Music Collections in iTunes

Allow all user accounts on your Mac to access the music on your hard drive belonging to music collections that other users have.

iTunes Match, a year later

iTunes Match was launched more than a year ago. What does the service offer us? Is it worth paying for it?

The "Alt" key or option in OS X

We discover what the Alt or Option key on Mac is for. What secrets does this key hide? Don't miss out because it gives you access to many functions.

Configure Messages in OS X

OS X gives us the opportunity to use our Mac to send and receive messages using various email accounts and phone numbers as identifiers.

6 simple tricks for Safari

Safari is the native OS X browser. These simple tricks make it much easier to use and get more out of this excellent browser.

Tip: Screenshots in Boot Camp

Obviously when you have a Mac the logical thing is to go from Windows, but unfortunately there are some applications that only ...

Trick: Delete iTunes in Lion

It is not normal, but there are people who hate iTunes and may even want to delete it from the Mac, something that ...

Tip: Cut and paste in Lion

If you are like me TotalFinder users this post does not make much sense, but if you prefer a virgin Finder it ...

Data Glue, the Ax of Mac

A long time ago, the Hacha program to join and divide files became very popular in Windows, and there is also MacHacha ...

Where is Cydia for Mac?

I couldn't live without Cydia on my iPhone, so when Saurik announced Cydia for Mac obviously the joy…

Apple updates iDVD

It is one of the great forgotten by Apple, but it has undergone some very interesting updates for those who ...