales have fallen again, this time by up to 13% compared to last year in the same quarter

iPhone 7 and Apple Watch

IPhone 7 (unofficial) numbers

Without knowing the official numbers, different factors help us to get an idea. The iPhone 7 will be around the figures of the iPhone 6. Better than expected.

Apple Watch stock begins to run low

The stock of the Apple Watch in some countries has begun to run low, both in the steel and aluminum models, which would confirm the possible presentation of the second generation

New MacBook Pros in sight

MacBook Pro renewal four years later. New equipment with Oled function panel and Touch ID button to unlock and purchases

Apple Music

Apple Music Available in Israel

Apple Music debuts in Israel. It seems that the next country to appear will be Korea, it does close trade agreements. Apple Music pricing

Apple support now also on Twitter

Access to Apple Technical Support through Twitter in the account @AppleSupport. Via Direct Message we can consult our doubts or incidents.