HomePod status changes and prepares to ship

The first users who have reserved the HomePod in the United Kingdom, have seen how the status of their order has changed to "In Preparation", approaching the delivery time of the device.

J.J. Abrams

HBO gets the new JJ Abrams series

Finally, everything seems to indicate that HBO's experience in the audiovisual world has allowed it to take over the rights to the next series from director and producer JJ Abrams.

Apple podcast

Podcast 9 × 17: News and Lies

One more week, the iPhone and Soy de Mac News team have gathered in front of the microphones to talk about the most important news that has surrounded Apple and technology in general.

iMac Pro

Get the iMac Pro with $ 1.000 off

When they have barely 15 days since the arrival of the iMac Pro, in some American establishments, we can already find it with a discount of 1.000 euros.


Shazam, in Apple's sights

In recent days, the number of rumors has increased in which it is claimed that Apple could announce the purchase of Siri on Monday.

Android Wear, downhill and no brakes

The latest movement of the Android Wear platform does not invite optimism, as the chief engineer of this platform has just announced his departure.